Wild Ways People Have Won The Lottery

Playing the lottery, especially online, has grown exponentially over the last few decades or so since the advent of smartphones and internet accessibility being more available with faster upload and download times to players. It is now possible to play international lotteries online with just the click of your mouse and wake up tomorrow as a multi-millionaire.

With all the recent record-breaking jackpots that have stirred the imagination of players from every country, interest in this inexpensive, easy and fun game of chance is at an all-time high again as we leave the confines of the recent harsh virus lockdown and slowly get back to our normal working lives.

Recently, author Jennifer E. Smith even wrote a fictional account titled ‘Windfall’ about winning the lottery and young Teddy’s dream came true when on his eighteenth birthday as his best friend Alice bought him a lottery ticket. He won an amazing $140 million jackpot prize. It’s got to be a good read.

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1. Can you win more than once? How about seven times?

Who knew it was possible to win the lottery seven times? There was a man from Florida who had previously never bought a lottery ticket and when he did, he won seven times. He now advises and gives people tips on how they should and shouldn’t play the lottery and says whatever you do, don’t use people’s birthdates.

2. What’s in a headache?

Apparently, if you get a headache, get yourself some headache tablets and while you’re at it, buy yourself a lottery ticket. The headache method worked for one down on his luck man in California who’d lost his job. He bought himself a lottery ticket while suffering a headache and won $5 million.

3. Imagine hard enough and it may happen

Families often like to play let’s pretend games for fun and this included one British family who used to like to pretend they’d won the lottery. They would take photos of themselves with a fake winning ticket in hand and post them for a laugh until one day they actually did win the lottery for real.

4. Forget to remember

A Massachusetts man won the very same lottery twice accidentally. He’d forgotten that his family had bought him a season pass to the Massachusetts lottery where he gets entered automatically into each draw using his same favourite numbers. He went and bought himself a lottery ticket also using his same favourite numbers and won the same lottery twice.

5. What twenty per cent tip?

A New York policeman in his fifties split a lottery ticket with the waitress in his local diner instead of giving her his usual twenty per cent tip. They each chose three numbers and he bought the lottery ticket using their combined choice and it actually won and he gave her half the winnings. This lovely story inspired the Hollywood romantic comedy movie ‘It Could Happen to You’ starring Nicolas Cage and Bridget Fonda although there was no romance between the policeman and waitress in real life.

6. Giving back a little

One Canadian lottery winner who took home a wonderful $25 million cash prize was in a burger restaurant waiting for his food when he overheard that the restaurant owner’s daughter had just been diagnosed with cancer. He wanted to help towards her medical bills and paid for his food with a $10,000 cheque and told the owner to ‘keep the change’.

7. Latter-day Bonnie and Clyde

A naughty couple in their fifties stole money from the Pennsylvania grocery store where they worked and bought a lottery ticket with part of their proceeds. They won a million dollars on the lottery and did manage to spend some of their winnings before finally being caught.

Dream a little dream – it might just come true

Emaley and Alex Escalera, a couple from Stockton, California won $597,933 by matching five out of six numbers in a Mega Millions lottery. So far, so normal, right? Until you find out that those numbers came to Alex in a dream!

Alex for some reason often had crazy dreams due to work odd hours. One such dream, however, stood out. He dreamt about a string of lottery numbers and wrote the numbers down as soon as woke up.

"The next day I told my wife I'm going play those numbers," said Alex.

But that's not the most unbelievable part of the story! After playing the numbers that came to him in a dream, Alex kept the ticket on ice for two months before confirming whether or not it was a winner. How he was able to hold onto the ticket for so long without checking it, we don't know. Personally, I would be refreshing my inbox all night until the results mailer came in.

But leave it he did - until two months later when he finally decided to have it checked.

"We play, but we don't check them that often," Alex explains. "I didn't want anyone to touch this ticket. I was nervous when I was there. I was shaking."

The couple has finally come to grips with their good fortune though, and already have plans for the money.  They said that they wanted to help children paying for college and pay off all their debt.

Alex told lottery officials, "We want to live in peace."

We hope you enjoyed our little stories about lottery winners and how they won. Maybe it will be your story we tell in the future if luck goes your way. Whatever you do, keep trying and you just may get extra lucky and win a nice big lump of cash. Good luck!

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