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EuroMillions Online Lotto Tickets

How to play the EuroMillions Lottery Online?

One of the first really big European lotto games is the EuroMillions. It was the first international lottery to incorporate neighbouring countries into the fold in 2004, thereby being able to offer seriously massive jackpots.

The first countries to join the EuroMillions lottery fold were; France, Spain and the United Kingdom. In October 2004 Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Portugal, Switzerland and the Republic of Ireland decided to commit to the draw as well.

The internet gave even more countries the opportunity to buy EuroMillions lottery tickets online. The fact that the jackpot is affected by the amount of ticket sales, causes the EuroMillions lottery jackpot to soar to incredible amounts.

The EuroMillions lottery is one of the biggest international European lotto games in the world. For just a couple Euros online EuroMillions lottery players of this pan-European lottery have a chance of winning up to €190 million!

How To Play Euro Millions Lottery Online

The EuroMillions jackpot is capped at €190 million and has a minimum pay out of €17 million. This is much more than any European national lottery and it's a jackpot that's available twice a week.

If you have been considering whether or not to play the online EuroMillions Lottery from your region, the good news is that you can buy EuroMillions lottery tickets online right here at

For those wishing to play the EuroMillions lottery online, you’ll need to;

  • Register or sign in to your account.
  • After creating your account, you will need to deposit funds into it using any of our various secure payment methods. As soon as the fund reflects in your account, the fun begins and you can now buy EuroMillions tickets and play the EuroMillions lottery online.

Once you have selected the EuroMillions play block on the play page, you need to choose your lucky numbers from two (2) different ball sets.

To buy EuroMillions lottery tickets online on simply click on the EuroMillions lottery play block that can be found on the homepage.

On the play block select your EuroMillions lucky numbers from two (2) different ball sets.

When you buy EuroMillions tickets online:

  • In each draw, pick 5 EuroMillions main lottery numbers from 1 through 50 pool;
  • Pick your two (2) Lucky Star numbers between 1 and 12.

Two ways to play EuroMillions lottery

1. Quick Pick

The first way is to buy a EuroMillions lottery Quick pick which is a set of lottery numbers that have been randomly generated. The Quick pick option allows you to play the EuroMillions lottery without filling out the play block.

2. Self Pick

The second play option is to play using the play block provided on the EuroMillions play page. For each play there are two groups of boxes. The top group has fifty numbers of which you are to choose five. The bottom group contains twelve numbered Lucky Star numbers of which the player is to choose two. If the numbers you have chosen are particularly special to you and you wish to play them consistently, simply click on the drop down arrow in the span section. This will allow you to play your lucky EuroMillions lottery numbers over a selected period of future draws.

Euro Millions Lottery Online

What is a EuroMillions Superdraw?

It’s time to get super excited when you hear about a EuroMillions Superdraw is about to take place. Why? Because a EuroMillions Superdraw guarantees a massive life-changing jackpot!

The EuroMillions lottery Superdraw only takes place a few times a year, making this particular draw even more thrilling as it always guarantees to have a huge jackpot and can roll over until it reaches the jackpot cap of €250m.

Keep your eyes on to keep up to date and know when the next Euromillions Superdraw will take place. For registered players who have subscribed to our newsletters, you will be pleased to know that we will send you a newsletter informing you of the next upcoming EuroMillions Superdraw.

Alternatively, you online EuroMillions lottery players on can also use Intelliplay which will automatically play on your behalf as soon as the EuroMillions jackpot has reached a Superdraw jackpot amount.


What is the Lucky Star ball?

When you play the EuroMillions lottery, you need to select five main balls and two Lucky Star balls. Unlike other international lotto games that have one bonus ball, the EuroMillions lotto game has two. The ‘Lucky Star’ balls are drawn from the “Paquerette” machine and consist of a pool of 12 possible numbers.

What are the most common Lucky Star numbers drawn?

There are only 12 Lucky Stars. If you look back over the EuroMillions draw history to date, we see number 12 has appeared the fewest times. The simple reason for this is due to the fact that it’s the newest EuroMillions number as it wasn’t used prior to September 2016.

10 and 11 are the next lowest numbers, but again, this is because they didn’t appear for many years, after being introduced in May 2011.

At the moment the EuroMillions Lucky Star number that has appeared the most is number 2.

More Information about the EuroMillions Lottery:

What is the EuroMillions Lottery?

The EuroMillions lottery started in Paris, France on the 7th February 2004. It is a national lottery game in Europe with at least nine different countries participating. The EuroMillions lottery jackpot starts at a whopping 17 million euros.

The EuroMillions lottery started off with the United Kingdom, France and Spain as participating countries. Since then Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal and Switzerland have joined in the fun and excitement of the EuroMillions lotto.

When to play the EuroMillions lottery?

