Why Are First Time Lottery Players So Lucky?

For those of you that are still contemplating whether or not you should buy a lottery ticket online you should read these incredible stories about first-time lottery players who either hit the jackpot or won massive prizes!

Now that the massive Mega Millions and the Powerball jackpots have been won what we once again saw come to the forefront were first-time lottery players who won.

It’s no surprise that when these great American lotto games soar to record high jackpot figures that a whole host of new lottery players emerge. Whether their winner stories truly are a case of beginners luck, or not, there is no reason that it couldn’t happen to you!

After all, not all lottery players have to faithfully play the lottery for years before they are rewarded with a big payday. Once you read these incredible stories, you’ll want to join these lucky winners, too!

André Jones - $50,000 Powerball win

Andre Jones, Powerball winner How many times have you read about a lottery winner winning a jackpot or a substantial lottery prize on their first lottery ticket purchase? We just have to look at André Jones who decided to buy his first Powerball lottery ticket due to the fact that the jackpot had soared to $1.6 billion on October, 19, 2018. The newbie Powerball lottery player might not have won the top jackpot prize, but he did win $50,000.








Andrew Norberg - $1 000 000 Powerball win

Andrew Norberg Another first time Powerball lottery ticket buyer, Andrew Norberg, became an instant millionaire when he decided he too wanted a chance to win the Powerball jackpot that had just topped the one-billion dollar mark back in 2016.

Andrew had never played the lottery and had very little knowledge of how it worked.

When the Powerball lottery winning numbers were announced, Andrew’s first thought was that he hadn’t picked the winning Power ball bonus number, which meant that his ticket was worthless.
Thankfully, he decided to ask a fellow co-worker if it was possible that he might still win something for matching five numbers correctly. He was obviously shocked and incredibly excited to discover that the second-prize division for the US Powerball is a guaranteed $1 000 000.

Realising his good fortune, Andrew vowed to put his lucky Powerball prize money to good use. With his wedding coming up he used a portion of his lottery prize on that.

Frederik Walker - $2 000 000 Powerball win

Andrew wasn’t the only person to win on their first lottery purchase in that particular Powerball draw. Frederik Walker was only 19 years old when he decided to buy a Powerball lottery ticket for the first time. The lucky Florida winner won $2 000 000.

Just like Andrew, Frederik also heard about the massive Powerball jackpot and decided to take a chance and buy a lottery ticket into the billion dollar jackpot.

Lisa Quam - $90 million Powerball win

Lisa Quam won the Powerball jackpot on December 4, 2014. Lisa Quam and her husband, both first time players, purchased their Powerball lottery tickets on Thanksgiving when Lisa went to the market to get some last minute ingredients for the family’s Thanksgiving dinner. While paying for her ingredients, the cashier suggested to Lisa that she buy a Powerball ticket and take a chance on an incredibly high jackpot.

As she wasn’t in the habit of buying lottery tickets, Lisa stuck the tickets on their refrigerator so they could remember to double check the winning Powerball lottery numbers the day after the draw.

When Lisa decided to check her numbers, 25, 30, 32, 46, 54 and 26 she couldn’t believe what she saw: they had won the $90 million jackpot!

“I yelled for (my family) to come upstairs,” said Lisa.

“They all took turns checking the numbers and rechecking the numbers.”

The couple decided to quit their jobs and travel. They also made sure to set aside enough money to ensure that future generations would be well taken care of.

Skylar Uhren - $1 million Powerball win

It seems as though Lady Luck really loves first-time lottery players. Skylar Uhren initially wanted to play a few scratch-off tickets, but her friends convinced her to buy five Powerball tickets instead. It’s a good thing they did as she won $1 million for matching all five main numbers.

First time Mega Millions player - $250,000 win

A 26-year-old IT consultant was driving home from work when he heard on the radio that the Mega Millions jackpot was $363 million.

Thinking that there was no harm in trying his luck, he decided to stop by a 7-11 and buy a Mega Millions lottery ticket.  He ended up buying a seven-line entry, six of which were Quickpicks and the seventh randomly chosen numbers.

Later the same night, he double-checked the Mega Millions lottery results and discovered that the seventh line that he randomly selected the numbers himself had won him $250,000 on the second prize tier in the Mega Millions draw!

“I kind of didn’t believe it at first,” he said. “I ran and woke up everyone in the house. My mom started laughing. Then we double-checked and triple checked the ticket.”

Lucky lottery wins aren’t unique to the just the Powerball lottery. Other lotto games have also had their fair share of first time lotto luck.

Beginner’s Luck

At some point in our lives, we have more than likely all won a game we never played before or witnessed a young child say or create something with worldly depth. These are examples of events we attribute to something called beginner's luck as if chance caused them to happen.

While some say the effects of this supposed ‘beginner's luck’ have very real causes that can be reproduced under the right circumstances, there are others who think of the term as simply a name we give to something we can’t understand. Whether this comes under playing the lottery or learning to play the piano, some people seem to pick things up without needing much help.

Then again, we also need to acknowledge the fact that there are millions of people who play the lottery for the first time and don’t win anything and yes, there are plenty of these stories floating around too. But could we find a way to replicate beginner’s luck?

Those who play the lottery every week with the aim of winning the jackpot usually spend some time getting to know the rules of the game and researching lottery tips about which numbers have proven the luckiest.

To replicate ‘beginners luck’ it might be a good idea to try a different strategy. For those that have been playing hot and cold numbers, why not throw caution to the wind and buy a Quickpick? Or, if you have constantly been playing a particular lottery, why not try a lotto game you have never played? We’re not saying, don’t play your favourite lottery, not at all. What we are saying is buy an extra ticket into a game you have never tried.

If you have always played the American lotto games, Mega Millions and Powerball good for you! These incredible games, with their record-breaking jackpots, should always make the cut. But, you can also play EuroMillions online or the Australian Powerball.

The biggest reason that beginners seem so lucky is because that they’re willing to try something new. Being open to new experiences may change your luck for the better. Countless studies have been done that show people who consider themselves lucky are often open to trying new things. This opens up possibilities that the rest of us miss out on.

Remember, playing the lottery is meant to be fun! So the next time you feel the urge to try your luck, go with your gut or use the Quickpick option. When we try too hard to get something right, we often end up sabotaging our efforts.

Besides, if you end up being the biggest EuroMillions winner, it’s the icing on the cake. So forget all the tips you’ve ever read about choosing your lotto numbers and go with what feels right. Relying on your instincts could be exactly what you need to do to win that jackpot.

Take a Chance!

As we’ve seen it is possible to win the lottery on your first try, or close to it. There is no reason that you cannot join these incredibly lucky first-timers and pull off an impressive stroke of beginner’s luck of your own.

Go ahead and play the lottery online today and give yourself a chance at some beginners luck!


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