How To Spend Tonight's $349M Powerball Jackpot

There's just a few hours left to buy a Powerball lottery ticket online!  With $349 million at stake, we would easily forgive you for not reading another word of this article and instead hit the play now button and get your lucky Powerball lottery numbers in for tonight's draw. For those online usa lotto players that have already purchased your tickets, we thought we would give you a few ideas on what you can speand the $349 million on.


Powerball lottery tickets are flying out of the machines with everyone dreaming of winning tonight's massive $349 million jackpot. It's not the first, nor will it be the last time that we see Powerball lottery tickets get purchased with such speed. We just have to look back at the Powerball draw that took place on the 13th January, 2016 when the jackpot reached the mind-boggling jackpot figure of $1.6 billion. Three lucky Powerball lottery ticket holders took home their share of the amazing jackpot.

One person could walk away with the entire Powerball jackpot tonight though - will it be you?

Can for you one minute really comprehend what it must be like to win such a life-changing amount of money. Let’s say you do win. How are you going to spend that money?

Josh Barro, a economics reporter from the New York Times wrote a piece advising Powerball lottery players to take the annuity. The reason being is that you’ll end up paying less in taxes over time. But let's face it, we all don't have loads of money laying around or invested in palacious homes etc. and we all don't know where we will even be in 30 years time. So its no surprise that so many jackpot winners opt to take the once off lump-sum payout.

Your money is your money, but we have some suggestions:

Think BIG
Most lottery enthusiasts have, 'buy a mansion' on their lotto wish list. Which is fair, as we as normal folk spend a large part of our lives in our homes. But, you've just won a seriously huge amount on the lottery. So you need to think large. With $349 million - buy an island!

For $10.5 million, you can own the 600-acre Deer Cay in Belize. Build it up: factor in ten million for your home on stilts, five million for your golf course, and another six million for the lifetime salary of your private chef. Maybe invite John McAfee over for cards?

Dollar island

A Nice Plane

Travelling, both on the ground and above, will definitely be changing for a Powerball lottery jackpot winner worth $349 million. Gone will be the days of searching for the best flight deals, and for that matter, gone will be the days that you even fly first class - not if you buy your own plane!

The Gulfstream G650ER will be a perfect plane for a lottery millionaire. The $66.5 million plane boasts a max range of 7,500 miles at Mach 0.85, but it goes even faster on shorter trips, topping out at Mach 0.925.  Why not take your friends and family too, as it sleeps up to 10.

Buy a Drone

How about a quick trip to your favourite five star restaurant for a quick bite to eat and then on down to the local vineyard to buy a case or two of champagne to celebrate your new toy, the Ehang 184 personal drone that can take you there in a jiffy whilst avoiding the traffic. These autonomous flying machines seat one person and will happily carry you anywhere within a ten mile radius via an app on your smartphone. It will set you back a hefty $300,000 but hey, you can afford it! Buy two or three of them so you can race each other to the pub with either your friends or family.

Relax in style

What's life without going on a few glorious fancy vacations. The best destinations are those that involve the sun, sea and surf. So for a laid-back, relaxing, and sophisticated vacation full of adventure why not go to Bora Bora.

If you are looking for a destination oozing beauty and sheer magic,  Bora Bora is the place to go. Famous for its luxury over-water resorts on and overlooking the lagoon and the ocean, Bora Bora has brilliant views of Mt. Otemanu.

The Villas too simply have to be seen to be believed, with outdoor terraces and dining gazebos, in-room glass viewing panels, private whirlpool, private pontoon, covered daybeds, and the icing of the cake – a dip in an infinity pool that merges seemlessly into the lagoon blues. It's picture perfect - and experiencing this breathtaking beauty is definitley worth it.

Bora Bora

Buy A Soccer Team

If you want to buy a major sports franchise in the USA, you may have to cough up upwards of a billion dollars. That said, not all sports are so expensive especially the game of soccer in the US which is still developing its fan base to try and catch up with other popular sports like baseball and basketball but are still cheap by comparison. A Major League Soccer team can be snapped up for a mere $100 million to $160 million making them totally affordable plus it is a great investment as the fan base is growing rapidly in the USA making it more valuable. Now would be a good time to snatch one of these developing teams for yourself while they are still a bargain. You could even design your own crazy mascot which would be a lot of fun.

But like we said, the money is yours, and it's up to you how you are going to spend the $349 million.

Here's to all your dreams coming true!

Best of luck!

The Team

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