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It’s a New Year and it’s a new decade so can it be a new life for you? Will this be YOUR time to win that huge lottery jackpot prize? Only those tumbling lotto balls will know. Make it your destiny. Don’t hesitate to get those entries in because as the saying goes, you have to be in it to win it!

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Good news for all, the EuroMillions jackpot is growing from the existing €190 million prize cap to a huge €200 million pot which has even further potential to hit the €250 million mark. That equates to a quarter of a billion Euros! With that kind of money up for grabs, you just have to dream a little as we all know, dreams often come true.

On top of that awesome news, EuroMillions have announced the first SuperDraw of the new decade which will happen on Friday the 7th of February 2020. The SuperDraw has a minimum guaranteed cash prize of €130 million which is up €30 million from the original €100 million prize. There will be an even bigger scramble for tickets than usual that’s for sure.

Playing the lottery is more than just buying a ticket, it’s almost a way of life these days thanks to the ability to get your entries in from anywhere in the world via the internet. People will discuss the lottery, the odds, the chances and all manner of related information about winning whether in a pub or a restaurant or even dinner parties at home. Everyone has their own way of playing.

Lotteries are also regarded as a form of entertainment by many and it has a very long history going back centuries. This game of chance has been played by quite a few famous people over the many years it has existed. Below is a list of interesting lottery facts:

1. The Netherlands and Belgium are pioneers of the lottery

Back in the 15th century, The Netherlands and Belgium introduced their first version of the game where prizes paid in cash were exchanged for winning tickets. According to historic records, the earliest lottery was held there in 1445 where over 4000 tickets were sold with a jackpot prize of 1,747 Florins which would be worth around €150,000 today. Most of the money collected was used to help the poor to have a better life just like today where a percentage of the money from tickets sold still goes to all sorts of good causes.

2. The word ‘Lotto’ has international roots

Lotteries that were kick-started in The Netherlands and Belgium spread all over Europe and the word ‘lottery’ originates from the Danish term ‘fate’. The word ‘lotto’ can trace its roots further south in Milan, Italy in 1449 with their popular Milan lottery.

3. The French Writer Voltaire was a keen lottery player and he won as well! 

The French writer François-Marie Arouet, whose nom de plume was Voltaire, loved playing the lottery and according to various rumours, he and his explorer and mathematician friend Charles Marie de La Condamine, found a loophole in the French lottery where government calculations were wrong and they paid out monies much bigger than the value of the tickets sold. Voltaire and his buddies teamed up to capture the huge prize money and they won the best part of a million francs. That then allowed him to pursue his writing career and the rest is history.

4. There are people who oversee and verify any winners

You just won the lottery jackpot and you want to collect your winnings. What happens next? Well, they have an individual or a team of professional people who do all the background checks plus they confirm to the player that they have won. For instance, in the UK there is an operative called Andy Carter who along with his team, verify any winning tickets and will confirm to any winners they have won.

5. Not as many winners go straight to their plastic surgeon after cashing in on their winnings as some people seem to think

The Camelot Group (the people who run the UK lotteries), did a survey of winners and their spending habits and apparently, only one per cent of winners used their money to have aesthetic work done to improve their looks. You’d think there would be many more considering that often, especially among women, one of the main topics discussed at work or at a pub, is what plastic surgery work you’d have done if you won the lottery and many reel off a list of things they’d improve.

6. There is no tax to pay on your winnings if you’re from the UK or Germany Sweden or France

When you play your favourite lottery, be sure to play in a country that doesn’t tax you on your winnings. They are the UK, Germany, France and Sweden. Of course, playing online is a better option as you can base yourself in any of the above countries when collecting your jackpot win. Proceeds paid out to various charities come from the ticket sales and not from taxes.

7. If you don’t check your lottery ticket to see if you’ve won, it can cost you your jackpot prize

There was a time where a UK lottery player’s ticket would have given him a huge £63,837,543 jackpot win. Nobody called in to claim the prize and it was guessed that he or she didn’t check their winning ticket. Maybe it was lost? Maybe it ended up being washed in the pocket of some clothing. We’ll never know. That was back in the 8th of June 2012 lotto prize draw and if he or she found that ticket today, it would be too late to make a claim. All unclaimed lottery prizes are forwarded to charity.

8. Lotteries and the United States history are closely tied

Monies collected from lotteries helped defeat the British for the founding fathers. George Washington wasn’t so lucky and didn’t manage to run a game but Thomas Jefferson started a private lottery to cover his debts and Benjamin Franklin paid for cannon and other expenses in Philadelphia. Congress used sales of lottery tickets to pay expenses for their armed forces. The British were sent packing eventually.

9. Always sign the back of your ticket

It’s a very good idea to sign the back of your lottery tickets including your address or phone number as it will be proof that you own the ticket. That way if you lose your ticket, it can be returned to you. Never forget, anyone can claim the winnings if they have a winning ticket, even if they found yours unsigned. The ticket gives them that authority. It’s a bit of insurance for you.

For those who prefer the convenience of playing all the biggest and best international lotteries online, you most definitely can have your cake and eat it so to speak. The reason being, not only can you play the world’s most popular lotto games any time of the day, you will also never lose your ticket, have to check your numbers or travel to claim your prize. By playing the lottery online all this will be done for you – making sure that your lottery player experience is top-notch and super convenient.

10. There are actually some numbers that are lucky

Historically, the numbers 23, 25, 31, 33, 38, 43 and 44 have been the luckiest numbers as they have generated more money than all other numbers. Of all the lottery games played around the world, statistically, EuroMillions is the game most likely to have their jackpot prize won.

11. Back in 1984, a police officer from New York split the winning ticket with a waitress from his favourite restaurant

In 1984, a New York policeman told the waitress who served him that he’d split his winnings with her if he ever won the lottery. He actually won the lottery jackpot and went back to the restaurant where he kept his promise by giving her half of his winnings. This story inspired the making of the movie ‘It could happen to you’.

12. Can you really win a lottery jackpot?

The answer to that question is a definite yes. There have been so many multi-millionaires made from winning a lottery jackpot from all over the world. Obviously, there are no guarantees that you’ll win the big one but the best way to find out is to play on a regular basis which will give you a better chance to win.

Good luck for this New Year and this new decade!

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