What Is Jackpot Blindness?

Looking at the biggest international lotto games we tend to only focus on the really BIG jackpots. So, the question is, are lottery players starting to suffer from jackpot blindness?

Jackpot blindness

The minute to arrive on a lottery website you are greeted with an array of lotto games – some seriously huge jackpots and some still giving you the opportunity to become an instant millionaire.

Imagine you have to make a decision about which lottery to play, and it's between 2 games. And let's say:

  • Game 1 has a jackpot of $10 million
  • Game 2 jackpot is $100 million

Jackpot blindness

Right off the bat, most lottery players will immediately opt to buy a ticket for the $100M lottery game.

With lotto games like the US Powerball, Mega Millions and even the UK Lottery all having undergone rule changes to increase the popularity of the game over the past couple of years, these rules changes significantly increased the jackpot sizes.
These tantalizing, giant jackpots not only caused a boost in the chances to win much bigger prizes but secondary prizes as well.

The question we ask now though is, have these mega-jackpots caused lottery players to experience jackpot blindness? Meaning do we only want to play jackpots in the hundred million range and completely ignore the smaller jackpots offering up a couple of million?

Another thing to consider is that these rule changes also came with new number formats. What the various Lottery Associations did was increase the range of numbers or even added an additional number to match.

On top of all this one also needs to factor in that some jackpots are costlier than others.

For argument’s sake, let’s say you chose to play the $100M lotto game, but you realise:

  • Game 1 ($100M) costs $1 a ticket
  • Game 2 ($10M) costs $4 a ticket

The expense of the $4 ticket means you will end up buying fewer lottery tickets, which means less chance of winning the bigger jackpot.

We all love playing a lottery offering up a chance to become an instant multimillionaire, like this weeks $389M Mega Millions Max lotto game taking place on Friday, July 6, but because most online lottery players have what we call Jackpot Blindness - a condition that makes them only want to go for the larger jackpots and leave the smaller amounts alone, they are not giving themselves the best odds of winning a prize – even if that prize may be a little smaller than the one they imagine.

If that's you, and you love playing big jackpots, we are by no means saying that you shouldn’t. What we are saying is that if you can, you should play a combination:

  • Play the mega-jackpot games; and
  • Play a lottery with great odds of winning a prize.

That way you get the best of both worlds!

If the word “odds” immediately makes you cringe and start thinking, “I’m never going to win…” Don’t think like that. This self-fulfilling prophecy will only depress you and take the fun out of playing.

We all know that you can find loads of moaners out there more than happy to rain on your lottery parade – but don’t let them. Sure, the odds against a jackpot win are stacked high against you, but I’m sure there have been times in your life where the odds seemed equally insurmountable but you pulled through regardless.

So stay the course, because as long as you’re in there’s always that chance, no matter how slim, that your numbers will come up. And if they finally do but you forgot to play could you ever forgive yourself?

Many big winners have played for years, with an almost religious devotion, before winning big. No doubt you’ve probably read countless such stories.

And what is it they always say? Usually something like, “I knew it would happen someday!”

Improve Your Chances Of Winning The Lottery

If you have ever browsed the internet looking for ways to win the lottery, you’ll find there’s plenty of advice out there already on winning the lottery but you’ll find that there are also loads of sites encouraging you to buy a programme which they ‘claim’ will ensure a lottery win. It’s nonsense.

The lottery is a game of chance. Period.

Luckily we’ve got some real, practical things you can do to help you win the lottery:

Study Your Game – Learning the odds can help you pick the best lottery game for you – do you want to go all-in for a huge jackpot, or a smaller one which you’re several times as likely to win?

Use Quick Picks – Your lucky numbers aren’t as lucky, or unique, as you think. With randomly-generated quick picks, however, you’re far less likely to end up sharing your jackpot.

Pick More Than One Line – Want to double your chances of winning the lottery? Well, it’s easy – just pick another set of numbers! (Plus don’t forget you can also multiply your millions with our exclusive lotto games like the Mega Millions Max, Powerball Plus and of course the legendary SuperEna Max.

Don’t Lose Hope – Most importantly and we can’t stress this enough, is that the more you participate the better your chances, which is we hear so much about loyal players who kept the faith for years and were rewarded with millions.

Keep it FUN!
– Playing the lottery is meant to be fun. So whether you're buying tickets at your local newsagents or purchasing lottery tickets here at PlayUKLottery, to only play what you can afford. It's not about quantity, it's about consistency – remember, slow and steady wins the race!

Bonus Tip – By subscribing to our amazing newsletters you will be the first to know about the next big lotto jackpot, promotion, discount, giveaway, competition and important lottery announcement. While most people prefer not to sign up to newsletters – you will be utterly surprised to find out that it’s most definitely in your best interest to do so!

In closing, we urge you to remember the smaller lotto games with the odds that pack a punch!

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