Why You Should Buy A Big 5 Bundle Online

If you’ve ever wondered how you could increase your chance of winning a lottery jackpot, PlayUSALotteries.com has the answer – Buy a Big 5 Bundle! By doing so you will be entered into the US Powerball, Mega Millions, SuperEna Max, EuroJackpot and EuroMillions with just one click.

Big 5 lottery bundles

What is a lottery Big 5 Bundle?

A Big 5 Bundle is a special lottery discounted package that you can purchase on PlayUSALotteries.com. As the name suggests, the Big 5 Bundle contains a collection of the top 5 biggest and most popular lotteries. Included in the Big 5 Bundle are the EuroMillions, SuperEna Max, Mega Millions and US Powerball and EuroJackpot.

But there’s more!

At PlayUSALotteries.com you will have the choice of not one but three different discounted lottery bundles.

The lottery bundles on offer are:

  • The Standard bundle
  • The Super 7 bundle
  • The Big 5 bundle

Let’s delve into these incredible Bundle options so you can not only find out more about these incredible offers but choose which option best suits your online lottery gameplay.

Standard Bundle

The first bundle play option exclusively available to all registered players on PlayUSALotteries.com is the Standard Bundle. The Standard Bundle allows online lottery players to automatically have a lottery entry into every lottery draw available on PlayUSALotteries.com for a specific period of time. The time periods available are 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year.

Super 7 Bundle

You've heard of the Seven Wonders of the World, the seven deadly sins, the seven dwarves, and without doubt lucky number 7. The Super 7 Bundle is another incredible discounted lottery bundle giving PlayUSALotteries.com players the opportunity to save while playing their favourite online lottery games. The Super 7 Bundle operates exactly as the other bundle play options with the exception that players are able to select their favourite 7 lotteries.

As you can see these lottery bundles differ based on the number of lotteries they include.

How to play a lottery bundle

To play a Bundle, simply login to PlayUSALotteries.com and click on ‘Game Options’ which you will find on the top navigation bar on the homepage. Here you will find all the available game options:

  • Play Now
  • Rapid Play
  • Standard Bundle
  • Super 7 Bundle
  • Big 5 Bundle
  • Intelliplay

What is the advantage of buying a lottery Bundle on PlayUSALotteries.com?

The best part is that not only is purchasing a lottery Bundle extremely convenient, these lottery bundles are also heavily discounted – saving you a fortune!

Once you have purchased a lottery bundle on PlayUSALotteries.com you will have an entry to play a number of different lotteries at once over a predefined period:

  • One Week Play
  • Four Week Play
  • Three Month Play
  • Six Month Play
  • One Year Play

Are the Bundle lottery numbers Quickpick numbers?

Yes, all bundle entries are Quickpick entries.

Looking back at lottery winners, there have been many winners who won huge sums of money and speaking to lottery officials while claiming their prize they said they bought a Quickpick and hit the big one!

Will my chances of winning increase if I buy a lottery bundle?

Online lottery players all have their own lottery winning strategies when it comes to playing the lottery. While some prefer playing numbers that remind them of special dates, previously drawn numbers, most overdue numbers, some players prefer to maximise their entries to increase their chance of a win. This is where purchasing either a Big 5 Bundle, a Standard Bundle or a Super 7 Bundle comes in. By taking advantage of the discounted offer these Bundles offer players are able to throw the net out so to speak and play more than one lottery over a period of time. It’s just the discount but the peace of mind that you won’t miss a draw that online lottery players on PlayUSALotteries.com enjoy.

We all know by now that playing the lottery is purely a game of chance and the probability of winning a prize increases with the number of lottery tickets you purchase. So why not combine the two? Buy more entries and enjoy an incredible discount!

Simply log in to your PlayUSALotteries.com account, select the Game Options on the top of the screen and buy a lottery bundle today!

Convenience, peace of mind, better pricing and the chance to join the ranks of the super-wealthy.

What more could you ask for?


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