10 Reasons Why People Play The Lottery Online

Most people enjoy playing the lottery as it gives everyone, rich or poor, the same chance of winning and it’s a lot of fun. For the very small amount of money that a ticket costs, it is possible to win a massive jackpot.

man holding smartphone, playing the lottery online

No wonder it’s so popular especially with the advantages of playing online where you can play any lottery anywhere on the planet and never lose your ticket. No queuing at a retail outlet to buy your ticket either.

We’ve summarised below a few different reasons why people play the lottery every week:

#1 The ultimate freedom fantasy

One reason people like to play a lottery is because a huge win would allow them to have a new life of freedom such as they’ve never experienced before. We all have that image in our minds of leaving our jobs to retire early without any financial worries for the rest of our lives. We also dream of buying ourselves a nice house with no mortgage, a nice car or two and to spoil our loved ones with a comfortable luxury lifestyle.

The fact that using your kid’s and family’s birthdays as your lottery numbers for very little cost can possibly translate into a completely new life for you and your loved ones is astonishing.

We only have to look at the various lottery winners stories where after winning, they no longer struggle to pay expensive medical bills, or a huge mortgage that drained the family’s finances for so long. Then there is the daughter’s fairy-tale wedding they are able to give which every bride dreams about.

#2 Huge jackpots

No self-respecting lottery player would ignore a massive jackpot especially with the likes of the US Powerball or Mega Millions that often roll over many times creating gigantic jackpots.

When this happens there is also a rush of new registrations online as even people that don’t normally play lotteries want some of the action.

Playing online is so easy and convenient which makes it especially important under the COVID-19 lockdown.

#3 Habitual players

Then we have the regular seasoned online players that have a habit of playing constantly because they enjoy it and they know eventually they may win something from the lower tiers or hopefully even the actual jackpot.

They keep on believing as time and again we’ve all heard stories of people playing the lottery for decades and then end up actually winning the big one.
Imagine playing your kid’s and family’s birthday numbers for years only to find out they’ve matched the tumbling balls in the lotto drum. Many celebrations would happen for sure and it would be the party of a lifetime.

#4 Close calls and near misses

Another thing that keeps people keep playing their favourite lottery is a close call or near miss.

You just know you are getting there as you creep closer to that elusive billion dollar lottery jackpot. One number away from all that wonderful money keeps the thought of almost winning in your mind as you now know it really is possible.

Many seasoned lottery players that matched some numbers previously take a lot of encouragement from that partial success. If you were to get three or four numbers this time, you are bound to do better next time.

#5 From a little bit of change in your pocket to millions in the bank

While most things in life cost a small fortune, people that like to play the lottery are excited with the idea of winning millions for very little money. It’s definitely the ultimate low-risk payoff with a huge reward. Although lottery players only spend a small amount of money for their lottery tickets and if they don’t win, they can be assured to know that part of their money goes to good causes and so makes it attractive for them to keep on playing each and every week.

#6 Fun and Entertaining

It is said that about sixty percent of the adult population worldwide play the lottery. A large portion of those players all share the same dream of simply winning enough money to help them live comfortably for the rest of their lives. Many aren’t particularly interested in just winning millions and millions of dollars, as they enjoy playing the lottery as a form of entertainment and if they win the big one, so be it. It’s a win-win situation really. Nice if your hobby one day makes you a billionaire.

#7 Life-changing moments

A lottery jackpot win will definitely change your life for the better forever if you are careful and clever with looking after your money. Money problems for you and your family will be a thing of the past. Imagine paying off your mortgage and buying a new house mortgage-free, a car with no finance or lease to worry about. New cars for other members of your family all paid off. You can pay off their mortgages as well so the whole family can live unencumbered and not worry about money and their future.

#8 Increase your money

One of the problems of start-up businesses is the fact that at some time you will need financial help from a bank.

The beauty of having all of that lottery jackpot money in your bank is if you want to increase your money even more by starting up a business, you won’t have to be beholden to any bank or pay interest on your loan as you already have your working capital to get going.

If you don’t fancy running a business and would prefer early retirement, you can find yourself a good stockbroker that can invest some of your money on the stock market. You may even end up doubling your money if it’s invested well.

You could look at the normally very stable property market if you find the stock market too risky. Property has always been quite a stable investment and many landlords become millionaires by renting out apartments or houses or even factory buildings.

The world is your oyster and your options after a jackpot win are endless.

