American Lottery Player Wins $5.3M

USA Powerball has its very own sibling in New Zealand called the New Zealand Powerball, and one lucky resident has just become $5.3 million richer. They have big spending plans for their windfall and they have chosen to remain anonymous. 

The Powerball winner got lucky in the December 21st draw. It’s the latest big lottery win the area of Northland in New Zealand. The winner bought their lucky Powerball ticket from a store aptly named, “Woody’s Winners” in Wellsford. 

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Before he discovered that his ticket was a big winner, he initially thought something was wrong and that he was in trouble for some reason unknown to him. The winner was called into a back room of the store to verify his winning ticket. “My first thought was what I had done wrong. I’d never been asked to go to the back room before, Once she told me what had happened, that I’d won $5.3 million, I just started crying and started shaking so much that I had to sit down,” explained the shocked New Zealand Powerball winner. 

The winner gave some more information about what happened while he was in the back room letting the wonderful news sink in: “They were just so lovely in the store. They got me a cup of coffee and helped me fill in the paperwork and generally made sure that I was okay.” 

After he had got his nerves under control, he took his ticket and went home. He was pouring himself a much-needed drink when his wife came through the door. “I just looked at my husband and asked him if he had won the lottery because I was recently down at the store when I heard all the commotion,” she said. The winner had tears streaming down his face and gave his wife a big hug when he told her that he had indeed won the lottery. 

The happy winners have exciting plans on how to spend their winnings. They want to buy a boat and a new car. A new house for them is also on the cards. The married couple describes themselves as, “just a couple of hard workers who have hit the gold mine.” They also want to go on a holiday of dreams together because they both have worked very hard over the years and deserve a nice break from it all. 

The American lottery is making people rich all the time. If you want to be the next Powerball winner, then get your online lotto tickets now!

Best of luck!

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