11 Interesting Lottery Stories From Different Parts Of The World

When you win a lottery jackpot, it will change your life, often forever. Sometimes it’s not always for the better though. Below are twelve incredible stories about lottery wins and those that weren’t so lucky from around the globe. Some people have beaten the odds more than once by winning jackpots multiple times and others that had amazing life-changing wins.

lottery stories from around the world

Two-time winners

Some people have all the luck just like David Long and Kathleen MacKenzie who are from Scunthorpe in the UK.

They beat the odds twice by winning a £1 million lottery jackpot once in 2013 and another £1 million jackpot in 2015.
We wonder how long it will be before their next jackpot win with that kind of good luck.

US Powerball, 11 interesting lottery stories from different parts of the world

The biggest single jackpot winner at the time

The very lucky 86 year old Gloria MacKenzie (MacKenzie seems to be a lucky name) from Florida took home a huge £253 million ($370 million) by winning the May 2013 US Powerball lottery jackpot.

At the time it was the biggest lottery win ever by a single person. Since her win, Gloria gave $2 million to fix the local high school roof which was more than she’d spent on her own house.

A disaster of a divorce

After secretly winning $1.3 million on the Californian lottery, Denise Rossi decided to leave her husband Thomas without telling him about the lottery win.

He granted her a divorce albeit he was suspicious that something was going on. A couple of years later he intercepted a letter that revealed the truth about the win and successfully sued Denise for not disclosing anything about the win during the divorce.

Amazingly, the judge awarded Thomas every single cent of the win. In this case, we believe that honesty is the best policy as Denise paid the price for her deception.

Three winners in the family

There is an unnamed family from Tipton in the UK that managed to defy the odds by winning three separate wins that totalled £3.25 million. Luck sometimes stays within the family and we wonder when another member of this very lucky family will rake in a fourth win. Never say never.

Lost ticket blues

The one very important thing about playing online is that you can never lose your lottery ticket. Watford based Martyn Tott and his wife misplaced their lottery ticket and missed out on a £3 million lottery win. Even though they convinced the lottery officials they’d bought the ticket, they’d already passed the thirty-day time limit on reporting their lost ticket and the jackpot was gone and it became the largest unclaimed prize since the UK Lottery began in 1994. It was very sad for them and we feel for them very much as we like to see our players win.

The oldest lottery winner

In 2010, ninety-seven-year-old Nguyen from Vietnam became the oldest recorded lottery winner when he won $340,000. He’d been very poor all his life and struggled how to spend his money. In the end, he gave most of it away as he’d been hounded by his neighbours and ended up spending what he had leftover on a new television, a sack of rice and some meat for himself and everyone else who lived in the same alleyway as himself.

lottery numbers

Written in the horoscope

Good friends Becky Witt and Carly Wiggett from Dartford, Kent in the UK won over £336,000 on EuroMillions in 2013.

Carly’s mum read out their horoscopes in the daily newspaper and it predicted that they’d be in for a huge windfall.  So feeling lucky, they bought a lottery ticket and to their absolute delight, they became lucky winners.

Be sure to read our own extremely popular Lottery Horoscope on the PlayUSALotteries.com and maybe it will point you in the right direction for a lucky jackpot win. It could be written in your stars.

The Queen of lotto winners

Her Majesty the Queen of England won £10 on the very first ever UK Lottery draw which prompted one newspaper headline to declare that “One’s won”. Nobody knows whether she actually cashed it in or not but one hopes she did. If playing the lottery is good enough for royalty, it’s definitely good enough for us commoners. God Save the Queen.

Senegalese migrant wins big

An out of work Senegalese man who was rescued by the coastguard in Spain after the dangerous sea crossing from Morocco eight years previously, won the equivalent of £296,000 on Spain’s 2015 annual Christmas lottery.

His name was Ngame and he said: “I want to give thanks to Spaniards and the Spanish government for rescuing me when I was in the sea.”

There were 1600 winning tickets with the winning number and even though they shared the cash prize, it was enough to change Ngame’s life forever.

A Dream that became a reality

In 2014, Terry Vigus from Loughton in the northeast of London had a dream where he dreamt up the winning numbers that won him £1.17 million.

He said “I saw the balls drop and one by one they matched the numbers on my ticket. In my dream, I had matched five and was waiting for the sixth ball to fall when I suddenly woke up.”

Never stop dreaming, you never know, it may just happen to you.

Suspicious Bulgarian numbers

There was an investigation launched in September 2009 in Bulgaria when the same six numbers were drawn in two consecutive draws of the Bulgarian Lottery. The odds that this could happen were supposedly one in four million. There was nothing untoward about this draw and it was just deemed to be unusual. Although unluckily nobody won in the first draw, 18 people won in the second one and had to split the top prize between them.

We wish you all the luck in the world and happy jackpot hunting.

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