$590 million Powerball Jackpot Lost Due To Polite Courtesy

On 18th of May this year 84 year old Gloria C. MacKenzie from a small town of Zephyrhills, Florida won the largest Powerball jackpot in history. The lucky jackpot winner scooped an incredible $590,500,000!  But she would never have won if it wasn’t due to the kindness of a 10 year old girl and her mother...

The Big Day:  $590.5 million Powerball Jackpot up for grabs...

It was like any ordinary day standing in the lottery queue buying your lucky lotto ticket. But while 34 year old Mrs Crandell and her 10 year old daughter Mallory were rethinking their lottery numbers for the gigantic $590 Powerball jackpot an elderly lady went in ahead of them in the queue to purchase her ticket.  Mallory said “Mommy, that woman is now before us”.  Seeing that Mrs Crandell was unaware, the lady at the counter stopped Mrs Mackenzie to allow Mrs Crandell to reclaim her spot in line. Mrs Crandell however politely declined the offer and told Mrs Mackenzie "go ahead.”

They had no idea that this act of kindness would cost them $590,500,000!

Mindy Crandell and her daughter Mallory still remember well the day of the Powerball lottery drawing...

Mrs Crandell and her daughter Mallory

Mrs Mackenzie purchased one Quick Pick ticket and left the store.  Mrs Crandell said family and friends began teasing her that the lady she allowed to cut in line was going to win the mega jackpot.

"The joke was, that's the lady that's going to win it. I was like, 'Yeah right. No one is going to win from little Zephyrhills,'" Mrs Crandell said.

Later that evening, Mrs Mackenzie matched all five numbers including the Powerball while Mrs Crandell was at home still being teased by family members that the lady in the line was probably the winner. It was a joke that she would endure for the next two weeks.

Biggest Powerball jackpot winner ever

Mrs MacKenzie who won $590 on the USA Powerball jackpot

Mrs Mackenzie claimed the money on Wednesday and released a statement revealing that another woman "was kind enough" to allow her to cut in line when she purchased the winning ticket.

Mrs Crandell's 10-year-old daughter, Mallory, immediately recognised the Powerball winner saying “Mom, look at the lady”.

Mrs Crandell said "It could have been us, but things happen. Sometimes it's better to be patient than right. I knew we were teaching our daughter the right thing," she said.

Her daughter Mallory added, "I hope she's blessed with it. Polite is better than being rich."

While many people would be kicking themselves for the twist in fate, Crandell says she has no regrets.

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Posted by Krishnan (29/07/2013)

I do not think courtesy had cost $ 590 million. The old lady was destined to win the Powerball JP that day and that was it. The reason is the ticket was printed with the quick pick numbers after the lady presented her form. It was not ready pre-printed. So what the old was destined to get she got. Strange are the ways of Lady Luck. I am remembered of a true incident that happened during the British Rule in India. There was a peon working with a British Stock Broking firm in the then Bombay. One important jobs of him was to daily go to the Post Office to send a telegram to UK Head Office informing his boss's advice to buy/sell certain stocks. Once he was instructed to send a telegram advising UK office to sell certain stocks. Instead by mistake sent a telegram which advised "buy". After returning to office the blunder struck him. And he ran away from the office. It so happened, the very next day, the stock went up in leaps and the Bombay firm realized huge profits. Huge in those days. They located their peon who was trembling at the sight of his boss little realizing he was going to be rewarded sumptuously for the mistake he committed. Well to cut the story short, that person later became a very big industrialist in India. I am not naming him.

Posted by Krishnan (29/07/2013)

This is an addendum to my previous comment. It would have been nice of the old lady to have gifted some money out of her PB winnings of $590 million, to the young girl so that acts of kindness, courtesy and politeness etc. do not go unrewarded.

Posted by Edmore (2/08/2013)

We have to understand that it was her time for when God says yes its a yes, this situation happened according to God's will.Keep praying that your turn comes,he is faithfull.

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