Should You Buy A Quickpick Lottery Ticket Or Choose Your Own Lottery Numbers?

Quick Pick: Some say it’s one of the most important lottery decisions you’ll make. When you buy a ticket for a lottery, like Powerball or Mega Millions, the first decision you will need to make is whether you want to pick your own lottery numbers or let the computer randomly pick for you.

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The question that goes through every lottery players head, is “Are you more likely to win the lottery if you use one method or the other?

When you fill in the playblock online, there are two ways you can choose your numbers: either enter your own lucky lottery numbers or you can opt for a Quick Pick.

While some lottery players prefer to select their own numbers, most likely due to the fact that they mean something to them, the quickest option is to choose a Quickpick. They enjoy playing numbers which are actually birth dates of their loved ones because they consider them lucky for them. Some want to play numbers they got on their fortune cookie whereas some are maths whiz and analyse the number before placing their entries.

Are the odds in your favour if  you play a Quickpick?

There is a common misconception that the odds of winning differ depending on whether you choose your own numbers or play a Quickpick. However, if there were a clear way to increase your odds of winning the lottery, everyone would do it.

In a recent study, a staggering 70% of lottery players go with the Quickpick.

There mere fact that so many lottery players opt for this method could, therefore, be the reason that there is are more winners with a Quickpick ticket compared to a manual one. But still, there is no clear indication of whether a Quickpick is a better option.

Quickpick Pros

Playing a Quickpick is the fastest way to play as you don’t need to fill out a play block. All you have to do is click on Quickpick and the system generates the number of entries you wish to play.

While the odds of winning are the same as choosing your own numbers, there is more chance you won’t have to share the jackpot if you win it, as your numbers will be completely random and not based on commonly used selections and patterns.

Players who use play the same set of lottery numbers every time tend to eventually feel as though their numbers are becoming unlucky or that it’s just not meant to be. These players are more than likely superstitious when it comes to luck. There is no chance of this happening with a Quickpick, as your numbers will be different every time.

Unlike choosing your own numbers or relying on special dates, Quickpick numbers don’t just fit into a calendar month, which means the numbers are spread out more.

Quickpick Cons

You have no say in the numbers that are selected as they are picked at random. This means that you cannot select your entries using statistics or meaningful numbers or patterns.

For lottery players who purchase large quantities of lottery entries, memorising your numbers as opposed to a lucky line is literally impossible. So viewing the latest winning lottery numbers and not having your entries you played on hand won’t help. Thankfully this is not a problem for lottery players who play online as a results mailer gets sent out immediately after the draw. Here players will see the winning lottery numbers and their own lines played. If there are any matches in any prize category the mailer will reflect them.

For those purchasing Quickpicks from the corner store, you will have to stick with the numbers you are given, as you cannot return the tickets once they are printed. Playing the lottery online, however, gives you the opportunity to redo the entry until you are happy with the randomly selected numbers.

Selecting Your Own Numbers

Selecting your own lottery numbers is how it all began. Some players prefer the ritual of marking their numbers or clicking on the numbers in the play block online.  See the pros and cons of choosing your own numbers below:


You have complete control over your entry, so you can pick your numbers using any method you want. Whether you use important dates, certain patterns, or you base your selection on statistics from previous draws, it is all up to you.

Playing your own numbers on a regular basis makes it easier to check whether you’ve won, as it is likely that you will be able to remember your numbers soon after you start playing.

You have more flexibility when it comes to entering multiple draws. If you want to play for several weeks in advance, you can choose the same numbers for each draw, different ones every time, or a mixture of both. With Quickpicks you will usually have to use the same numbers for every draw.


It takes longer to select your own lottery numbers. Imagine for one moment that it slipped your mind to play a massive jackpot. You quickly log in and start clicking on your usual numbers but the cut-off time is approaching super-fast. Here at PlayUSALotteries we have a trick. Simply go to your Transaction History, find your last entry and click on “play again.” It’s as simple as that!

If your lucky lottery numbers are special dates and you win the jackpot, the chances are high that you will have to share the jackpot with someone who played that exact same numbers as the pool played were numbers between 1 and 31. While your odds of winning remain the same, the chances that someone else has chosen the same line are greater.

For those buying lottery tickets from the corner shop, there’s a margin for error when filling out a payslip. It can be easy to mark a wrong number or forget to mark the Power Playbox.

With the US Powerball, Powerball Plus, Mega Millions Max and SuperEna Max all offering huge jackpots, PlayUSALotteries gives you the opportunity to be part of the lotto jackpot action.

Now is the best time to play: Go pick those numbers any way you like!

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