#9 Have fun being a jetsetter

If you win a really big jackpot and aren’t interested in starting a business or investing in the stock market or property other than your magnificent new house, you can probably live off the interest your money pile is making in the bank. You’d have to be careful not to dip into the original cash or as it gets less so does the amount of interest you make.

Now that your money is taking care of itself in the bank, maybe you want to travel the world and explore all those countries you’ve never seen in complete luxury. Perhaps you also want to follow the Formula 1 races all over the world or the Open Tennis Championships circuit or even follow the SailGP sailboat races which take place in different countries each year.

Imagine yourself at the jet setting Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix watching the race from a luxury yacht in the harbour or maybe you’ve never been to the Italian Formula 1 Grand Prix at Monza in Italy which has the fastest racetrack in the world.

The atmosphere is incredible as it is Ferrari F1 Team’s home race and the ‘Tifosi’ who are passionate Italian fans that live and breathe Ferrari attend the race in their thousands. When Ferrari wins at their home track, there is pandemonium where the crowds actually end up with tears of joy.

If Formula 1 isn’t your thing, perhaps you’d fancy following the Open Tennis Championships all over the world from the USA to Australia and beyond. Then there is the grand old lady herself, Wimbledon in London, probably the most famous and prestigious tennis tournament in the world.

It’s where every tennis player wants to win and they put in so much effort to get there that some of the best games of tennis ever occurred there. All the superstar tennis players are there and you can watch them from Centre Court while eating fabulous English strawberries and cream.

Now if competitive sailing is your thing, there is SailGP where teams race superfast foiling catamarans that are very similar to the America’s Cup sailboats that were raced in Bermuda during the last America’s Cup Challenge. They start off in Sydney, Australia then to the USA and end up in Europe. They are the fastest and most exciting sailboats ever.

#10 Is luxury cruising your idea of fun?

Perhaps travelling around the world on various luxurious cruise ships can be attractive to you. There are massive five-star cruise liners that cater for your every need and you can tour such wonderful places like the Caribbean, the East and West coasts of the USA including Hawaii or all over the amazing Mediterranean Sea including visiting the outstanding Greek isles or even Egypt.

Other specialist cruises can take you up the Norwegian coast all the way up to the Arctic where you may glimpse polar bears or whales.
You can even go south to the Antarctic in special ice-breaking cruise ships and follow in the footsteps of the great explorers like Roald Amundsen who was the first to get to the South Pole beating Captain Scott by five weeks. Then there was the amazing explorer Ernest Shackleton who’s ship the Endurance became trapped in the ice and sunk. He managed to save his men with an extraordinary rescue from that mighty continent at the turn of the 20th century.

Winning a big jackpot is the best insurance you can get

The beauty of winning a huge lottery jackpot is that it gives you the ability and freedom to do almost anything you want. It is such a powerful thing that can look after you for the rest of your life without the financial worries you had previously. It gives you the ability to look after your family and allow them to live comfortably as well.

You’ll never curse that bill that arrives in your mailbox as you know you have it covered. You’ll never have to be concerned if you or anyone in your family become sick and have big medical bills to pay. It is such a comfort buffer from all of the previous stress making bills you used to have to contend with. Now you just pay and forget about it stress-free. What a wonderful position to be in.

Enjoy your money as much as you can as it’s there to be enjoyed. Winning all that money is splendid for sure but a lot of players are just in it for the fun of playing and a win is just the massive pile of cream on top. It’s a big thrill winning millions or even billions that very few people get to experience.

There is a rush such as you’ve never experienced before where you finally know you can make all of your dreams come true. For the price of a cup of coffee, your life could change forever. Let that sink in, what value for money that is, almost everyone can afford to play.

Some players are happy to continue their lives working as they’ve done for many years as they have friends and colleagues they like to be with at work and they have satisfaction of their job. Often they don’t even tell their workmates or friends that they won so as not to lose touch with them and so the money won’t come between them. The difference now, of course, is they won’t struggle with their overheads at home or rely on their salary to get by.

Other winners have been known to buy into the company they’ve worked at for so many years. The fresh injection of cash has been known to help the company expand and become more stable and also allows the winner to have a bit of a say as to what goes on with the company.

Whatever you decide to do with your jackpot win, the world really is your oyster and your choices are endless.

We really want you to win and wish you the best of luck.

Whatever you do, have fun!

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