Lottery Pranks Are Funny As Long As They Happen To Somebody Else

People love to tell jokes and make other people laugh. But, while there have been quite a few good pranks about various things over the years, the one prank that never quite makes the same impact is the one about winning the lottery.

lottery pranks Most people (usually couples) prank their significant others into believing that they won the lottery. However, quite a number of these pranks seem to end up backfiring.

In a twist of fate, however, there was a woman who pranked her husband, saying that she won £250,000 on the lottery and ended up winning £1m for real.

Having fallen for the initial lotto prank though, he naturally didn’t believe his wife at all when she called him at work to reveal they were millionaires.

He was so sceptical that he simply passed the phone to his brother.

“I didn’t believe her at all because we like to wind each other up,” he said.

To convince him that she wasn’t pranking him again, she had to send him a screenshot of the winning message. It was only then that he realized it was true – and he was “stunned”.

His wife told lottery officials, “He didn’t believe me. Actually, he said ‘I can’t talk to you right now love’ and ended up putting his brother on the phone. It was definitely crazy and not a normal day.”

The couple said that they would use their lottery prize to buy a larger house in the area.

“With a family of five it gets a little cramped, a little tight. All the kids have earned their own bedrooms, they’re all excited about that and we’re looking forward to the next adventure in our lives,” said the newly minted millionaire husband.

“The biggest thing for us is we get to spend more time as a family and we don’t have to worry so much as what we’re used to now,” he said.

lottery pranks Pranking the boss

If there’s one place you should think twice about pranking someone it’s in the office.

At a Melbourne office pranking each other was rather a common practice. Until one day of course.

As the department head loved playing practical jokes on those in his department, they decided it was time to prank him back and prank him good. They got their opportunity while out on a business lunch.

They knew he loved to play the lottery, so when he went to the restroom, they searched his wallet and found his lottery ticket. They wrote down his numbers, called over a waitress and asked for her help.
Back at the table, the waitress came back and asked if anyone wanted to know the night’s Lotto numbers. They said yes and she proceeded to read them out and write them down.

The boss casually pulled out his lottery ticket and stared at it for a while. After quite a while he stood up on a chair and shouted: “I just want to let you all know something. I’ve been having an affair with my secretary for months. I don’t like any of you, and I have hated working for this company. You can all go to hell, because I’ve just won a boatload of money, and I’m leaving.”
Mic drop. End of job, end of marriage and we doubt he will ever prank anyone again.

Getting the waitress involved

Another couple and another waitress.

While out at a restaurant, the girlfriend called the waiter aside and said, “My boyfriend’s bound to ask you what numbers won the lottery. These are the numbers he bet on. Will you tell him they won?”

The waiter agreed and to his surprise, her boyfriend did enquire as to the winning lottery numbers. The waiter said that there was, in fact, a telly in the kitchen and that he would go find out. Coming back to their table, he read out the numbers his girlfriend had given him.

While this story might sound like fiction, it’s unfortunately true. He put down his car keys on the table and said, “The car and the house are yours. I’m shagging your sister.”

Guess she got the last laugh when she told him that it had simply been a prank.

Man quits his job then realises he didn’t win!

While quitting your job is something quite a few people dream of doing after winning the lottery, it’s always wise to make sure you have confirmed the win.

Steve Moseley thought he'd won £1 million on a scratchcard and he immediately celebrated his win.

He went so far as to dance on his desk and throw money around the car showroom where worked.

He also sent a colleague out to buy champagne and called his girlfriend to tell her the good news. 

The minute he saw his boss, he said, "You can stick your job, I've won the lottery."

lottery pranks All this happened at 10am and at 10:45am he decided to call Camelot, the National Lottery operator to confirm his prize.

Unfortunately, they informed him that he didn’t have the winning ticket as what he thought was two matching 15s were in fact 15 and 16.

Feeling sick to his stomach he then had to beg his boss to let him have his job back.

Speaking to lottery officials he said that he bought a scratchcard on his way to work. He scratched the ticket at his desk.

Thinking that he had matched enough to win the million.

"I then scratched off the bit that tells you how much you've won and it said one million," he said. "As far as I was concerned, I was a millionaire. All my worries were gone.

"That's when I started celebrating. It was pandemonium - I was dancing all over the desks and screaming and shouting.

"I was telling people to order champagne and I actually started getting money out of my wallet and throwing it at people. It's all quite embarrassing now."

"My boss came in to see what was going on and I told him, 'I've won the lottery. I'm off. You can stick your job'. There didn't seem any point carrying on with my job because as far as I was concerned I had £1 million in my hand."

He said that it was only after speaking to his girlfriend who told him to call Camelot to confirm the win that he did so.

"The woman there asked me if the text matched as well as the figures and that's when I saw one said 'FFTN' but the other said 'SXTN'.

"I dropped the phone. I felt physically sick. I got a magnifying glass out to study the numbers and they looked right but I realised I was never going to get the money.

"In my mind I had already ordered the Aston Martin and decided on the colour and suddenly that was taken away from me. I had to go back to my boss and beg for my job back."

His manager, Mike Earle, said: "You see where people's loyalties lie when money like that is involved. He'd been a bit of an idiot - I'd never seen anyone celebrating so much.

"But I felt sorry for him because I can see the numbers did look genuine on the ticket."

While most lottery winners go out to celebrate their win, he ended up taking his girlfriend out to drown their sorrows.

If there are two things that we’ve learned from all this, is that pranking someone about winning the lottery isn’t the best idea. The other lesson is to always play the lottery online. That way, you will immediately know how much you have won and it will have already been confirmed.

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