Your Guide To Winning Millions On SuperEnaLotto

Italy’s SuperEnaLotto has been running since 1997 and attracts lottery enthusiasts from all over the world due to its large, tempting lottery jackpots. If there’s ever been something that you have wondered about regarding the SuperEnaLotto – this guide to winning millions on SuperEnaLotto will most definitely bring you up to speed.



SuperEnaLotto History

The history of the SuperEnaLotto game stretches all the way back to the 1950s when it was called “Enalotto”. The Enalotto was reincarnated by Italian lottery operator SISAL to become SuperEnalotto. The new version of the game was launched on Wednesday 3rd December 1997.

Whereas the outgoing lottery used a football pools-style system for predicting the range from which the winning numbers would come, SuperEnalotto required players to pick six numbers from 90, matching all six to win the jackpot.

SuperEnalotto Draws

With three draws every week, there are ample chances of taking home a prize on Italy’s favourite lotto game. These draws take place every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The fact that there are so many draws is just another reason why the SuperEnalotto has been one of the world’s most popular online lotto games for years. Occasionally, draw days are changed to avoid being drawn on public holidays.

How To Play SuperEnalotto Online

Players need to pick 6 numbers from between 1 and 90. If you match all 6 numbers draw you win the jackpot.

Like most lotteries, there are more ways to win substantial prizes other than the jackpot. The second prize tier on the SuperEnaLotto is won by those matching 5 out of the 6 main numbers as well as the so-called Jolly number - a bonus ball!

The Jolly ball decrees the 5+1 prize, drawn alongside the main winning numbers. The Jolly is not required to win the jackpot but can help boost wins with exciting secondary prizes.

The game offers six prize categories in total: the jackpot, a second prize and four lower prize categories. Players can win prizes by matching a minimum of 2 numbers.

Play the SuperEnaLotto online

You have the choice between playing SuperEnalotto online or buying tickets from a retailer, however, there are some key advantages to buying SuperEnaLotto tickets online:

Playing the SuperEnaLotto online is safer and more secure than playing at a retailer. Your numbers are stored in your online account so you don’t risk losing or damaging a paper ticket which is your only proof of entry and required to claim any prizes won. By purchasing your tickets online, you will have a running record of your transaction which makes claiming a win that much safer and faster.

Playing the SuperEnaLotto online is also far more convenient than buying lottery tickets in a store, as you don’t have to queue and you are not restricted by store opening hours.

Your tickets are automatically checked for you if you play online. Immediately after the draw, you will receive an automated results mailer informing you of the latest SuperEnaLotto winning numbers and any matches you may have. The winnings are automatically credited to a section of your Account balance called Unclaimed Winnings and Vouchers. You'll see a Claim winnings button in this section allowing you to choose one of the claim options such as, topping up your balance and receiving extra play credits, donating to one of our supported charities or requesting a cash withdrawal of your winnings.
Minimum SuperEnaLotto Jackpot

SuperEnalotto has a reserve fund to ensure a minimum jackpot of €2 million. However, after a jackpot has been won, the jackpot for the following draw is usually a much larger amount.

Biggest SuperEnaLotto Jackpots

The Italian lotto is famous for producing huge jackpots after lengthy rollover cycles. A good example of such a cycle created the biggest-ever SuperEnalotto jackpot that soared to a jaw-dropping €177.7 million.

This record-breaking SuperEnalotto jackpot was eventually won in October 2010 after the jackpot had been rolling over for nearly nine months – a world rollover record!

A SuperEnalotto Syndicate comprising of 70 participants came forward to claim the massive jackpot.

The SuperEnalotto has produced some of the biggest European jackpots in its 20-year history. Here are the top 5 of biggest SuperEnalotto jackpots:

30 October 2010          €177,8 million            70-member-syndicate in Milan         
27 October 2010 €163,5 million One ticket in Calabria
22 August 2009 €147,8 million One ticket in Bagnone
23 October 2008 €100,7 million One ticket in Catania
9 February 2010 €139 million Two tickets, bought in Parma, Emilia-Romagna and Pistoia, Tuscany

Is the SuperEna Max the same game as the SuperEnalotto?

The SuperEna Max lotto game was inspired by the popular Italian lottery, SuperEnaLotto. SuperEna Max was established in 2014 and gives lottery enthusiasts the chance to win life-changing cash prizes. The structure is similar to that of the SuperEnaLotto game, with the difference being that SuperEna Max has consistently much, much higher jackpots on offer!

Players who have participated in SuperEnaLotto will recognise the gameplay, of selecting 6 numbers within the 1 - 90 range. SuperEna Max results are based on the SuperEnaLotto draws, so prizes on SuperEna Max are awarded in the event of matching the winning numbers on the official SuperEnaLotto National Lottery. With SuperEna Max, there's always big cash prizes to be won!

Interesting facts about SuperEnaLotto

The largest SuperEnalotto lottery jackpot won to date is €177.8 million back in October 2010

The longest jackpot rollover period lasted for almost nine months.

The SuperEnalotto attracts celebrity players including Madonna and George Clooney. Madonna bought 100 lottery tickets for the game whilst on tour in Italy in 2012. She won €120,000 in second-tier prizes which she plans to use to build schools in Malawi.

SuperEnalotto Tips

Winning big in a lottery is a dream of so many people in the world. Take a look at these SuperEnalotto tips that could improve your chances of winning the jackpot.

Buy More SuperEnaLotto Tickets

It might seem obvious, but if you purchase two entries rather than one, you double your chances of winning the jackpot. This is a tactic that is particularly suited to online lottery players who not only can afford to do so but by doing so earn valuable LottoPoints in the reward system which can be redeemed for discounted tickets.


If you are worried that you might forget to play or miss a really good opportunity to play a really big SuperEnaLotto jackpot, we have you covered online. By using the IntelliPlay option, you will be able to set certain parameters and get the system to automatically play a SuperEnaLotto entry on your behalf! 

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By opting in to receive our newsletters you will also be the first to know about the biggest jackpots and amazing special offers and often include discounts on SuperEna Max.

Span your SuperEnaLotto Entries

If you regularly play the same numbers, you might want to simply span you lucky SuperEnaLotto numbers over a few draws. This way you lessen the risk of forgetting to play and potentially missing the one time your lucky numbers are drawn.

Participating online allows you to choose your numbers at a time that suits you, and there’s no need to worry about losing your ticket, as entries are stored securely in your online account.

Playing online also means your ticket is automatically checked for you, and you are sent a notification email prompting you to check your online account when you win a prize.

However, if you do play at a retailer, then remember these important points:

Keep Your Tickets Safe

The responsibility of keeping a SuperEnalotto ticket safe and secure is entirely yours. You cannot claim a prize without the ticket, and if the slip is badly damaged it may not be accepted by lottery officials.

Once you have made your purchase, keep your ticket on your person before storing it in a secure location ahead of the draw. It is also worth signing the back of your ticket so no one else can claim your reward if you do lose it.

Don’t Forget to Claim Your Prize

One of the most important things to remember about playing your favourite Italian lotto game online is to make sure that your contact details are up to date. For those purchasing tickets offline, you need to remember that once the SuperEnaLotto draw has taken place that you need to check your numbers carefully. Every year, prizes go unclaimed because players did not check their numbers and claim within 90 days following the draw.

Play other lotteries as well! Read Your Guide To European Lotto Games for some suggestions of lotteries you probably never considered!

Best of luck!

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