Do lottery tickets expire?

At some point, all lottery tickets expire. Which is why it’s so important to double-check the latest lottery results either on-site or via email.  All too often we hear about a lottery player who has purchased their tickets and matched numbers on the night of the draw, but somehow they will forget to check their tickets.

Do lottery tickets expire, lottery tickets, lottery balls Whether you buy a lottery ticket online or at the local shop, your ticket has an expiration date to claim the prize. If you misplace, lose or completely forget to claim in the time limit, your prize will usually go to a charitable fund.

If you find yourself eagerly buying lottery tickets but you tend to think, "Did I get a ticket for that draw?" and scramble to find the ticket you bought weeks or even months ago, you need to start playing online.

This way you will not only receive an automated results mailer immediately after the draw, which will remind you that you entered but the mailer will also display whether or not you won a prize.
No matter if you win $4 or $4 million, each lottery ticket has an expiry date (take note: that all lotto tickets do expire at some point). If you have not claimed your prize by the time this expiry date rolls around your winnings will be forfeited.

Expiration dates differ from one lottery to the next. While some lotteries only give players a few months to claim their prizes, there are other lotto games that extend claiming a prize beyond a year.

In this article, we will try and answer all your questions, such as, “Do scratch-off tickets expire? Do US Powerball lottery tickets expire? Do Raffle tickets expire?

While each lottery has their own date for ticket expiration, there is something that lottery players can do to ensure that they don't need to worry about forgetting their tickets, or having to worry about ticket expiration dates? What could that be, you ask?

Buy your lottery tickets online and never miss an expiry date again!

Powerball Lottery Ticket Expiration

US Powerball lottery tickets expire 180 days from the date of the draw the prize was won on. This applies to all prize tiers. Keep in mind, however, there could be some local variations from state to state. The local lottery operator is responsible for running Powerball and distributing prizes, which means that in some parts of the country there’s a much shorter period for claiming a prize (90 days in some states).

Mega Millions Lottery Ticket Expiration

How long do I have to collect a Mega Millions prize? It depends on the state where you bought your tickets. The time period for claiming a prize ranges from 180 days to 1 year from the draw date.

EuroMillions Lottery Ticket Expiration

The pan-European EuroMillions lottery game ranks among the biggest lotto games in the world. Unclaimed EuroMillions tickets will expire in 180 days.

SuperEnalotto Lottery Ticket Expiration

When it comes to the SuperEnalotto, winners will only have 90 days to claim a prize. Smaller prizes can be acquired across Italy in retail venues while the more significant sums will need to be cashed out in the Sisal headquarters. Remember, though, if you have purchased tickets into any of these lotteries online, you will have 1 year in which to claim your prize.

EuroJackpot Lottery Ticket Expiration

The EuroJackpot is another European game that has gained popularity since it was first launched. It’s not surprising why, as it features big prizes and really good odds to win a prize.

Just like the American lotto games, unclaimed EuroJackpot lottery tickets expire at different times, depending on the country where they’ve been purchased. The prize claim period ranges from 35 days to one year. For those purchasing EuroJackpot tickets offline, we suggest you check out the local operator’s terms and conditions to know which ticket expiration rules will apply to you. However, by purchasing them online you will have 1 year to claim your winnings.

UK Lottery Ticket Expiration

Players have 180 days to cash out a prize, after which their ticket will become invalid and the winnings will go to Good Causes.

The sooner you claim your prize, the better

Right about now you will be thanking your “lucky stars” that you are indeed tech-savvy and enter all these amazing lotteries online.

Whenever you buy lottery tickets online, your prize will be credited immediately to your account. Thus, you have no reason to worry about deadlines and the expiration of unclaimed lottery tickets.

While smaller prizes will be credited to your account, and you’ll be free to withdraw the sum or spend it on the purchase of additional tickets, substantial winnings will need further information in order to pay your winnings out.

Do Scratch-Off Tickets Expire?

Now that we’ve answered the question do lotto tickets expire, it’s now time to find out about scratchcards.

Instant Win and Scratchcard game winnings on go directly to your balance as play credits.

This is an example of what happens:

  • You deposit 100
  • You play 50 on the Instant Win and Scratchcards
  • You win 60 on the Instant Win and Scratchcards
  • Your balance is now 110.

60 out of the 110 are winnings from the games which you can withdraw or use to continue playing. You also have 50 left from your initial deposit which you can also use to continue playing.

The total balance consisting of cash, as well as winnings from the Instant Win and Scratchcard games, can be used to play all the products we offer on the site.

For every purchase you make, a deduction is made from your balance. Deductions from the winnings part of your balance will only take place when your cash balance (your deposit) has been depleted.

Go to My Account > Account Balance to view the breakdown of your available funds.

Claiming your lottery winnings online

If you buy your lotto tickets online we will make sure that we notify you of your win and deposit your win into your account for you to use at your own leisure.
In the event that you have hit the jackpot or have won a substantial prize, one of our representative will contact you personally about your lottery win. It’s for this reason that it is extremely important to make sure that your contact details are kept up to date in your account details. If you haven’t double-checked your details since registering, you might want to take a look and make sure that they are in fact up to date.

Once your winnings have been automatically allocated to your winnings balance, you will find several options for using and withdrawing your winnings. Most online lottery players redeem their smaller winnings for play credits. This is where you get an extra 25% top-up bonus, while larger winnings are withdrawn.


It’s important to note that a withdrawal can take up to two weeks, but can also be as quick as a couple of days depending on which method you choose for your withdrawal. For online lottery players who have won a really large amount, our support services will be in touch with you to ensure that your winnings are transferred as safely and smoothly as possible.

Playing the lottery should be fun and the last thing you need is to find out that you won the jackpot and you lost out because you didn’t claim your winnings in time.

Being responsible and doing things within the specified timeframe will give you the chance to enjoy your wins. Don’t wait for the last moment to check your ticket and cash it out!


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