Hit The Open Road On Your Dream Motorcycle After Winning This Weeks $427M Powerball Plus

Imagine your lucky numbers came up and you won a lottery jackpot worth hundreds of millions of dollars and you were a biker looking for ideas to buy a very special motorcycle. You now have more than enough money to buy any motorbike available including your own custom made machine from the many specialist fabricators out there. Let’s take a two-wheeled tour with the most exclusive and expensive motorcycles ever built…

While your custom made $500,000 gold plated chopper called ‘Nehmesis’ is being built, you will need something to hit the road on while you wait for final delivery of this two-wheeled eleven-foot long engineering marvel, being built by Sam Nehme the owner of BMS Choppers of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Lottery motorbikes

There are a few other two-wheeled masterpieces you can spoil yourself with such as Ducati’s very exclusive top of the range version of its Panigale V4, the ‘Superleggera’ putting out 221bhp built with carbon fibre and titanium weighing only 173kgs and worth a mere €100,000.
This still leaves many other extremely desirable and very expensive ‘hyperbikes’ that are road-legal that you can treat yourself to. Below we’ve listed ten of them that may pique your interest as your daily rider:

10. The Kawasaki Ninja H2 ‘Carbon’ - cost £28,500

The Kawasaki Ninja H2 Carbon is a road legal supercharged 207bhp road rocket that will blow the pants off of many other hyperbikes out there. This version of the H2 has carbon fibre upper and lower fairings hence the name. They are only building 120 of the limited edition ‘Carbon’ models making them rather exclusive to own. Maybe this two-wheeled missile will tempt you or perhaps you’d like something else.

9. Ariel Ace ‘Iron Horse’ – cost £29,686

Aerial, the lightweight Atom sports car maker that builds their cars with a super lightweight exo-skeleton chassis that is on the outside of the cars and are legendary with their super-fast performance, started building motorcycles in 2014 taking their previous motorcycling legacy very seriously with their Ariel Ace ‘Iron Horse’. Their first Ace, like their cars, also has a lightweight aluminium exo-skeleton and is powered by a Honda VFR 1200 V4 engine that catapults it along at a rapid rate of knots.

This unconventional looking hyperbike has been upgraded in 2018 to a sportier limited edition carbon fibre bedecked ‘R’ version that puts out a very punchy 203bhp and has a hefty £60,000 price tag. They’ve already sold ten of the limited edition ‘R’ models but have also started making a more basic Iron Horse model that will only cost a more comfortable £30,000. They will still have most of the Ace goodies on including the alloy frame and girder forks and comes with the same Ohlins suspension system.

8. Honda GoldWing Tour DCT - cost £30,699

The amazing Honda GoldWing has been synonymous as a successful full-on luxury tourer for over forty years. In 2001, Honda decided to build a new version of this superb machine by building it much lighter and more compact with its incredibly smooth flat six-cylinder engine producing a punchy 125bhp.
The handling has been improved and the toys that are on board include an electrically adjustable screen, a car style TFT dashboard that is amazing, multiple rider modes, satellite navigation, cruise control, Apple Car Play and heated seats and handlebar grips. All this fabulous tech and equipment including Honda’s world-beating DCT semi-automatic gearbox makes this stunning machine well worth the £30,000 price tag. What a machine.

7. Harley-Davidson CVO Limited - cost £35,595

It isn’t only Honda that has a claim for the world’s most luxurious and expensive fully dressed touring motorcycle. The huge American bike manufacturer Harley-Davidson have their excellent ‘ElectraGlide’ and were the pioneers of the dressed touring bikes back in the 60s that included the famous ‘Batwing’ fairing that was an optional extra in 1969.

Even though the classic V-Twin engine styling hasn’t changed much at all, its performance and updated technology has greatly improved in recent years. Harley’s Custom Vehicle Operations have created a fully loaded limited-edition model called the ‘CVO Limited’ that has a big 1923cc engine producing a hefty 166Nm of torque and comes with special paint and engine finishes plus lots of goodies from the Harley-Davidson extensive accessories catalogue. It has LED lights, TFT dashboard, a very cool infotainment system and a lot more including Brembo brakes. This amazing machine is like a quick two-wheeled car.

6. Horex VR6 Café Racer HL - cost £35,924

Well, so far we’ve seen a couple of pocket rockets and a couple of big cruisers and now for something a little different.

There is a not so well know historic bike builder from Germany called Horex that originally built motorcycles between 1923 and 1960. They were relaunched in 2011 and built a high-end roadster with a narrow angle V6 engine. Unfortunately, they ceased trading in 2014 but were revived again with a cash injection that put them back in business which allowed them to produce two updated versions of that motorcycle, the VR6 Classic and the VR6 Café Racer both with a selling price of well over £30,000.

They both have an engine output of an impressive 163bhp with an aluminium bridge frame and carbon fibre sub-frames with classic retro styling made with top quality components and are beautifully built. Then there is the Horex limited edition HL model that includes special wheels and badges. They are made in a factory near Munich and have no dealers in the UK although they will welcome UK buyers. It’s a lot of money to pay for a bike that is not very well known but also very exclusive and a great performer on the road.

5. MV Agusta Brutale 1000 Serie Oro - cost £36,338

The legendary Italian luxury motorcycle manufacturer MV Augusta has had a roller coaster ride of commercial fortunes. They were an offshoot of Augusta Helicopters and then become motorcycle royalty by dominating motorcycle Grand Prix racing from the 1950s to the early 1970s with legends like Giacomo Agostini, Mike Hailwood and John Surtees using transverse triples and fours in their bikes followed by luxury road sportsters. MV Augusta suffered in the late 1970s as they were overtaken by the Japanese two-strokes on the racetrack and couldn’t compete price-wise with bikes like the mighty Kawasaki Z1 on the road.

