Scratch Card Winner Takes Superstition To The Extreme

A lucky scratch card winner from South Carolin, USA told lottery officials that he was so scared of jinxing his good fortune that he didn’t shower or sleep before claiming his $250,000 prize.

Scratch card winner

The lucky winner, who is incredibly superstitious said that not only did he not shower or sleep during the 24 hours before claiming his prize, but that he also didn’t change his clothes.

Sticking to his guns, he made the 60-mile trip in exactly the same condition that he’d been in the day before when he found out that he won the $250,000 prize.

The lucky winner opted to keep his identity private, but we do know that he bought his ticket in Warrenville.

“My four children, which are cats, and I are going to enjoy this blessing,” he said.

When asked what he plans to do with this new found fortune, he said, “Nothing fancy, all I’m going to do is get a new home with a reasonable price tag.” He also said that he might take a trip to Myrtle Beach as a celebration.

Unlike most scratch card winners, who buy new cars, the superstitious winner said that his old truck is currently running without a problem, so he has no plans to buy a new one.

Superstitions and Lottery Numbers

A belief can be a very powerful motivator. Over the years we’ve come across various stories about lottery winners who have conjured up a vast array of superstitions when it comes to playing the lottery:

Wear Red when you play the lottery

In China and other parts of the East, no other colour has as much power to bring good luck. The colour red is empowering, hot, alert, exciting, attention-grabbing, powerful, and energetic which symbolizes love and life. It’s for these reasons that you should consider wearing red while you buy your lucky lottery tickets.

Wear a Jade Ring when you play the lottery

Wearing a jade ring on the little finger is said to bring you wealth. Men wear it on the left hand and the ladies on the right. The best way to wear a jade ring is if the ring is made completely out of jade.

Your Lucky Numbers

We’re not talking about hot and cold numbers, instead, we’re talking about numbers that mean something to you. These can be your favourite athletes’ numbers, your first vehicle registration, your birthday or birthdays of loved ones, anniversaries, and other digits.

Left Foot, Right Hand

Some people take special precautions when buying their lottery tickets, such as entering the store with the left foot. And if they’re very superstitious, some people ask the sales agent to give them their tickets with the right hand.

Passing a lottery ticket over the back of a black cat

Even though most people associate black cats with bad luck, some people say that stroking a lottery ticket against a black cat’s back increases the chances of winning.

Passing a lotto ticket over the belly of a pregnant woman

The Chinese believe that pregnant women are “carrying their good fortune inside their belly” and therefore also have an extra pair of “eyes” to observe the whole scene. It’s for this reason that pregnant women are said to bring good luck.

Dreaming of lottery winning numbers

We’ve come across this one from time to time and there have been numerous lottery winners over the years that claim to have won the lottery because they played the same numbers they dreamt about.
The Smith family from New Jersey won $429m on Powerball and said that the lucky combination came to their mother in a dream.

Another lottery winning family who awoke with six numbers dancing in their heads wrote the combination down, played the numbers and won $189m are known as “The Lucky Family” as they opted to keep their identity private.

The interpretation of dreams is most certainly not an exact science, but looking at these lottery winners does suggest that if you dream about lottery numbers it's worth giving them a shot! After all, playing the lottery is a game of chance and a little extra help, even if it comes from the dream world, may be just what you need.

A few other lottery superstitions are: Carrying a good luck charm when buying the tickets... a wooden stick, horseshoes, 4 leaf clover, rabbit's foot, medallion.

Picking numbers from a pair of dice

8 is a popular Chinese lucky number.

Avoiding certain numbers. With Halloween just a few weeks away, you might be surprised to know that 43% of French people think that 13 is a lucky number.

Using numbers from a fortune cookieWearing a pin pinned upside down on the inside of your collar when buying your Mega Millions lottery tickets.

Play your lucky horoscope numbers

Of course, there are loads of wacky, weird, and wonderful superstitions that govern the way people pick their lucky lottery numbers. At the end of the day, the choice is yours whether you wear red, bath, not bath, wear a pair of matching socks, or mismatched socks, as long as you buy a Mega Millions lottery ticket and give yourself the chance to win this Friday’s $900m jackpot!

Playing the lottery online should be fun and that’s exactly what we here at love best! That and calling you after the draw and telling you the good news of course!

Best of luck!

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