Funny Lottery Winning Reactions

You may think that everyone reacts the same when they find out that their lucky lottery numbers have finally popped out of the lotto machine, but the truth is, everyone reacts slightly differently. Whether it’s shock, tears, jumping, hugging… Who knows, you may attract a little luck yourself!

woman staring at laptop, speechless Speechless

Sometimes you have to let the good news sink in and age, like a good wine, so that all the flavours can fully develop.

A woman in her forties found herself completely speechless when she realised she was the sole winner of a massive $35,000,000 Oz Powerball jackpot. She finally did manage to utter, “Wow! This is surreal!”

“I’ve never won anything before!” she said. “I still can’t believe this is happening.”

Sandra Donaldson was also left lost for words when she found out that she won $23 million in the Canadian Lotto 6/49. After almost a week of not telling her husband Robert (Bob) that they'd won $23 million in the Lotto 6/49 Jackpot, Sandra Donaldson let the cork pop. The reason she waited so long to tell her husband was because she was out of the country at the time of the win and she wanted to tell him the good news face to face. After hearing what his wife had to say, Bob too found himself speechless.

“I have good news and bad news. Good news — you can get a new car sooner than you think. Bad news — we have to go see our lawyer right away!' Then she handed me the winning ticket — I was speechless!


shocked lottery winner reaction, shock, man with open mouth Shock

At the time of the win, headlines about the latest massive US Powerball winner read as follows:

“Winner of $758 million US lottery Powerball says she plans to celebrate by hiding in bed”

Mavis Wanczyck, 53 who worked for the same medical centre in Massachusetts for 32 years, said, “I was leaving work at night. And my colleague Rob said I bet someone won with these numbers, as they could be birthdays.

“And I was reading them out, and I said ‘I’ve won!’

An Oz Lotto winner also found himself shocked to the core when he found out he was one of two Division 1 winners of the $40,000,000 Oz Lotto draw, winning $20,000,000.

When Lotto officials contacted him personally to inform him of his big win, he had trouble believing that it was actually happening. “I thought he was having a go!” he exclaimed. “I thought someone must have been joking.” It all became very real when he logged onto his Oz Lotteries account and checked his balance. “Usually I’d see $50 or $100, and then I saw all those zeroes. That’s when I started to shake! Very excited!”


funny lottery reactions, man not believing what his seeing Disbelief

Speaking about receiving a call informing you that you have won the lottery, a man from Enfield in Sydney’s inner West won $100,000 but did not believe it when he received a phone call.

In fact, he hung up several times when he received a call because he thought they were trying to sell him something.

“What are you selling me? Sorry, whatever it is I don’t want it.”

Thankfully they persisted and were finally able to quickly tell him about his win.
“You’re joking! You’re joking! Are you really serious? And I didn’t even answer your bloody calls! I’m sorry there are just too many advertising and marketing nuisance calls always trying to sell you something — I just never expected I’d get a phone call about winning money,” he said.

Have you ever thought about where you would be if you received a call from the Lottery informing you of a jackpot win?  You may not necessarily be at your desk or on the couch in your living room.


showered with moneyCaught in the shower

Another lottery player from Melbourne heard his lottery numbers announced on TV while he was having a shower.

“They went – 11, 12, 18 – and I’m going, yep, yep, yep,” he said when asked to describe that moment. “At that point, I just dived out of the shower!” He said it was “such a weird feeling” that he thought he had “lost the plot.”  He quickly checked the lottery results online which proved that he was $684,477.50 richer.

“I’m over the moon,” exclaimed the winner. He said that he had been playing the lottery for 30 years and that he never missed a draw.





Winning man in train, happy man in train, lottery winner reaction

Answer the phone call on the train

Another lottery winner who received a call informing him that he had won a fortune on the lottery, was sitting on the train when he received the call.

The voice on the other side of the line told him that he was the sole winner of the $10,000,000 Oz Lotto.

The winner’s 4-game Standard ticket was purchased from a local news agency and was the only one to match all 7 winning numbers from Tuesday’s draw. The shocked winner told lottery officials that he had made a split-second decision to play his favourite numbers and it paid off big time.

“I can’t think straight!” he exclaimed. “I am so surprised, I am off the planet, I’m tripping off the moon!”





swearing, funny lottery reactions Ecstatic

Another Australian lottery player, who won $20,000,000 on the Oz Lotto, received a call from lottery officials informing him of his win.
His reaction? “This is ****ing awesome! This better not be a windup,” he said, “since I’m saying goodbye to the blokes at work now! I’m never coming back here!”

He was so ecstatic to hear that he had won such a huge amount of money on the Oz Lotto that he couldn’t believe his ears at first. “Is this real? This is unbelievable! Oh my goodness!”

It just goes to show, that hearing news that you’re lucky lottery numbers have finally hit the bullseye does cause a variety of reactions.


Piercing Scream

While men are more prone to swearing, the ladies are more likely to let out a piercing scream. A winner from Bateau Bay, let out a long ear-piercing scream before breaking down into tears of joy when she found out about her lotto win.

According to lottery officials, the usual response from female lotto winners is in fact, a high-pitched squeal.

This winner won 115 million Euros, you could too!

Imagine finding out you won €115 million while out with your friends? This is exactly what happened to Dolores McNamara from Ireland!

Dolorus McNamara

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