The Lotto Gods Make A NZ Powerball Winner Christmas Wish Come True

Just before going in to buy his NZ Powerball lottery ticket, a man from Wellington said that he dreamt of winning the Powerball lottery in time for Christmas – and just like that – his wish came true!

Red Christmas lottery ball

The lucky NZ Powerball winner will now have an extra $5 million in his bank, over the festive season and a while longer than that we imagine.

The New Zealand Powerball winner has opted remain anonymous. After having a rough week the winner told his friend:

“Man, wouldn't now the perfect time to win Lotto - imagine the Christmas you'd have.”

“That's when my mate said, 'well, I'll send some good vibes out to the Lotto gods for you'.”

With that in mind, he purchased a New Zealand Powerball ticket. The day after the draw he saw the news that someone in Wellington had won the $5m jackpot in the December 14 draw.

He joked to his flatmate that someone had been lucky and “got the lot.”

With the week going as it had, the last thing on his mind was that he could be the lottery winner that ‘got the lot.’  Eventually he simply out of habit double checked his account.

At first he he thought he'd won a Second Divison prize. Then he realized that it was him! He was the guy who ‘got the lot!’

The whole $5 million New Zealand jackpot prize was his!

A Christmas wish come true.

“I jumped up, turned to my flattie and said 'It's me! I won it!' She just stared at me blankly, so I tossed my phone at her so she could see for herself. We both just stood in the lounge absolutely dumbstruck."

The shocked New Zealand Powerball winner now plans on having a “really special” Christmas but he won't be asking for any presents.

“After all, winning $5 million with Powerball really is the best gift I could have ever received.”

"All I know right now is that 2017 will be one hell of a year!" he said.

Best of luck!
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