The Oldest USA Powerball Winners

We’ve recently told you all about the youngest ever US Powerball lottery winners and their stories and now we’ve compiled a list of a few of the oldest and very interesting people who won some huge cash prizes on Powerball.

The oldest winners say they really enjoyed the experience of scooping big money from Powerball even though they are in the twilight of their lives. We love it when an older lottery player actually wins a jackpot as they get just as excited as the youngsters who won and it allows them to leave money to their children and grandchildren to help secure their futures.

Gloria MacKenzie

Gloria Macenzie won $590 million at 85 Years old

In 2013 at the ripe old age of 85 years old, Gloria MacKenzie won a huge $590 million jackpot on the US Powerball. Gloria was the biggest single Powerball winner ever at the time until Mavis Wanczyk won the massive Powerball $758 million jackpot in 2017.  She lucked out when a very kind person allowed Gloria to cut in front in the queue to buy her ticket at the grocery store. She purchased her winning Powerball lottery ticket and used the Quick Pick option to choose her numbers, which would have gone to the person behind who let her in the queue if they would have used that option to pick their numbers as well. That’s the way the cookie crumbles as they say and it was Gloria MacKenzie’s day that day.

Older players tend to buy their lottery tickets from their local store or service station as they are not so likely to have the internet to play online which saves all that queuing and makes sure you can’t lose a winning ticket. That said, there are still quite a few that do have internet and play online as it is in the comfort of their own homes.

Gloria was very generous and gave half her jackpot win to her son and with her own half she started a foundation in her name to fund educational projects throughout the country. Using her donation, a major project was paid for by the foundation to restore the high school where Gloria used to teach at in her younger days. It is good to give something back especially with a huge jackpot win like hers. Older people love to help out with most things if they can and Gloria took it to another level.


Maurine Smith

Maureen Smith won $528 million at 71 Years old<

The USA Powerball lottery in January of 2016 broke all records for the biggest ever jackpot with a legendary prize of $1.58 billion and it had three winners of which one of them belonged to 71 year old Maureen Smith and her husband. Their share of the prize was $528 million with a lump sum payout of $328 million but they chose to keep any further details out of the public eye and kept themselves as private as possible since.

The fiercely private couple from Florida, USA didn’t immediately move into a huge new house or dramatically upgrade their lifestyle after their massive win, although Maureen treated herself to a new Tesla electric car which was about as extravagant as they got. Both Maureen and her husband continue to play Powerball each week even after such a big win as it’s something they have fun doing.

Robert Bailey won $343 million at 67 Years old

For the last twenty-five years, Robert Bailey from Harlem, New York City, persevered week in and week out playing the lottery and finally his tenacity paid off when he was one of two winners of the $687.8 million USA Powerball lottery jackpot and he used the same numbers for all twenty-five years. He said “A family member gave me the numbers over 25 years ago and I faithfully play them” but when he bought his winning tickets, he’d changed from his normal routine.

The weather was terrible and pouring hard with rain so he ran into a deli for shelter and while he was in there he decided to buy his Powerball tickets from the deli and this seemed to be the game-changer with his luck as he was one of two players to finally scoop the jackpot. After receiving his half of the jackpot prize, he decided to take the lump sum payout option which was $125 million after taxes. Robert plans to buy his mother a big house with his prize money and intends to travel and also wisely invest some of his money. He said “It’s a good life-changer. I plan to do the right thing with the money”.

It goes to show that you can never be too old to play the lottery and win the jackpot. There will be many older people that will scoop up a lottery jackpot in the years to come. Make sure you are one of them by being as persistent as Robert Bailey. He never gave up and eventually it was his turn to win big. His life was changed for the better forever and he doesn’t ever have to worry about money again.

Good luck!


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