BREAKING NEWS – Celebrate International Lottery Day Winning $650M On The Powerball Plus Superdraw!

Something HUGE has been brewing behind the scenes and what could possibly be better than a US Powerball Plus Superdraw jackpot worth a jaw-dropping $650 million?

Celebrate International Lottery Day Winning $650M On The Powerball Plus Superdraw

This mind-blowing draw will take place on August 26 just in time to wake up on International Lottery Day on August 27 as a mega multi-millionaire!

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Why we LOVE International Lottery Day

Dream BIG

As a lottery enthusiast you will know that one of the first things you do after buying your US Powerball Plus Superdraw lottery ticket is spending a little time daydreaming about 'what if'. What would you do if you win the $650 million? This dream could become your reality soon!

Enjoy the suspense

As you're entering your lucky Powerball Plus lottery numbers or waiting for the numbers to be drawn there's that moment of suspense that is full of childlike excitement.

We look forward to calling the lucky $650 million Powerball Plus Superdraw winner, informing them of their win, hearing them scream with excitement and placing vast sums of cash in their account!

International Lottery Day 2020

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International Lottery Day

International Lottery Day is celebrated the world over on the 27th of August every year where lottery enthusiasts dream about winning Dollars, Pounds or Euros.

As seasoned online lottery players on PlayUSALotteries will tell you, we consistently make playing the world’s biggest lotteries super exciting and right now it’s time to make sure you join the US Powerball Plus lotto frenzy and give yourself the chance to win the guaranteed jackpot of $650 million.

Whether you call it the ‘lottery’ or ‘lotterie’ or ‘lotería’, it does not matter which language you use, it all means the same to those people from all over the world who love and enjoy playing the lottery and that is, you can win massive amounts of money that can make you a multi-millionaire for very little input. It can give hope to those that normally could never reach this life-changing status that will propel them into being part of the exclusive club of the mega-rich.

1566 – United Kingdom

It was in the year 1566 that the first Queen Elizabeth of England authorised the first officially recorded lottery that was designed to raise money for “the reparation of the havens and strength of the realm, and towards such other publique good works” which probably means it was good for England. Each ticket holder could win a prize which could include silver and other valuables.

1612 – United States of America

The first lottery in the USA happened in 1612 when the English King James the first created a lottery to provide money for Jamestown, Virginia which was the first permanent British settlement established in North America. Thereafter, lotteries became more popular over the centuries until the creation of today’s Powerball and the Mega Millions which are both record-breaking jackpot holders.

The US Powerball multi-state lottery holds the world’s record jackpot prize of $1.586 billion that took place on the 13th of January 2016. The biggest Mega Millions jackpot happened on the 23rd of October 2018 with a massive jackpot of $1.537 billion which makes it the second-biggest jackpot prize ever only just behind Powerball.

Americans like things big and you can’t get bigger than the American lotto games.

1880 - Australia

Australian launched a state lottery in 1916 as a means to raise funds for its public projects and charities with early proceeds channelled to helping World War One veterans.

2004 - Europe

EuroMillions is a European lottery that was first launched on the 7th of February 2004 and the first draw took place on the 13th of February 2004 in Paris, France. It was launched by the UK’s Camelot, Spain’s Loterías y Apuestas Del Estado and France’s Française des Jeux. Other countries were added in October 2004 and now there are nine participating countries which are the UK, Spain, France, Ireland, Switzerland, Portugal, Luxembourg, Austria and Belgium. At least twice a year the EuroMillions lottery offer special draws called ‘SuperDraws’ where they bump up the jackpot really big.

2012 - Europe

In 2012 a new lottery was launched to compete with the EuroMillions called EuroJackpot. It is also held by a collection of countries that include Germany, Poland, Sweden, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, Netherlands, Norway, Latvia, Lithuania, Iceland, Italy, Hungary, Germany, Finland, Estonia, Denmark, Czech Republic, and Croatia that all finally got together on the 15th of September 2017. The EuroJackpot pot starts with €10 million and can roll up to €90 million.

Powerball Plus

The Powerball Plus lottery is a revamped and exciting version of the US Powerball game. The game is played just like the American Powerball, with the only difference being that it offers much LARGER jackpots.

As part of the International Lottery Day celebrations, the Powerball Plus jackpot will be a massive US $650 million.

With this kind of money, you can live your life as you would behind the wheel of your dream car out on the open road...

Wind in your hair
No obligations
Millions of Dollars to your name
and only YOU call the shots.

Your lucky numbers are the KEY to making this dream come true.

Get your entries for US Powerball Plus Superdraw NOW for the chance to win a mind-blowing $650 million!

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