You can play the EuroMillions lottery bi-weekly; every Tuesday and Friday in Paris, France at 20h55 CET.

Historical EuroMillions Lottery Changes?

Since the launch of the EuroMillions an additional Friday draw was included each week. Other changes included over the years were extra balls being added to the Lucky Star number ball set in 2011 and again in 2016.

Can I play the EuroMillions online from overseas?

The journey to becoming a EuroMillions winner begins when you buy EuroMillions lottery tickets online. You do not have to be a resident or a citizen of one of the participating countries to play the EuroMillions lottery.

Playing the lottery online is a lot easier and faster. Players can play EuroMillions lottery online from the comfort of their homes using their smartphone and laptop with an internet connection.

The convenience of the internet has made it possible to play the EuroMillions lottery online from anywhere in the world.

How do I win the EuroMillions Jackpot?

The EuroMillions lottery draw is completely random, which means every set of numbers has just as much chance of appearing as every other set.

When buying EuroMillions lottery tickets, players like to use different strategies or to customize their EuroMillions lottery number selection. It is important to note that your chances of success are exactly the same when you decide to use the Quick Pick number selection method.

To win a EuroMillions jackpot, you must make an exact match for all seven (7) lottery numbers. Five (5) main numbers and two (2) Lucky Star numbers.

The five main numbers can be in any order, and so can the two Lucky Stars. The main numbers run between 1 and 50, whereas the Lucky Stars can be between 1 and 12.

Do my EuroMillions numbers need to be in the exact order?

The five (5) main numbers can be in any order, and so can the two Lucky Stars. The main numbers run between 1 and 50, whereas the Lucky Stars can be between 1 and 12.

What are the advantages of Playing EuroMillions Lottery Online On

  • Play anywhere!
  • Play any time!
  • Prizes up to 190 million Euros.
  • Number of Tiers: 13
  • Good chance of winning - 1 in 116,531,800
  • Incredible promotions that will increase your chance of winning.
  • Automatic Email notification when you win.
  • Keep track of your orders and winnings with our real-time account system.
  • You can purchase your EuroMillions lotto tickets and play the EuroMillions lottery online without leaving the comfort of your home or office.
  • Security is of the utmost importance on which means you can simply sit back and enjoy yourself while you buy your EuroMillions tickets online.
  • After each EuroMillions lottery draw, will automatically double check all entries against the drawn, winning EuroMillions lottery numbers. In the event that you matched any of the winning EuroMillions lottery numbers in the draw, we will immediately credit your account.

The EuroMillions Lottery Prize Table

The EuroMillions lottery not only has a formidable jackpot, but also has some huge secondary prizes. Pay outs are awarded for 13 different winning combinations. All the EuroMillions payouts are fixed bar the jackpot; the jackpot prize is dependent on the number of tickets sold with a minimum jackpot amount of €17 million.

Match Proportion (%) of the prize fund Prize Amount
Five (5) numbers + two (2) Lucky Star numbers 43.2% or 27%* Jackpot
Five (5) numbers + one (1) Lucky Star number 3.95% € 303,798
Five (5) numbers 0.92% € 31,448
Four (4) numbers + two (2) Lucky Star numbers 0.45% € 3,076
Four (4) numbers + one (1) Lucky Star number 0.48% € 164
Four (4) numbers 0.38% € 59
Three (3) numbers + two (2) Lucky Star numbers 0.67% € 102
Three (3) numbers + one (1) Lucky Star number 1.85% € 14
Three (3) numbers 3.50% € 12
Two (2) numbers + two (2) Lucky Star numbers 1.75% € 19
Two (2) numbers + one (1) Lucky Star number 14.85% € 8
Two (2) numbers 18.25% € 4
One (1) number + two (2) Lucky Star numbers 4.95% € 10

EuroMillions Lottery Jackpot Pay-out Options

After double checking the EuroMillions lottery results and finding out that you have won a prize, winners will be faced with two pay-out options available to choose from:

  • Cash (lump-sum) pay-out option

The EuroMillions cash/lump-sum payout option means your jackpot will be paid out immediately.

  • Annuity pay-out option

The annuity payout option means your winnings will be paid to you in a series of annual instalments over a stipulated period of time.

The first payment will be immediate, and the remaining balance will be paid out for a predetermined number of years.

The EuroMillions annuity pay-out is determined by the declared EuroMillions jackpot total.

Play Euro Millions lottery numbers online

EuroMillions Jackpot Rollovers

The EuroMillions lottery has a jackpot cap of €200 million, that means that this lottery can only roll over a certain amount of times. This change was implemented in February 2020 so that bigger jackpots could be offered more regularly. The jackpot cap was increased from €190 million to €200 million.

As well as the jackpot cap being increased, an announcement was also made that there would be more EuroMillions Superdraws that would take place throughout the year.

