Happy Birthday Jesse, from Powerball

Birthdays are wonderful. It’s the one day of the year that you are guaranteed to feel special. Your friends and family will go out of their way to spoil you and make the day perfect just for you. What could be better?  Well, how about winning the jackpot on your birthday!

USA birthday cake, american themed birthday cake

This exactly what happened to Jessa Mae Del Barrio. Jesse and her husband. The couple travelled from Navada to California to buy lottery tickets during the huge Powerball rollover for the draw that took place on the 9th January, 2016. 

Instead of purchasing their lottery tickets at a well-known lottery store, they went to the Stateline Service Station in Mountain Pass, California and purchased ten tickets.

Being Jesse’s big day, they were naturally enjoying the day. What they didn’t know was that the day was going to get even better. Just a few hours later, while Jesse was in the shower, her husband banged on the door and told her that they’d won the second tier prize!
“My husband was banging on the door. I thought he was joking,” she said, so she carried on with what she was doing.

It’s not the first time that a lottery winner shrugged off hearing that they had won the lottery.  Jocelyn Hearst from Northern Ireland hung up the phone after her husband told her they’d won £4m on a National Lottery Blue Scratchcard.

After realising that her husband was in fact being serious, Jesse got out the shower and checked the lottery ticket herself.  This is when she realised that he was in fact not joking around and was being totally serious. Jesse has just won $779,264 in the January 9 Powerball draw!  What an amazing birthday present!

“This is the biggest gift ever” Jesse said.

The lottery win could not have come at a more perfect time either, as Jesse had just given in her notice at a discount retailer where she worked as a supervisor. Already a certified nurse, Jesse wants to study so she can become a registered nurse.

Her lottery winning numbers were:  16-19-32-34-57.

She missed out on the Power ball number, which was 13.  If she had picked the winning Power ball number as well, she would have won the $949m Powerball jackpot.

Lawrence Kopczyk from Michigan, USA also came close to a jackpot win last year, but did win a $1m Mega Millions prize.

Even though the couple just missed the top prize win on the massive Powerball jackpot, they are still smiling from ear to ear.  When asked about just missing the jackpot by one number and if they were upset about it, Jesse said, “Not at all! I always tell myself, even just a bit, is fine with me.”

Jesse wants to pay off their mortgage with the money they won on the Powerball draw and put enough away to put their children through college.

“The future is secure!”
she declared.

Winning a substantial amount on the lottery can definitely secure anyone’s future in the blink of an eye. It’s what makes playing the lottery so attractive. One minute you take a chance on your future, throw caution to the wind, and the next you are living the lotto lifestyle!

Powerball results for Saturday, 6 January, 2016.

The winning numbers for the 6th January, 2016 were:  4 - 13 - 31 - 36 - 52 and the Power ball bonus number 8.

06.02.2016 Powerball winning numbers

No one managed to correctly predict all six Powerball numbers drawn on Saturday night, which means that the US lotto jackpot has now rolled over again to a gigantic $157 million for this Wednesday!

The first win came in on the second prize tier, with just one lucky Powerball ticket holder matching all five main numbers and winning $ 1,000,000.00.

24 Powerball ticket holders matched the four main numbers and the bonus ball, scooping $ 50,000.00 each.
612 lucky lotto players also won $100.00 for simply matching four main numbers.

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Even though it’s only been a couple of weeks since the gigantic US Powerball jackpot rollover where lottery enthusiasts witnessed the jackpot soar to an incredible 1.5 billion, the Powerball jackpot has already increased to the biggest current jackpot in the world!

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