SuperEnalotto surpasses €181M Record-Breaking Jackpot

SuperEnalotto has surpassed its record-breaking jackpot of €181 million – which means that this Thursday you could see yourself winning a staggering €182 million!

Biggest SuperEnalotto jackpot

The Italian SuperEnalotto lottery has surpassed the largest jackpot in this game’s history to €182 million.

The results of the SuperEnalotto prize drawing on July 4, 2019, below:

Regular numbers: 40 – 42 – 57 – 64 - 80 – 86
Jolly: 38

Tuesday evening saw nobody lucky enough to win the jackpot or the second prize tier.

How to play SuperEnalotto

To play the SuperEnalotto, players are required to make a selection of six numbers. These numbers range from 1 to 90.  Players who own the tickets containing all of the 6 numbers that match the result of the draw will win the jackpot.

What is the SuperEnalotto Jolly Number?

The ‘jolly’ number is an extra bonus ball. The Jolly only comes into play if you match five of the six main balls. This bonus number only affects the second prize tier and not the jackpot.

The Jolly number is drawn from the same pool as the main SuperEnalotto numbers. There is no need to select a seventh main number on your ticket as the Jolly is drawn from the 84 balls left in the machine after the six main numbers have come out.

Players that match their six chosen numbers with five of the main numbers plus the Jolly win prizes in the dedicated “5+Jolly” prize tier, known as the “5+1”.

There is no additional cost for playing the Jolly number.

What are the SuperEnalotto draw days?

SuperEnalotto draws take place 3 times a week on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

The only time this schedule changes is due to public holidays. If a draw cannot be moved to the previous or following day without creating further clashes in the draw schedule, some draws may be brought forward in order to accommodate an additional draw during the next week.

What Time is the SuperEnaLotto Draw?

The SuperEnaLotto draw takes place at 20:00 Central European Time.

Online SuperEnalotto players should keep a close eye on the cut-off time when purchasing tickets online.

Most online lottery websites allow players to purchase entries for the SuperEnaLotto up to half an hour before the draw takes place. 

Claiming your SuperEnalotto prize

For those purchasing SuperEnalotto tickets from the corner store, you will only have 90 days to claim your prize. This is much shorter than the 180-day timeframe allowed by most other lotteries.

However, if you buy entries online, this will be automated and you will, therefore, have a much longer period in which to claim your prize. You will immediately after the draw receive an automated results mailer informing you of the winning SuperEnalotto numbers and any matches you have.

If you have won a substantial prize on the SuperEnalotto, every effort will be made to contact you telephonically or via email to inform you of the good news. It’s for this reason that it is imperative that online lottery players ensure that their contact details are kept up to date.

Where is the SuperEnaLotto Draw Held?

When the SuperEnalotto was first launched, the draws used to take place across many cities with one number coming from each location to make up the winning lottery numbers per draw. This, however, caused quite a lot of confusion as it meant that it was possible for there to be two of the same numbers in a draw. Nowadays there’s a single draw that takes place in Rome.

SuperEnalotto Prizes

There are six prize categories in the SuperEnalotto:

  • Jackpot (all 6 numbers): 1 in 622,614,630
  • Second Prize (5 + Jolly): 1 in 103,769,105
  • Third Prize (5 numbers): 1 in 1,250,230
  • Fourth Prize (4 numbers): 1 in 11,907
  • Fifth Prize (3 numbers): 1 in 327
  • Sixth Prize (2 numbers): 1 in 21

Biggest SuperEnalotto jackpotThe First SuperEnalotto Draw

The first SuperEnalotto draw was held on Wednesday 3rd December 1997, but its heritage can be traced back to the 1950s.

The first winning SuperEnalotto numbers drawn were 20, 36, 39, 41, 72 and 76 with Jolly 88. Unfortunately, there was no jackpot winner in the first draw. It took two months before the Italian lotto game saw its first jackpot winner. Sales rose to 50 million entries per draw and people across Italy queued for long periods of time to make sure that they too had an entry into their beloved lotto game.





Biggest SuperEnalotto jackpotThe First SuperEnalotto Jackpot Winner

SuperEnalotto’s first jackpot winner won 11.8 billion Lire when they were lucky enough to match all six numbers on Saturday 17th January 1998. The lucky ticket was purchased in Poncarale, Brescia.








Biggest SuperEnalotto jackpotFirst Draw Using the Euro Currency

The first time the SuperEnalotto paid out a prize in Euros was on Wednesday 2nd January 2002. Not long before that, Italy had adopted the Euro as its official currency and Sisal advertised both Lire and Euro amounts to help players become accustomed to the new currency.

In December 2000, SuperEnalotto changed its primary advertised currency from Lire to Euro. The first draw displaying Euro prize amounts took place on Wednesday 13th December 2000.





Biggest SuperEnalotto jackpotIntroduction of the SuperStar

To create more prize winners, Sisal introduced the SuperStar, which is a supplementary number that gives players more chances to win bigger prizes. Players pay an additional fee and select a SuperStar from a range of 1 to 90.







Biggest SuperEnalotto jackpotThe First Match 6 + SuperStar Winner

December 2, 2008, saw the first time that a ticket matched all six main numbers and the SuperStar.  A syndicate comprising of 30 players in Rossano Stazione, Cosenza won the €45 million jackpot, plus the €2 million prize for also matching the SuperStar.








Biggest SuperEnalotto jackpotIndependent Draws

Regional draws are discontinued and Rome is chosen as the one and only draw venue.
The last SuperEnalotto draw based on numbers drawn from various cities was on Tuesday 30th June 2009, with the first independent draw on Thursday 2nd July 2009.







Biggest SuperEnalotto jackpot

SuperEnalotto’s Biggest Ever Jackpot

In 2010, the SuperEnalotto jackpot broke its own record when it finally rolled over to a massive €177.7 million. 70 syndicate players from Milan matched all six winning SuperEnalotto numbers on Saturday 30th October. It’s taken 9 years for the jackpot to be broken with this week’s SuperEnalotto jackpot currently sitting on a record-breaking €182 million.







Biggest SuperEnalotto jackpotCost of a Ticket Increases with More Chances to Win

Ticket prices increased from €0.50 to €1. The upside, however, was that players were no longer required to buy a minimum of two entries.

A new prize tier was also introduced and players could now win a prize for matching just two main numbers, which resulted in the overall odds of winning a prize improving from 1 in 318 to 1 in 20.

The Instant Win (Vincite Immediate) prize was also introduced, which meant players could win €25 by simply purchasing a ticket.

A guaranteed minimum jackpot of €2 million was also introduced.



Biggest SuperEnalotto jackpotTwo Records Set

Two SuperEnalotto records were set in October 2016. The first record happened after the jackpot had rolled for just over 200 draws! It was finally won on Thursday 27th October 2016.  A single ticket matched all the winning numbers after 67 weeks and took home €163.5 million. The winning ticket also matched the SuperStar number and won an additional €2 million prize.

This created the record for the longest interval between jackpot winners, and the record for the largest jackpot ever won by a single ticket. The biggest jackpot was €177.7 million but that was shared between a syndicate of 70 players. It was also only the second time that someone had matched all six main numbers and the SuperStar.




Make sure you check you’re the winning SuperEnalotto results

For online lottery players who have entries into this fantastic record-breaking jackpot, please make sure that you double-check your inbox for the results mailers. This will be sent to you immediately after the draw has taken place. The mailer will reflect the winning SuperEnalotto numbers and any matches you may have. The winning numbers can also be found on our website in the lotto results tab.

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