How Happy Will You Be After Winning The Lottery?

Money can’t buy happiness — so many people say — but it can lead to a higher level of happiness if spent right.

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While there have been numerous lottery winners who have squandered their lottery prizes, there are more lottery winners who have done good deeds, and who are extremely happy after winning the lottery.

You might think, “of course they are happy – they can spoil themselves,” but there are numerous studies that suggest people are happier when they’re spending their money on others, instead of themselves, or when they spend money caring for a pet or investing in experiences and memories, rather than material possessions.

In a recent survey conducted in Sweden, it was revealed that lottery winners really do have more satisfying lives thanks to their wealth.

The survey also stated that those who won more on the lottery were happier than those who won less. Which is actually rather obvious as winning the record-breaking $1.6 billion US Powerball jackpot would definitely be better than winning a $1 million jackpot.

What it does reflect is that most people do not get scared when they instantly come into millions and that most people are more than capable of dealing with huge sums of money.

The survey also looked into whether lottery winner’s satisfaction was durable and the stats revealed that up to twenty years after a big lottery win, those who had won big were still remarkably satisfied with their lives.

The link between money and happiness isn’t all that surprising—even if the research is not as definitive as you may think.

Buried in the Swedish survey is a surprising finding: the lottery winners did not spend much of their winnings, but invested sensibly in low-risk, low-return bonds and spent the money slowly over the rest of their lives.

This life-long income boost may explain why the winners remained happy years after winning the lottery.

The relationship between money and wealth

The relationship between money and wealth has long been a debate amongst researchers and the public alike.  This latest Swedish study conducted by a partnership between the Stockholm School of Economics, Stockholm University and New York University adds another dynamic as up until now most studies have concluded that money does not necessarily create happiness.

The researchers did suggest that while this study was conducted amongst lottery winners in Sweden, it could be transferable to other countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom.

The most interesting point raised by this study is that the larger lottery prize won – the better satisfaction created in life - something which hasn’t been considered before.

Looking at our various lottery winners articles we have seen that more and more lottery jackpot winners don’t quit their jobs, instead, they take a back seat, work fewer hours, and retire a little earlier than those that have not won the lottery.

As a future lottery winner, we have no doubt that you have envisioned yourself in a mega-wealthy, uber-happy state...

Picture the constant grin on your face as you help yourself, and those around you with the millions at your disposal...

After visualization comes implementation - Play the lottery today.

How happy will you be after winning the lottery? Let us know in the comments section below and earn valuable LottoPoints for your comment.


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