October 2019 Powerball Lottery Winners

For many, winning a big lottery jackpot is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. But it looks like lightning has struck twice for one of the latest American lottery players.

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Rolf Rhodes – Second lottery win!

While lightning doesn't usually strike twice in the same place, it appears to have with Rolf Rhodes claiming his second lottery win.

Rolf Rhodes celebrated his second big lottery win last week when he won just over $4,000,000. He beat the odds of 1 in 1.68 million, according to the lottery.

He won his first million playing the lottery back in May 2018. He opted to receive that prize in a one-time infusion of $650,000 into his bank account.

This time, he opted to receive his $1 million pay-out in 20 annual instalments, valued at $50,000 apiece before taxes.

Taylor Russey, Powerball lottery winner, biggest powerball tip

A bartender received a lottery ticket as a tip - and won!

The following lottery win comes straight out of the movie, “It Could Happen To You”

The 1994 American romantic comedy-drama film starring Nicolas Cage and Bridget Fonda is the story of a New York City police officer who wins the lottery and splits his winnings with a waitress.

Two weeks ago a bartender by name of Taylor Russey, who works at Bleachers Sports Bar in O’Fallon, Missouri was given a Powerball lottery ticket by one of her regular customers.

The Powerball lottery ticket was given to her as a tip from a customer that ended up winning her a huge prize totalling $50,000!

Taylor told the lottery officials that the customer will occasionally buy tickets for everyone in the bar – especially when the jackpot is high.

‘And he did that on Saturday – he bought all of us lottery tickets.” said the lucky recipient.

It was the day after the Powerball draw that the workers at the Bleachers discovered the amazing win. At the time, all they knew was that the Powerball lottery ticket had been purchased at the bar. According to Taylor, they joked around that one of them had won big.

‘I was like, “Guys, who won all this money and didn’t tell anybody,’ said Taylor.
She then remembered that she got a ticket as a tip. She scanned it and to her amazement discovered that it was her ticket and that she was $50,000 richer.

Speaking to the media Taylor said, “It told me I couldn’t cash it, that I had to claim the prize at a lottery office because I won $50,000.’

‘I kind of stood there for a second, looked at the cook and then looked at the ticket before I started laughing and then started crying.’

Taylor said she does not plan to blow the money on something expensive or quit her job of three years.

‘I’m not that kind of person. And this is not going to sustain me for the rest of my life. I still have to work.’

$100,000 Powerball Prize

Thomas McIntyre, 64, matched four of the white balls and the Powerball - 12-29-34-53-65 and Power ball number 23 in the October 12 drawing. He won $50,000 but thanks to the Power play, his prize was multiplied by two for a $100,000 prize.

Speaking to lottery officials Thomas said, "I checked my email the day after the drawing and saw I had an email that said: 'How to Claim Your Prize.”

"Usually when you win online, the money just goes into your account, so I knew something different was going on.

"When I opened the email, my jaw dropped, and I said: 'Oh my God!' I instantly called my mother to tell her the good news!"

He said, "Winning is an amazing feeling and gives me a feeling of safety for my future.”

$80 million Powerball jackpot

Another recent Powerball lottery winner is Phillip Chippewa, 54, matched all of the winning numbers - 01-09-22-36-68 - and the Powerball 22 in the Sept. 21 drawing to win the big prize.

He told lottery officials, "Any time I see the jackpot getting up there I buy a few tickets and hope for the best.

"I was at work and my sister sent me a text saying that someone won the Powerball jackpot," said Chippewa's wife, Dawn who’s first thought was, 'He better have bought some tickets!'

"After I got home, we were doing our usual Sunday night routine when my sister sent another text to ask if we'd checked Phillip's tickets. Until then I had forgotten all about the news of a big winner."

"After I bought the tickets, I had put them away in my truck," said Chippewa. "I ran out to take a look at them and I didn't have to look past the first line to see I was the winner. Of course, my wife and son thought I was playing a trick, so my son pulled the numbers up on his phone and read them out loud while Dawn and I looked at the ticket together. By the time he was done, we both had tears in our eyes."

David Yax wins $80 million on Powerball

David Yax of North Evans is the sole winner of the $80 million jackpot from the September 4 Powerball drawing. Yax matched all six numbers drawn, making him the winner of Erie County’s largest jackpot.

David Yax, Powerball lottery winner “You’ve got to be kidding me!” said Yax. “I checked my ticket early one morning and immediately woke up my wife with the good news.”

As soon as he could, he took the Powerball lottery ticket to get verified that he had in fact won.

“I ran the bar code and knew it was time to leave and call my financial advisor. I was very calm.”

The winning Powerball numbers for the September 4 drawing were 04-08-30-52-59 Powerball 02.

Yax opted to receive his Powerball lottery winnings as a one-time lump sum payment.

Speaking about his amazing Powerball lottery win, he said, “Winning this amount of money is fantastic, but a little overwhelming. Our lives have changed one hundred per cent.”

With a staggering jackpot prize this big, Yax said, “First, we’ll set up a trust and invest. We also plan to travel and just have fun.”

You too could be $127 million richer with another favourite American lotto game Mega Millions.

Fast cars, never-ending shopping sprees, and holiday houses around the world are definitely things you could get used to. The draw is taking place this Tuesday, so get your hands on some Mega Millions lottery tickets online now!

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