Mega Millions vs SuperEnaMax

Seasoned online lottery players will by now know that there are at least four international lotto games that keep achieving podium status on the home page. These incredible lotteries are; EuroMillions, US Powerball, Mega Millions and of course the legendary SuperEna Max.

While not every lottery enthusiast has the means to play all the top lotto games in every draw, the question does often enter our minds as to which of these amazing lotto games we should be making sure we enter as often as possible to give ourselves the best possible chance of winning.

With the Mega Millions recently soaring to a massive jackpot and the SuperEnaMax once again giving you the chance to win an insane amount of money, let’s delve deeper into these highly lucrative games.

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Lottery jackpot podiums

SuperEna Max is currently leading the pack this week and has rolled to a mighty €136 million.

In second place is the US Powerball currently sitting at $70 million. This draw takes place this Tuesday!

In third place, we have the EuroMillions lottery which has rolled to a massive €51 million.

Of course, no jackpot podium will ever be complete without the Mega Millions which is now offering up a $55 million jackpot for this Tuesday.

Whichever international lottery jackpot you go for this week, one thing is absolutely clear and that is you could win more cash than most people can spend in a lifetime.

Play the lottery of your choice now and make sure you take home at least one of these extraordinarily high lottery jackpots!

Happy couple winning money SuperEna Max

SuperEna Max launched in 2014. This amazing lotto game is Based on the legendary Italian SuperEnaLotto.

Just like the SuperEnaLotto, the SuperEna Max draws take place three times a week. The only difference is that the SuperEna Max has significantly higher jackpots on offer!

The reason for the higher jackpots is due to the fact that it has fixed jackpot values that guarantee players in excess of £100 million at least once a month.

With jackpots that constantly soar, SuperEnaMax consistently stays on the jackpot podium and is one of the most exciting lotteries to play online.

If you think the Mega Millions has a great minimum jackpot of $40 million, you will be even happier to know that the minimum jackpot amount on the SuperEnaMax lotto game is an incredible guaranteed jackpot of €115 million!

How to play SuperEna Max

You go about playing the SuperEnaMax exactly the same way as you would play the SuperEnaLotto by choosing 6 numbers out of 90.

If your SuperEnaMax numbers match all the numbers drawn from the official SuperEnaLotto of the same date, you win the jackpot.

The SuperEna draw takes place three times per week on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 7.30pm Central European Time in Rome, Italy.

Choose six numbers from 1 to 90. You can also opt to play a Quickpick. This is an automatic generated set of numbers.

For online lottery players who prefer giving themselves the absolute best chance of winning, we suggest that you purchase bulk entries. The Quickpick play option is fast and incredibly easy to use, giving you the option to play up to 50 entries at a time.

Select which day you would like your first entry to be entered and then select how many draws you want to play for in total.

Add your entry to your cart, and press Checkout to complete your purchase.

SuperEna Max Prizes

The SuperEna Max lotto games boast six prize tiers. Players can win a prize for matching just two numbers and the whole jackpot for matching all six main numbers.

If the jackpot has rolled over to the eleventh draw and no one has won the jackpot, it will roll down to the lower prize tiers and a new starting jackpot is reinstated.

From time to time, additional draws may be added by the lottery organisers, where the jackpot keeps rolling over to even more impressive jackpots!

Mega Millions

The Mega Millions lotto game is without a doubt one of the most popular lotto games in the world!

What is the biggest Mega Millions Jackpot?

The largest Mega Millions jackpot so far is $1.537 billion.

How to buy a Mega Millions lottery ticket:

  • Register on and select Mega Millions.
  • Decide what numbers you want to play, 5 main number 1-70 and then one Gold Ball number 1-25.
  • Think about how much you want to play, one draw, several draws or maybe even buy a Bundle.
  • Wait for the draw and hope you win the jackpot!

Mega Millions draws

The Mega Millions is drawn every Tuesday and Friday.

Online lottery players on have the opportunity to become instant millionaires through either the SuperEna Max or the or the Mega Millions five nights a week!

Will it be Europe versus the States? The choice to make millions is up to you.

One thing you do have to do, however, is make sure you enter as there’s only one way you can catapult your life into the mega-rich and that is by making sure you give yourself the best possible chance.

Both of these lotteries deserve their current place in the limelight. They are both well-run lotteries that offer people numerous opportunities to change their life—over one billion reasons if the jackpot grows as big as it has in the past. And, after all, what is a few quid in the greater scheme of things when it could make you an instant millionaire—regardless of which lottery you win the money from?

The choice is yours and it's just one click away, so don't delay, buy lottery tickets online today!

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