Best Cruise Ships For Gambling Lottery Players

Although going on a dream vacation comes in at third place on the list of lottery winners' purchases after a new house and car, it's one that's sure to excite and delight lottery winners for years to come. Add in a few games of chance on board, while you sip cocktails and take in breathtaking views and you have the perfect vacation to add to any self-respecting lotto winner's 'must-do' list.

Best cruise ships for gambling lottery players

While most people think of sun, beaches, and exotic destinations when they think about going on an exotic cruise, there are numerous other activities aboard cruise ships. Gambling for one is extremely popular on cruises.

With 196 countries to visit worldwide, choosing your perfect holiday destination couldn’t be any easier, especially if you’ve won the lottery.

Gambling on cruise ships

Casinos are always vibrant and their varied, wild colours and amazing themes can get anyone in the mood to play games of chance. They are after all exciting, exhilarating and immensely entertaining.

At the same time, cruise ship casinos also offer low-risk options for guests who don’t often play these instant win games.

Gambling on cruise ships

Casino games

Ocean-based casinos offer the same games as land-based casinos. These include casino games such as roulette, blackjack, poker, craps, and of course, slot machines.

To make everyone feel welcome and less apprehensive, cruise ship casinos offer a large variety of denominations, from small penny and nickel slots and dollar table games up to five dollar slots. Of course, there are always much higher priced tables too. However, serious gamblers should know from the word go, that cruise ship casinos generally do not offer exclusive "high roller" stakes tables. The reason for this is due to the fact that there’s generally not enough interest.

Cruise ship casinos actually discourage their passengers to gamble high stakes and encourage them to rather use their money on shore excursions, pampering themselves in the on-board spa or feast at the many amazing restaurants.

Bingo, gambling on cruise ships


Bingo games

For passengers who don’t really like going into casinos, they will be happy to hear that gambling on a cruise ship isn’t confined to casinos.

Bingo games are extremely popular and it’s for this reason that interested passengers should arrive early. It’s a fun game that millions of people — kids and adults alike love to play.

Bingo has been around a long time. It first became popular in the United States in the early 1900s. However, its roots can be traced back to 1530, when a lottery called "Lo Gioco del Lotto d'Italia" began in Italy.

While winning some money is always fun, most bingo players enjoy the social aspect of playing the game.

On cruise ships, Bingo cards are sold either as a single card or in a set of three (which normally comes at a discounted rate)

Unlike usual Bingo cards, those used on cruise ships do not require dabbers or chips. Cruise ship Bingo cards have punch holes over the numbers, and when the number is called, you simply fold the appropriate space back.

There are fabulous prizes up for grabs for Bingo players on board. These include large jackpots or free cruise vacations.

Scratch cards on cruise ships

Scratchcards are also available to buy on cruise ships, however, they are usually only for sale immediately preceding bingo games.

They vary in cost from $1 to $5 depending on the available prizes.

Casino shore excursions

As passengers are given the opportunity to go on various tours onshore, many cruise destinations offer tours to land-based casinos. For those cruising the Caribbean, the Atlantis Hotel and Casino in Nassau offers one of the largest casinos.
Cruises to France include a day at Monaco, while a tour of Athens may include a trip to the Loutraki Casino, one of the largest casinos in Europe.

Tips for Gambling on Cruises

Gambling on cruise ships can be somewhat different from usual land-based casinos. Here are a few tips for gambling on cruises:

  • The cashiers are typically located in the rear of the casino.
  • Unlike onboard shopping boutiques and tour reservations, casinos operate on a cash-only basis and will not permit passengers to charge gambling to their cabins.
  • Casinos only operate while the ship is at sea or when local laws permit gaming while in port.
  • Table games, such as very high and very low denominations of slot machines are usually in the centre part of the casino.
  • Moderate machines are located in the front for easy access.
  • Different ships may have different age requirements for gambling onboard. Consult a travel agent for regulations for specific cruise lines.
  • Slot tournaments and other special events fill up quickly and spaces may need to be reserved in advance.
  • When the casino is closed the gaming staff may offer complimentary gambling lessons for novices.

Slot Tournaments on cruise ships

Another popular pastime on cruises is slot tournaments.

They are open to anyone and after a small registration fee, you are part of the tournament.

To win the tournament, players need to either have the greatest accumulated winnings with a set number of pulls or in a certain time frame or to reach a specified winnings total before other competitors.

Tournament prizes are often either cash or a free cruise.

Loyalty clubs

If you’re a gambler looking for a sure thing, join a cruise line player’s club. Not only will you receive cruise-time perks, earn points both for the money you spend and for the amount of time you spend in the casino. Once you’ve reached enough points, you can earn perks like free-drink cards, cruise discounts and even free cruises.

If the world's most luxurious cruises sounds like heaven on earth to you, we suggest you play the lottery online and give yourself the chance to win!


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