Singer/Songwriter Scores Huge $50,000 Lotto Win

Singer/songwriter, Nicholas Deonigi from Aurburn, was on his way to the golf course when he stopped to get a cup of coffee. At the same time he purchased a Lucky 13 scratchcard and got the shock of his life when he won a staggering $50,000.

It’s not the first time a musician has won big on the lottery. Last year drummer, James Stephen Jennion won over £1m on the UK Lotto.
After a gig the night before, Deonigi went in to first buy himself a pick-me-up coffee and got a huge wake up call after he also purchased a Lucky 13 scratchcard and won.

Singer/Songwriter wins the lotto

The lucky winner said: "I saw the Lottery machine and thought, 'what the heck,' because I've won smaller amounts before."

When he went back to his car, he scratched his Lucky 13 ticket.  He had to ask his friend to double check the ticket to make sure he’s eyes weren’t playing tricks on him.
Once it has sunk in that he had in fact won the huge amount on his lucky scratchcard he told his friends, “"I just won $50,000 - I guess golf is on me!" 

Deonigi’s lottery winner’s story mirrors that of the Lotto Max winner, Tom Crist, who won $40m who also discovered that he had won on the lotto while getting ready for a round of golf with his friends.
Auburn has seen its fair share of lottery wins that’s for sure as last year Lisa Quam won $90 million on the Powerball lottery, with the first lottery ticket that she had ever bought.
When asked about his lucky $50,000 lotto win, the singer/songwriter said his lucky lotto win could not have come at a better time as he will now be able to use his Lucky 13 winnings to help his music career.

Lucky 13 scratcher

For just over a decade he’s been entertaining audiences all over the States. He’s also released his latest CD entitled “Dream Yourself to Life.”
Seems as though, that’s exactly what he’s done by dreaming himself a lotto win and living the lotto lifestyle.
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Good luck!

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