What are the chances of winning the EuroMillions Lottery?

Your chances of winning the EuroMillions lottery jackpot are 1 in 139,838,160 and your overall chances of winning any tier EuroMillions lotto prize are 1 in 13.

The EuroMillions lottery has thirteen (13) prize tiers, and you will need to match at least two (2) main numbers to win a secondary prize.

Match Chances of winning
Five (5) numbers + two (2) Lucky Star numbers 1 in 139,838,160
Five (5) numbers + one (1) Lucky Star number 1 in 6,991,908
Five (5) numbers 1 in 3,107,515
Four (4) numbers + two (2) Lucky Star numbers 1 in 621,503
Four (4) numbers + one (1) Lucky Star number 1 in 31,076
Four (4) numbers 1 in 13,812
Three (3) numbers + two (2) Lucky Star numbers 1 in 14,126
Three (3) numbers + one (1) Lucky Star number 1 in 707
Three (3) numbers 1 in 314
Two (2) numbers + two (2) Lucky Star numbers 1 in 986
Two (2) numbers + one (1) Lucky Star number 1 in 50
Two (2) numbers 1 in 22
One (1) number + two (2) Lucky Star numbers 1 in 188

Interesting Facts About EuroMillions

  • The luckiest country when it comes to winning on the EuroMillions with 80 wins is France. With 78 jackpot wins, Spain comes in second. The United Kingdom comes in third place with 63 EuroMillions lotto jackpot winners.
  • The largest number of EuroMillions lottery jackpot winners in a single draw is five (5), and it has occurred on three (3) different occasions. A draw in September 2016 saw three (3) EuroMillions lotto ticket holders from the United Kingdom, one from Portugal and one from France split €39.2 million between them.
  • 97 lucky EuroMillions lotto players became instant millionaires in July 2012. This is a record amount of instant millionaires created in one night.
  • The longest rollover streak the EuroMillions ever had took place in 2019 when it rolled over 19 times. While no one won the EuroMillions jackpot prize of €190 million, three (3) lucky ticket holders’ split the second tier prize.

The Biggest EuroMillions Winners

One of the largest ever EuroMillions jackpot pool that was won to date, has been draw #510 which took place on Friday 10 August 2012. Winners Adrian and Gillian Bayford from Suffolk, England, walked away with an astonishing €190 million (£148 million). If nobody matches the drawn numbers to win the jackpot in a given week, it is automatically carried forward (“rolled over”) to the following week, which naturally results in an ever-growing jackpot prize. New regulations introduced during February 2007 capped the number of rollovers to eleven, with the jackpot rolling down to lower prize levels in the eleventh draw if the prize was not won. The new regulations also brought with it the EuroMillions “Super Draws”, which take place bi-annually and offer jackpots in the region of £100 million.

Winner Name Jackpot Amount Month / Year
Anonymous €200 million December 2020
Anonymous €190 million October 2019
The Bayfords €190 million August 2012
Anonymous €190 million October 2014
Anonymous €190 million October 2017
Two anonymous winners €187 million June 2013
Chris and Colin Weir €185 million July 2011
Three anonymous winners €183 million February 2006
Robin Egg 2016 Nominee Trust €183 million November 2006
Anonymous €177 million February 2018

After winning the EuroMillions with

Every EuroMillions lottery enthusiast dreams of winning the EuroMillions jackpot. When faced with a huge EuroMillions lottery win, you will be asking yourself “what happens now?” Here is what you need to know;

What happens when I win the EuroMillions jackpot with

As we love to keep your player experience exciting with zero stress involved here at, we have ensured that claiming your winnings is seamless and extremely easy.

After the EuroMillions lottery results are published and you matched the winning numbers drawn, we will immediately credit your account.

How to claim your EuroMillions winnings with

For EuroMillions lottery players who have won £/$/€200 or more, you will receive a phone call from one of our highly professional Customer Service Representatives who will make sure that you are aware of your EuroMillions lottery winnings.

To claim your EuroMillions lotto prize, you’ll need to file a “cash withdrawal” request from your account. Our security team will contact you after receiving your cash withdrawal request to ensure your account is verified before your request is granted.

We will deposit your winnings into your preferred bank account once your cash withdrawal request has been approved. You can also choose to have your EuroMillions lottery winnings paid out to you in several web wallets. This option is dependent on which country you live in, including other factors.

The minimum withdrawal amount for all Lotto247 lottery players is set at £10, €12 and US $15.

Playing the lottery online is easy. However, here at we make it even easier — and more fun!

If you have never played the EuroMillions lottery, buy a EuroMillions lottery ticket online today! All you have to do is select seven numbers from a pool and wait for the results to be announced. With a bit of luck, you would be the next big EuroMillions jackpot winner.

Play EuroMillions online - you have nothing to lose, but everything to gain!

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