Advantages of Playing Mega Millions Online

The popularity of the Mega Millions lottery and its multi-million dollar prizes is no secret, but are you aware of the advantages and benefits of playing Mega Millions online? Playing online with PlayUSALotteries allows you to participate in international lotteries with gigantic prizes and enjoy a fabulous gaming experience.

Before explaining the advantages of playing Mega Millions online, let’s first take a look at the history of this famous American lotto game, the game matrix, its prizes and the most notable wins.

What is Mega Millions?

Mega Millions is an American lotto game that draws every Tuesday and Friday at 23h00 Eastern Time. Just like another American lottery, Powerball, the Mega Millions lottery is recognised worldwide for its huge prizes.

It has a minimum jackpot prize of US $40 million, and holds the world record for the largest lottery jackpot of $1.586 billion! Thanks to PlayUSALotteries, lottery enthusiasts all over the world can play Mega Millions online.

The Mega Millions game currently uses 2 ball sets for the number selection. The first ball set contains numbers 1 - 70, of which players must choose 5 numbers. The second ball set contains number 1 - 25, of which players must choose 1 number, known as the Mega ball.

If you hit all 6 numbers, you will win the jackpot.

Apart from the main prize, Mega Millions has 8 additional prize tiers. The more numbers you can match, the greater your prize!

As seasoned Mega Millions lottery players will tell you, you don’t even have to win the jackpot to become an instant millionaire. The second prize tier on this incredible American lotto game offers players the chance to win $1 million for matching just the 5 main numbers.

Now that you know a little more about the Mega Millions lottery, let's explain why playing Mega Millions online right here at PlayUSALotteries can be beneficial for you.

At PlayUSALotteries we believe in innovation, and that is why playing Mega Millions online with us is a unique experience. We adapt to YOUR needs!

Access to the biggest jackpots

Let’s face it, every lottery player wants to play a lottery that exceeds one billion dollars and with PlayUSALotteries it is possible.

Play Mega Millions online from wherever you are

One of the main advantages of Mega Millions online is that you don't have to be in the US for a chance to win enormous jackpot prizes from the comfort of your home. You only need access to an internet connection.

In addition, when you play PowerBall online you will receive proof of your play in your email, which takes away the headache of protecting the physical ticket from possible damages or losses.

That would never happen with PlayUSALotteries as, in addition to your email confirmation and transaction I.D., all your transactions are all recorded in your online player account.

Mega Millions Quick Picks

Many lottery players prefer to play their lucky numbers. These special numbers often relate to special dates. However, if you look at the Mega Millions number ratio, you will see that by playing only dates you will limit your options to numbers between 1 and 31.

By using the “Quickpick” play option on the PlayUSALotteries Mega Millions playblock, you will open up new possibilities and receive a completely random selection of numbers. Numbers that will give you the advantage to win on Mega Millions.

The quick play option has no additional cost and best of all, it will give you more chances of not sharing your prize with someone else, because, even if you don't believe it, many people may have the same "lucky numbers" as you.

According to the research submitted by a well-known lottery analytics website, these are statistically the most common Mega Millions lottery numbers for 2018/2019 draws that stand a good chance of being selected for the next Mega Millions drawing:

common mega millions lottery numbers
Least common Mega Millions lottery numbers in the pools are:

Least common Mega Millions lottery numbers

More helpful data comes from the overdue Mega Millions lottery numbers table. They are numbers that have been popular in the past however, they haven’t been drawn for some time. Hence, some lottery analysts suggest they are due to pop out the lotto machine soon:

Overdue Mega Millions lottery numbers

Some lottery numbers are unexplainably attracted to other “partner” numbers. Numbers that have partnered up on Mega Millions frequently are:

Number 1 Number 2 Occurrences % Avg interval
51 53 18 1.21 60.47
39 53 18 1.21 78.64
10 51 18 1.21 70.82
2 17 18 1.21 74.88
31 50 17 1.14 83.75
20 24 17 1.14 84.87
14 43 17 1.14 82.75

Never miss a Mega Millions draw

Playing the Mega Millions lottery online is easy and extremely convenient on PlayUSALotteries. There are a few features that will allow you to play your entries in advance and make sure that you don't ever miss out on a big Mega Millions jackpot draw. 

With the "Span" option you can select how many draws you would like your entry repeated.
IntelliPlay lets you create certain rules for your account about when to automatically place entries for the lotto.

PlayUSALotteries plays an entry on your behalf automatically when any of your rules become valid.   
Some example of rules that you can create to play the lottery:

  • Whenever the jackpot is above a certain size.
  • Whenever the draw has rolled over a certain number of times.
  • Whenever there is a special Superdraw.

You can choose the number of entries you wish to have entered whenever one of the above conditions are met. You can also choose which lottery you wish to apply your rules to.

Automatic Mega Millions results

Imagine playing the Mega Millions and then forgetting to check to see if you have won? This happens more than you may think and there are millions that go unclaimed every year.

With PlayUSALotteries the lottery results come to you! When you play Mega Millions online with us, you will receive an automated email with the results of the draw in which you participated.

Exclusive offers and prizes

By registering with PlayUSALotteries you can enjoy a variety of offers, some of which will offer discounts on Mega Millions and other lotteries.

This week’s $227 million Mega Millions jackpot could be yours!

Your life is about to change. Everything you experience could be first-class and better! How can you make this happen? Win this week’s Mega Millions jackpot!

This week is going to be extremely exciting! Everybody wants to make sure that they have a shot of winning either the $227 million Mega Millions or €190 million EuroMillions draw!

Together, that’s a whole lot of cash and we want YOU to be the winner!

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