4 Reasons To Play American Lotto Games Online Right Now!

Chances are that you’ve heard about the American Powerball, or US Powerball as it’s known by online lottery players across the world. Looking at the top jackpot podium of international lotteries right now is the perfect time to make sure you play ALL the American lotto games online.

American lotteries online

American Powerball

Known for their big jackpots and life-changing prizes (yes, even the secondary prizes are outstanding) every lottery enthusiast should play any of the American lotteries online right here at PlayUSALotteries.com.

Here’s why you should play all the American lotteries this week:

US Powerball lottery

When it comes to BIG jackpots, there is no game as big or exciting as America’s Powerball lotto game!

Powerball Lottery Jackpots Get Big FAST!

The biggest reason so many people love to play the US Powerball is due to the fact that the jackpots get big fast. The minimum jackpot for American Powerball is $20 million. So if the jackpot isn’t won, it rolls over – and this American lottery has guaranteed jackpot rollovers of at least an additional $10 million each time! Add on the fact that there’s no jackpot cap and you have an American lotto game that’s filled to the brim with lotto action.

Massive Secondary Prizes

This incredible American lottery boasts 9 prize categories. Besides the life-changing jackpot lottery enthusiasts who take a chance, should note that the second and third place prize is pretty substantial as well. You win see yourself winning a substantial $1 million if you come in second, and $50,000 for third place if you don’t win the jackpot.

Odds of Winning

Your chance of winning the US Powerball jackpot are 1 in 292,201,338. When it comes to lotteries, this is pretty standard.

To win the Powerball jackpot, you must match all 5 main numbers as well as the bonus Powerball number. However, your overall odds of winning any prize are 1 in 24 which is rather good.

Powerball Plus lottery

Powerball Plus as the name suggests is Powerball, just with bigger jackpots and who doesn’t love bigger jackpots?

If you’re a big US Powerball enthusiast, you will love Powerball Plus. As seasoned lottery players here at PlayUSALotteries, you will know by now that we love bringing our players incredibly huge lottery jackpots.

It’s important to note that Powerball Plus will not replace the US Powerball game and is merely an addition to the regular Powerball draws. You now have the choice between Powerball or Powerball Plus or you can decide to play both of these exciting games.

Mega Millions lottery

With no one hitting all six numbers in Friday night’s drawing, the top prize has surged to $113 million for the next drawing on Tuesday. With a jackpot this big, now it’s the time to make sure you buy a Mega Millions lottery ticket online.

To play the Mega Millions lottery, players need to pick five numbers between 1 and 70 and one additional number between 1 and 25. The additional number is known as the "Mega Ball."

As with Powerball, each type of ball has its own colour. The five balls numbered from 1 to 70 are white and the Mega Ball is gold.

Mega Millions Max lottery

While the Mega Millions might hold the record for the second-biggest jackpot ever won and the title of the biggest ever jackpot won by a single player, the Mega Millions Max plans to top that.

Mega Millions Max is YOUR chance to play the game you love and win the jackpot you’ve always dreamed of.

Just like the Mega Millions, the Mega Millions Max uses two separate ball sets. One set contains the main numbers ranging from 1 - 70 and players will select 5 numbers from this set. The second set contains the Mega Ball with numbers ranging from 1 - 25, players need to choose 1 of these numbers.

To win the jackpot players need to match all 6 numbers drawn in the lottery.

Mega Millions Max is based on the official multi-state Mega Millions draw and takes place on the same days - Tuesday and Fridays. The winning numbers for Mega Millions Max are based on the winning numbers drawn in the official Mega Millions game.

You have the option to choose your lottery numbers yourself or to use the Quickpick option and let the computer randomly generate the numbers you will play.

Playing the lottery is the ultimate low-risk, high-reward scenario. If you lose, you're only out a few dollars but if you win, the payoff is a lifetime of easy living.

Four American giants are drawing this week

These massive draws could be giving you a combined fortune of $708 million – $106 million from Powerball, $404 million from Powerball Plus, $175 million from Mega Millions Max and $113 million from Mega Millions.

Wouldn’t it be a great start to the week if you walked away with that kind of money in your bank account?

Just imagine all the shopping, vacationing and gift buying you could do after winning any of these incredible life-changing jackpots.


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