Best Wealth Management Blogs To Help You Invest Your Lottery Win

We all dream of winning the lottery and spoiling ourselves with the finer things in life, and while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this, it is also smart to save up and invest. We’ve put together some of the best wealth management blogs to help you invest your lottery win in this article.

These incredible wealth management blogs will give you a pretty good idea on how to handle a large amount of money after winning any of our incredible international lotto games. They provide stock guides, investment strategies, retirement plan management tutorials, and a whole host of vital information specifically tailored to a lottery jackpot winner.

Get your bookmarks ready, here are the best investing blogs of 2018:

Daniel Zajac

Daniel Zajac Stock investment tips and strategies

For online lottery jackpot winners who are interested in investing their lotto winnings for greater returns in the future, Daniel Zajac has plenty of articles about stocks investment, management, and everything in between. This amazing blog gives insight into investment strategies, stock titbits and terminologies, and even retirement plan management tips. With a degree in finance, you can put your trust in Daniel Zajac’s financially knowledgeable hands.


I Am 1 Percent

I Am 1 PercentCredit and personal financial management, smart spending

Seriously big lottery jackpot winners will find themselves immediately thrown into top 1 per cent earners. I am 1 Percent is, therefore, a top-notch financial blog for those who want to or already are part of this elite group. Filled with a goldmine of information and strategies specifically concerning business management, stocks, real estate and credit cards. It also offers an assortment of clever tips on how to spend money wisely. What stands out about his particular blog, is that it has a specific section for the wealthier members of the population. Here you can read about rich people mentality, habits, and of course, financial products.


Big Picture

The Big Picture Financial news and data, investment strategies, property trends

If you’re looking for financial advice, then you will want to hear from an expert. Barry Ritholtz founded and runs a financial planning and asset management firm, Ritholtz Wealth Management. He also runs The Big Picture which contains news about the business and financial world, investment titbits, and other financial data and research.


Dash of Insight

Dash of Insight Everything about investments

For lottery jackpot winners who love to take risks, and you want to invest your winnings in the stock market, then Dash of Insight is the blog for you. Here you will find in-depth information about stock charts and analysis.



Taxsave, Tax consultants, tax guru, VAT, South African Tax      Tax, new tax laws, estate, retirement planning and investments

For lottery jackpot winners who wish to save millions, look no further than Deon Van Wulven and his passionate team at Taxsave. This informative site offers professional tax and business solutions to a broad spectrum of clients. The website features in-depth articles on tax, investment strategies, new tax laws, and cryptocurrency. Bottom line, hiring a great tax advisor is one of the most important decisions you will make as a lottery jackpot winner.


Wealth Pilgrim

Wealth Pilgrim Business venture discussion, investment and retirement guides

Have a tough financial question and don't know where to turn? Head to Wealth Pilgrim. This blog is information-packed with a webinar series dedicated to helping others eliminate their money worries. Here you will be able to read guides on trading individual stocks, strategies on buying funds, possible business ventures with minimal supervision required, and acquiring insurance.


Your Smart Money Moves

Your Smart Money Moves Business and stock strategies, insurance, healthcare, and smart purchases

This blog focusses on stocks and Bitcoin investments. However, it also has a host of other informative articles about spending money wisely; retirement planning guides; alternatives to investing; common mistakes committed in various financial situations and discussing money matters with the family.


Sizemore Insights

Sizemore Insights  Cryptocurrency, stock investment tips, 401k investing

How much do you really know about Bitcoins? For lottery winners who wish to find out how they can invest a portion of their winnings in Bitcoin, SizeMore Insights blog offers in-depth information and helpful strategies on cryptocurrency trading. The blog also has numerous articles on traditional stock investment.


Workable Wealth

Workable Wealth Financial strategies, property acquisition advice

Workable Wealth has blog posts on simpler topics like finding insurance; tips on saving; creating and reaching financial goals; choosing the best credit card and buying property.


Guru Investor

Guru Investor Stock investments

Who better to talk to than a Guru. This informative blog contains opinions from experts in the field of finance. Here you will find various investing strategies, trading, and the stock market itself. It’s a great finance blog for beginners who don’t know all the heavy technical terms yet.


Financially Wise Women

Financially Wise Woman Financial tips for women

This blog has numerous videos dealing with personal finance tips and strategies specifically aimed at younger women. Created by Brittney Castro, a Certified Financial Planner whose clients are mainly composed of professional women.


Family Office Exchange

Family Office Exchange Family wealth and business management

For lottery jackpot winners who would like to spend their winnings on building a business their whole family can manage, Family Office Exchange has a large number of blog posts that you will find incredibly useful. In today’s digital world, this blog will keep you coming back for more.


AEPG Wealth Strategies

AEPG Wealth Strategies Investment commentaries, company 401k news, insurance and healthcare discussions

AEPG Wealth Strategies is an incredibly good read for those interesting in different financial elements like investments insights, healthcare and insurance analysis. Here you can also keep up to date on current financial news as well as trends that can impact your finances.


Darrow Wealth Management

Darrow Wealth Management General financial and invtestment topics

Darrow Wealth Management’s blog is a great place to start finding out everything you have ever wanted to know about how to invest your lottery winnings. This incredible blog covers basic topics like finance terms, sound investments processes, how to successfully manage your money.


The White Coat Investor

The White Coat Investor  Basic financial concepts, insurance, inspiration stories

One of the biggest blogs covering investing, budgeting, getting insurance, assets, loans, financial planning, and many others, The White Coat Investor is the place to be. The blog also offers an online course for financial planning.


Financial Samurai

Financial Samurai Stock investments, financial strategies

Ex-Wall Street finance guru, Sam from Financial Samurai writes about his personal finance and investing. The blog is exceptionally well written and helps readers achieve financial independence.  Blog posts range from real estate, retirement planning, career strategies, and money philosophy.


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