How To Live Like A Lottery Winner Without Winning

We all dream about winning the lottery, but as we know, it’s not as easy as it may seem. One thing we do know, though, is that you can’t win if you don’t have a ticket! So, while you wait for Lady Luck to pop out your lucky lotto numbers, here are a few ways how you can live like lottery winner without winning the lottery.

How to live like a lottery winner

Don't wait until you win the lottery to pamper yourself. Start now with these 10 ways to change your life like a lottery winner.

While many lives have changed thanks to winning a huge jackpot prize on the lottery, you too can get that winning feeling right now.

What happens for most people is that money improves their lives in ways they'd never imagined.
Instead of waiting for the lottery to make life-changing changes for you - do it yourself. Here are a few suggestions you can start now to live your life like a lottery winner:

Create more free-time

Raise your hand if your life consists of 24/7 work meetings and seemingly 1,000 other responsibilities and commitments. If you raised your hand while sipping your coffee with multiple browsers open it means it's time to look for ways to create more time for yourself.

We all need time for ourselves, to do the things we really want to do and make our lives happy. While it’s important to be employed and have friends, busy schedules can quickly get out of hand, especially when we make everyone else a constant priority over ourselves.

Follow these steps to give yourself more time:

  • Learn to say “no”
  • Re-think your routine
  • Declutter your schedule
  • Get rid of distractions
  • Delegate
  • Cut back on emails
  • Do your banking online
  • Venture out on your own

Leave a light on

Now that you are more relaxed and destressed, it’s time to move on to the next step of how to live like a lottery winner.

When browsing dream homes online, they look absolutely amazing. What if we told you that an important part of these homes looking so good is due to good lighting? 

Dark homes look depressing, so instead of saving a few cents every day, leave a few lights on and make your home a cheerful one.

We often associate particular feelings with the concept of luxury, lounging on a plush sofa after a hard day at work, soaking in a hot bath in your elegant Jacuzzi tub, or even cooking on a kitchen island that leaves plenty of room to spread out. When we have the chance to do these things, we feel a little naughty, almost as if we’re being indulged.

Take a break from your diet

Life’s all about balance and nobody wants to go through life feeling as though they are forced to do something. While eating healthy is extremely important, you should spoil yourself by taking at least one day a week off and eat anything you like.

Replace one junk item with a quality one

Every time we buy something that makes our lives a lot easier our spirits are lifted. Think about it. Remember using your mother’s hand me down can opener and then finally buying yourself an electric one?

Fresh flowers

There's no better way to brighten up your home and your mood than by adding a few colourful blooms. Even a cheap bunch of flowers will go a long way to make your home feel inviting. Another good idea is to spread the cheer by splitting up a bouquet and putting some in each room.

Luxury bathrooms

Bathroom makeover

Imagine the frothy feeling of a warm bubble bath against your skin. The feeling is decadent and relaxing. Now, what do you see when you open your eyes? If your existing bathroom decor doesn’t reflect that image or evoke that same pampered feeling, then perhaps it’s time to reassess your surroundings.

Most bathrooms have windows to the outside, therefore it won’t cost too much to blur the border between a garden and a bathroom for an aesthetically pleasing look.

Another fabulous tip is to stand your bathtub on a floor of pebbles and recreate the same look on the other side of the window. This creates a natural flow between inside and outside spaces. Grow an indoor garden of potted plants with long fronds to keep the theme going.

If the other side of your bathroom, unfortunately, doesn’t allow for this, then a clever idea would be to use wall art to create the illusion of a window. With clever lighting, it will feel as though you have the best view imaginable. 

Luxury bedrooms

Pamper up your bedroom

Seeing as though we spend nearly half our lives sleeping, it makes sense that we should make sure that the one place we get to truly rest is a haven of luxury.

It makes you feel like a king or queen every day!

Never use plastic cups or paper plates

While convenient, using plastic crockery or paper plates will eventually make you feel cheap. Crockery is the way to go, and it’s good for the planet.

Dress up for work AND home

To ensure that you continue to feel like you are worth a fortune, even if your work allows you to wear jeans and a tee, don’t.  By looking your best you will feel amazing. This will rub off on your emotions, ensure that you give your best at work and people will take you more seriously.

The same goes for home too - do smart-casual instead of pyjamas. Anyone could ring your doorbell at any moment or invite you to an event you don’t want to miss.

Variety is the spice of life

18th-century French gastronome Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin said it best: “Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are.”

Instead of drooling through a cookbook, browsing a cooking blog or Instagram, why not make sure you try a new recipe at least once a month? It’s a good way to expand your palate.


Replace one item with a quality one

If you like binge-watching series or keeping up with sport, you should spoil yourself and buy the best screen that you can afford.

The same goes for other gadgets around the house. For those that love cooking, owning a good knife set will make your favourite past-time even more enjoyable.

Get a manicure

For over 5,000 years, noblemen and women have been getting manicures. This luxurious status symbol has come a long way from the Ming Dynasty days of solid-gold nail clippers. Thankfully, anyone can now treat themselves to a professional manicure which will make you feel like a true royal.


Get something monogrammed

Chairs. Bags. Stationary. Bloomers and even your fingernails while having that manicure will give you some Victorian flair with a monogrammed personalization.

Next time say “yes” to a small donation

You might be programmed to say "no" to an additional purchase when standing in line, but saying "yes" to a small charitable donation can make you feel like you're splurging on something that matters.

Valet your car

Keeping your car clean, shiny and smelling like new will not only increase its value by protecting the paintwork, it will make you feel as though you are driving first class. Looking after your car also shows appreciation and respect for what one has. And when one appreciates something it has a strong positive pull towards attracting more of it. Besides, it’s generally cheap and easy to do, and it makes an enormous difference in the way you feel about yourself.

Don’t hesitate to keep an eye out for luxurious trends. Who knows? You may end up stumbling upon an extravagance you never thought possible.

What do you think will make you feel rich?

  • Having a net worth above a certain amount?
  • Winning the lottery?
  • Having a more luxurious lifestyle than your friends?
  • Moving to a location where your money is worth more?
  • Retiring comfortably without having to worry about money?
  • Other (share in the comment section below).

Play your favourite international lottery online today and experience convenience, peace-of-mind, better pricing and the chance to join the ranks of the super-wealthy. What more could you ask for?


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