Why You Should Play Random Numbers On The Lottery

When you buy an entry for a lottery, like the US Powerball or Mega Millions, one of the first things you need to decide is whether you want to pick your own lucky lottery numbers or use Quickpick play option to let the computer randomly pick for you. The question is which choice is better? Are you more likely to win the lottery if you use one method or the other?

Advantages of playing random lottery numbers

Even though simply opting to play a Quickpick is far  more convenient and a lot quicker, more lottery players opt to choose their own lucky numbers.

What it boils down to is the fact that there’s a special appeal to picking lottery numbers with a personal meaning, and we’d never suggest you should stop playing with your lucky numbers.

But there’s so much to be said for playing Quickpick numbers as well.

Here are a few of the reasons why Quickpicks need to be at least a part of your lottery playing strategy:

Random numbers win more often

We’ve all read numerous lottery winners stories and the one thing that sticks out is the fact that most of these lucky jackpot winners all won the lottery using a Quickpick!

Quickpicks are so lucky in fact that research shows that whopping 53% of jackpot wins come as the result of a completely random number combination. In contrast to this statistic, only 11% of winners are made up exclusively of ‘lucky lottery numbers’ such as birthday dates or house numbers.

As you can see, the facts are startling clear: the majority of big lottery jackpot winners buy Quickpicks.

Trust the chance

While playing your “lucky numbers” might give you the feeling that luck must surely be on your side due to the fact that sentimental links to cherished dates and places gives you an element of romance, it’s not really the case when it comes to winning statistics.

Another factor is that most people don’t really like leaving things to Lady Luck. By picking random numbers you feel as though you are surrendering yourself to the will of fate, with your selections coming down to the play of chance. But that’s exactly what the lottery is – play of chance!

No need to share

A lottery Quickpick is not only an exciting way to play the lottery, it’s also a proven means of increasing the amount of money you’re likely to take away in a jackpot win situation.

Why? Well, random sets of numbers are less likely to be identical to other lines in the draw than sets of numbers handpicked by other lottery players. The reason for this is simple. As most lottery player’s favourite numbers fit into a calendar month, not only are they limiting the numbers in the lottery number matrix but the likelihood of you sharing a prize is high.

Winning any prize on the lottery is always exciting. Now imagine you missed out on the jackpot prize because the last number was higher than 31?

If only you had chosen that one number differently, you be a millionaire.

By choosing a Quickpick, you remove the possibility of bittersweet feelings like these, with every win a cause for celebration.

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