The Million Dollar Dish With Powerball

Just how many times have you gone shopping for dinner, only to start making your meal and then realise that you have forgotten a key ingredient. It’s annoying to say the least, but for one lady, from River Falls in Winconsin, USA, her trip back to the shop won her $1 million on the Powerball lottery.

The Million Dollar Dish

Pam Dwyer, had one thing on her mind, and that was to make dinner. Unfortunately she had a few ingredients short, so she headed off to the Family Fresh Market to buy a few groceries. Normally, Pam would never buy a Powerball ticket while doing her grocery shopping as she subconscious usually did the two purchases separately.

This time however, she did due to the fact that the queue was so long.  “I don’t know why the words came out of my mouth – I said, ‘I’ll take two Powerball tickets’. Because it’s not something that I do.”

Pam bought the two Powerball tickets for the Powerball draw that took place on September 30 and won $1m.

Pam Dwyer wins $1 million on Powerball, Pam Dwyer, Powerball winner

“I could not get my brains wrapped around it,” Dwyer said. “I couldn’t believe it. I have never felt myself to be lucky in my life.”
Pam said that she and her husband could hardly sleep that and drove first thing in the morning for four hours to claim their prize in Madison.

The Powerball win could not come at a better time

Pam’s huge $1 million Powerball win, could not have come at a better time, as Pam had just the month before, lost her job as a legal clerk.

At the moment, she’s working in customer service and has unfortunately got into debt. Getting a better retirement plan for herself and her husband has also been on Pam’s mind over the past couple of months. 

Thankfully due to the Powerball win, their financial problems have been solved and not only can they now pay off all their debt, but they can plan for their future, with more than enough in the coffers.

Pam has decided to speak to her brother, who is a financial planner.

Pam had the following to say about her huge Powerball win, “a life changer” but it is “a big stress reliever” and it feels like “pushing a reset button.”

It was only much later when Pam saw the Powerball advert on the telly, that she remembered buying the two Powerball tickets.  She got them out and double checked them.  To her complete amazement she realised that the ticket sitting in her hand was worth a hefty $1 million.

Other Powerball winners that have won big after stepping out to the shop:

Pam's not the first and she won't be the last to step out to the local shop to pick something up and win the lotto. Here are few other lucky lotto players who also just picked up something they needed, only find themselves winning millions on the lottery.

John Rumpel – went out to quickly pick some milk and came home announcing he had won $22 million on Megabucks.

Michael Hicks – dashed off to fill up his car, bought a Mega Millions ticket at the same time and bagged a cool $1 million.

Lewis Rider – Bought his pooch a bag of dog food and won £1m on the UK Lotto scratchcard.

So what do we learn from this story?  The next time you feel like eating something particular and you don’t have a few ingredients, pop out, get them and whatever you do – buy that Powerball lottery ticket at the same time!
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90 million Powerball jackpot

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Wishing you the best of luck!

The PlayUSALotteries Team

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