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It’s amazing the amount of everyday items that the filthy rich own that’s either plated or made out of solid gold.  Gold has been the eternal signifier of wealth for decades, sending the power hungry wealth hunters into a scramble to acquire the precious metal.  Throughout history we see ancient Chinese temples lined with sheets of gold and in ancient Egypt, King Tut and other Pharaohs were laid to rest in gold sarcophaguses, all as a visible display of wealth and power.


In modern times we find people fashioning everyday items out of gold, and decking them in ‘bling’ like diamonds and other precious stones.  From Russia’s gas rich and their gold cars, Chinese gold traders with 24 carat gold toilets, to the Sultan of Brunei’s gold-lined walls – there practice of flaunting ones wealth by using gold is still very much alive today.  Why is gold the choice of signifier?  It’s obviously because it’s an expensive and valuable commodity, with prices constantly going up and down.  China  and India have the largest stocks of gold, so it’s no coincidence that many of the gold items are marketed and sold in these countries to people with more money than cents – get it? Artist Terence Koh once sold his gold plated feces for $500,000, now that’s called spending your money on …  

Fortunately, among the weirder items covered in gold, don’t get any weirder than that – let’s have a look at some of the weirdest things on sale made from gold:

10.  Gold Pill - $425 each

Gold pills

The gold pill is a design of Tobias Wong and the pill cases are part of a total luxury line by Citizen and Citizen.  The 24 carat gold pills are made from gold leaves and then dipped in gold, and available as a thirty day supply which costs around $13,000.  Part of the New York’s Museum of Modern Art “Indugence” exhibition in 2005, the solid gold pills are currently unavailable from the Citizen and Citizen site.

9.  The Gold Facial - $1,000

The Gold Facial

A two-hour gold facial for one thousand dollars might not seem like too much of a luxury to those who can afford it. The practice dates back to ancient Egypt, where Cleopatra is said to have spread solid gold over her face each night in order to preserve her youthful beauty.  In 2006 Japanese company Umo Inc. manufactured a 24 carat facial which is exclusively available at places like Raffles Dubai Hotel or Harrods.  Experts, however, dispute the fact that it has any credible cosmetic properties.

8.  Chocolate Pudding - $35,000

Chocolate Pudding

This decadent desert features the edible gold leaf; a delicacy that’s been popping up in many high-end restaurants’ menus lately.  Gold leaves are being thrown into everything from pizza to cupcakes, instantly giving these foods the tag of ‘most expensive….in the world’.  The $35,000 dollar desert is covered with gold leaf, caviar and a 2 carat diamond and is only available if ordered two weeks in advance.

7.  Gold Casket - $50,000

Gold Casket

Dubbed the most expensive modern casket in the world, this elegant piece is manufactured by the Golden Caskets Company.  The handmade box is made from 24 carat gold with a Ruby Red velvet interior trim.  The casket comes complete with a Gold Reflection Picture Frame, Gold Keepsake Box and your certificate of authenticity. 

6.  Gold Shirt - $250,000

Gold Shirt

Rankar Jewelers designed this exclusive piece which took fifteen craftsmen a total of sixteen days to turn out.  The shirt belongs to ‘The Gold man’, Datta Phuge, from India.  It weighs seven pounds and was made from 14,000 pieces of 22 carat gold.

5.  Toilet - $2.5million and Toilet paper - $1.3million

$2.5million and Toilet paper

Designed and built by Hong Kongs’ Hang Fung Gold Technology Group in 2001, the toilet has 24 carat gold and jewel embellished walls and a solid gold seat (not sheets of gold, but SOLID GOLD).  The solid gold toilet roll is produced by Australian company – The Toilet Paper Man.

4.  Christmas Tree - $11million

Christmas Tree

This 40 foot evergreen was erected in 2010in a seven-star Abu Dhabi hotel and is noted as the most expensive tree in the world by Guinness.  The tree is decked with gold bows, gold garlands and ornaments of solid gold.  The tree sports precious stones hanging from it and the presents are covered in gold wrapping.

3.  Poker Set - $7.5million

Poker Set

Buying a $7million dollar poker set is a real gamble – you’d really have to trust your poker buddies.  This sets’ case is alligator skin lined in suede and the game gems are fitted with 18 carat gold with the chips set in precious stones. The dealer button is 18 carat gold and set with diamonds, and is said to be designed by Geoffrey Parker.

2.  Gold covered iPhone - $15million

Gold covered iPhone

Toted as the most expensive mobile phone in the world, this 22 carat solid gold phone is manufactured by Stuart Hughes Jewelers.  For added extravagant measure, the designer added encrusted diamonds to the Apple logo and sides.

1.  Lamborghini - $62million


A Lamborghini selling for $62million doesn’t sound right.  But a gold, platinum and diamond Lamborghini for that price has our interests piqued!  This beauty made headlines in 2012 when unveiled at a Dubai showroom.  The luxury sports car features gold, platinum and is encrusted with diamonds.  The scaled down version ‘only’ costs $7.8million and is eight times smaller than the real version (while being 12 times more expensive).  The full sized version is being priced at an exorbitant $62million.  Ferrari, BMW and Rolls Royce all have gold versions too – with a golden Rolls Royce sold in the Middle East that features turrets for machine guns too.  The market is aimed at the big oil-rich magnates of the Middle East, China and Russia and the cars’ feature a gold sheeted outside design with gold trim on the inside.  

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