The MV brand was relaunched in 1999 by Cagiva and they created a whole family of stunning luxuriously priced four and three-cylinder nakeds and superbikes although their fortunes and owners have continued to fluctuate. Their latest offering is an updated version of their four-cylinder 1000cc super naked, the ‘Brutale’ which in true MV tradition is sold as a high spec limited-edition ‘Serie Oro’ which is due to arrive soon. It’s not cheap but in typical MV tradition, it’s a beautiful high specification incredibly fast bike (with 212bhp) that MV is claiming it to be the fastest naked bike in the world. They would say that though being passionate Italians and it is probably a valid claim.

4. Ducati Panigale V4 25 Anniversario 916 - cost £36,995

At a more affordable price than the new Ducati Superleggera is a fabulous limited edition Panigale V4 that was launched last year and was built to mark the 25th anniversary of the world beating Ducati 916. It is based on the Panigale V4 S with just 500 being built and is individually numbered in a Carl Fogerty inspired livery that includes forged Marchesini wheels, and a titanium Akrapovic exhaust system plus a host of other special carbon and billet aluminium goodies as should be expected for this kind of price tag.

3. Brough Superior Anniversary - cost £84,527

Brough Superior is a legendary British motorcycle manufacturer that was originally in business building what was regarded as the ‘Rolls Royce’ of motorcycles from 1919 to 1940. Their SS100 V-Twin is the most valuable of all classic motorcycles often breaking records at an auction. The rights to the Brough Superior brand were bought in 2008 by Mark Upham, a British entrepreneur who teamed up with Thierry Henriette of ‘Boxer Bikes’ and created a modernised interpretation of the original that went into production in 2016.

The bike has a liquid-cooled 88 degree V-Twin engine, Beringer brakes, Fior forks with Ohlin shock absorbers and hand finished out of carbon fiber, aluminium and titanium. It’s an amazing machine putting out 120bhp from the modernised engine with superb build quality and the kind of exclusivity only expensive machinery can buy. Last year, the new ‘Anniversary’ edition was unveiled to mark the brand’s 1919 origins and it includes unique body panels, new mudguards, machined billet wheels and four slash cut exhaust pipes. Only 100 of these exquisite bikes are expected to be built therefore making it one of the most exclusive motorcycles you can buy.

2. Confederate FA-13 Combat Bomber - cost £118,000

Exotic performance motorcycle company ‘Confederate’ began in 1991 quickly making a name for themselves with their street cruiser style and a high spec performance chassis that includes girder style forks and well-tuned S&S V-Twins all wrapped up in handcrafted billet aluminium. Confederate have been extremely successful despite the high prices of their motorcycles and became very desirable among the rich and famous such as bike nut and Hollywood ‘A’ lister Tom Cruise. Their new lineup includes the F-117 Fighter, a brutish performance cruising bike powered by an S&S 117ci V-Twin with a power output of 140bhp, the P51 Combat Fighter putting out 145bhp that includes a machined aluminium monocoque and the FA13 Combat Bomber which is even more of a limited edition version of the P51 and comes in anodised grey and includes carbon wheels.

1. Bimota Tesi H2 - cost £50,000

Although the Bimota Tesi isn’t the most expensive hyperbike on this list, we’ve put it at number one as it is more of a ‘fantasy class’ machine along with a few others and it is not a certainty that it will be available to buy or ever will be.

The Italian Bimota is now part owned by the Japanese manufacturer Kawasaki and is the most likely to be available and includes a supercharger and the hub centre marriage of the Kawasaki H2 and Bimota Tesi.

The other hyperbikes still surrounded with question marks are the equally supercharged Hesketh Valiant SC also at £50,000, the AMB001 which is a turbocharged joint project between Aston Martin and Brough Superior with an estimated price of €108,000 although it’s still only a concept that would only be used on the racetrack and then the previously mentioned electrically powered Arc Vector also still only a concept that would sell at £90,000. Arc at present have called in the receivers but should hopefully be taken over or bought out by another company who would hopefully continue making this futuristic electric hyperbike.

Motorcycles are a wonderful and very important part of our lives as we travel along the open road on a spiritual two-wheeled journey along the many ribbons of tarmac that traverse the planet. This importance has been highlighted with famous road trips by famous celebrities like Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman whose adventures included circumnavigating the world overland with two excellent BMW R1150GS all-terrain motorcycles from London to New York City in 2004.

The journey was televised and called ‘Long Way Round’ and was such a success that the two famous friends embarked on another road trip in 2007 from John O’ Groats in the north of Scotland to Cape Town located at the southern tip of South Africa and was called ‘Long Way Down’.

This amazing road trip was also an outstanding success and inspired many bikers to make similar journeys all over the world.

Further to Ewan and Charlie’s adventures is the Travel Channel’s Henry Cole whose program is called ‘The World’s Greatest Motorcycles Rides’ where Henry visits countries from all over the planet looking to find the best rides for a motorcycle. The show has achieved cult status and is watched by millions from countries around the world.

Yes, motorcycles are very important. So why not make sure you buy a lottery ticket right here on PlayUSALotteries.com and give yourself the chance to make your wildest biker dreams a reality?

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