Private Jets To Buy When You Win The Lotto

It’s hard to imagine that just a few decades ago, having the opportunity to fly in an actual aeroplane was a privileged experience, and the only people who did so were celebrities, politicians and of course the wealthy.  Nowadays, flying around the world in your very own private jet is becoming, well, normal.  For us regular folk though, as long as the wealthy keep building bigger and better flying machines, the more online lottery players will keep dreaming of owning their very own private jet.

Luxury private jets

Dreaming about flying off to a brand new destination in a luxury airplane in first class opulence will never get old for lotto players with dreams of winning the lotto. It’s these sky-high fantasies that keep us playing our lucky lottery numbers in the hope that one day our dreams will become a reality.
When we think of air travel, images of hordes of people cramming into one airplane come to mind. Even flying first class has its downside. After all, if you could fly privately in pure luxury, you would. But this luxury still lies with the ultra-rich and their aviation toys.

There’s a vast array of private jets available to the rich. One thing they all have in common though is luxury.

Bombardier Global 7000

The Bombardier Global 7000 holds up to ten passengers and can travel non-stop for seven thousand miles, which makes it one of the most popular private jets in the world. The aircraft has four living spaces, a dinner table to 6 and large windows to take in the most amazing views imaginable.

Bombardier Global 7000

Boeing Business Jet 2

More and more successful businessmen are leaving behind their Lear jets and Gulfstreams and opting for custom built bigger airplanes. After all, it’s all about having the extra leg room. Looking at the Boeing business Jet 2 from the outside, it looks like most other Boeings. The moment you step inside however, you will be blown away with what you find. Known as the Flying Hotel, it has one thousand square feet of lounge, comfortable furniture, a bedroom suite.

Boeing business jet

Airbus A380 Superjumbo Jet

The most expensive airplane ever made is a private jet belonging to Prince in Saudi Arabia. He paid a staggering $500 million and it is has everything from a garage for two cars, a room for hawks, a garage for the prince’s luxury automobiles, and a stable!  Additionally, the plane has multiple bedrooms, bathrooms with showers, and of course a wellness area.

Airbus A380

So, if you don’t want to be cooped up in economy, with screaming kids, buy Powerball ticket online at and stand a chance to travelling the world in your very own private jet or Boeing for that matter.

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One more item in my wish list. My day is arriving pretty soon. Amen

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Good luck!

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