Should You Only Play Quickpick Lottery Entries?

How do you pick your lottery numbers? Do you agonise over statistics and spreadsheets? Do you prefer your lucky lottery numbers based on special days or do you dive straight and play a Quickpick and avoid the headache?

One of the first things any lottery player needs to decide while purchasing a lottery ticket is whether to choose their own lucky lottery numbers or buy a Quickpick.

Manual entry

Picking your own lottery numbers is the most traditional method among lottery players as playing the lottery. Some online lottery players still prefer choosing their own numbers as it reminds them of the good old days when they used to buy lottery tickets from the store. Another reason they prefer choosing their own numbers could also be due to the fact that they like to play numbers that have a special meaning to them. These numbers are linked to important events, dates of birth or anniversaries.

There are also another group of lottery players that swear by playing numbers that they believe will boost their chances of winning. They find these statistics by either checking the most popular drawn numbers or numbers, that if they win, will ensure that they have a bigger chance of being the only winner.

The only drawback of playing your own lottery numbers is that humans are all generally programmed the same. This means that your favourite numbers are most probably someone else's favourite numbers too. This is a problem when it comes to winning the lottery and you could end up splitting the prize with a whole host of other players.

Statistically, the most popular lucky numbers are 7 and 11, so you might want to be careful with these numbers. 

Another downside to choosing your own lottery numbers which are based on special dates is that calendar date’s range from 1 to 31 and the number range for the Powerball, for example, is between 1 and 69 for the 5 main numbers and 1 and 26 for the red Power ball.

So with most lottery players playing special dates, if you win, you will end sharing your lottery prize with them. Another factor is that by restricting your numbers to calendar dates you are not spreading your numbers out wide enough. Imagine for a second that you played 5, 9, 12, 24, 27 and 14 and the winning lottery numbers drawn are 5, 9, 12, 24, 55 and 14. You would have missed out winning the jackpot by a number not found on the calendar.


A Quickpick ticket is one where the numbers have been randomly chosen by the lottery terminal or randomly generated on a website upon your request.

Lottery players tend to use this option if they either cannot decide what numbers to play or are in a hurry to enter many lines and want the numbers entered speedily.

On a Quickpick entry can be played by selecting the “Quickpick” option on the play-block when placing your entry.  Quickpicks are often bulk entries which is why we have the option to place up to 50 entries at a time.

Quickpicks - your winning numbers just a click away

But which choice is better? Are you more likely to win the lottery if you choose one method over the other?

Quickpicks are fast and convenient

There are numerous advantages to playing a Quickpick.

  • It’s fast and convenient, especially if you logged in just before the draws about to cut-off.
  • You don't have to think over your numbers and you don't have to spend time filling out the forms.
  • You guaranteed that your lottery numbers are random.
  • The odds that your numbers will be spread out boosting your chances of winning are higher.

Advantages of choosing your own lottery numbers

People enjoy choosing their own lottery numbers, whether it’s a reminder of the house number they grew up in, their children’s birthdays or simply a number they think is lucky.

By choosing your own lottery numbers you are able to avoid the most commonly-played numbers. If all numbers have the exact same chance of being drawn, then you can at least narrow the odds of having to share your jackpot if you win by picking the most rarely-selected numbers, something that Quick Pick won't do for you.

Some people also believe that they can find a system to crack the lottery. To try your luck with a lottery system like wheeling, analysing the probability of various numbers being drawn, or following recommendations from lottery software, you need to pick your own numbers.

Which is better? 

The answer is simple. If there was a clear way to win the lottery everyone would be doing it and the very fact that we are even debating this issue indicates that there is no clear way.

What we can, however, do is look at those that have won the lottery and find out if more of these lucky lottery winners played a manual entry or left it up to fate and purchased a quickpick.

The answer:  Most lottery winners purchased Quickpicks.

Now that you have all the information, it's important to keep in mind that playing the lottery should be fun. People win based on Quick Picks or by playing their special dates.

Play according to what makes you happy, if it makes you have to play your children's birthdays then play them.

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