Lottery Winners That Claimed Their Winnings In The Nick Of Time

Lottery players play the lottery with the ultimate goal in mind – to win the jackpot, but time and time again we hear about people that have taken to time to purchase lotto tickets and then completely forget to double check if their lucky numbers have come in. These are the unlucky few, who either forgot about having tickets or lost the tickets. Thankfully though, there are also those who know have realised that they have won, find the ticket and claim the win just in the nick of time.

Here are lottery wins where lottery winners have successfully claimed their life-changing lotto prizes days and in some instances hours before the deadline.

€8,200,000 before the Deadline

When it comes to lottery winners claiming their prizes at the very last minute, it can cause suspicion. This is what happened with a lottery ticket that was purchased in a “Stop and Shop”. Although both the lottery community and the lottery operator were hyped about who the winner is and if he/she will appear, when the mystery winner did finally come forward just days before the cutoff, the claim was investigated a lot more than usual. Fortunately for our mystery winner, the jackpot of €8,200,000 went smoothly. The winner remained anonymous.

Eight days before the deadline

Have you ever looked through the pockets an old pair of pants or jacket you found in the back of your closet and pulled out a dollar? Well, for Joemel Panis, his experience with finding forgotten money was like a million of those – literally a million.

While snowed in, Joemel Panisa, decided to tidy up his home. It was while cleaning up and tossing out old things in his home office that he came across a lottery ticket he had purchased on Jan. 15, 2016, which was just about a year before.

He took the ticket in to claim it and was shocked to find that the ticket was worth $1 million and it expired in eight days!

To think that a million dollars had basically been sitting in his desk drawer the entire time.

The winning numbers in that Mega Millions drawing were: 29-41-53-54-70 and the Mega Ball 12. The Oregon player matched the five main balls but missed out on the Mega Ball. If he'd matched that too, then he'd have won the $22m jackpot.

He must be thanking his lucky stars that he got the urge to tidy up his office that for sure, and we seriously doubt that he will ever complain about the weather again – not when the snow and the ice storm caused him to become a millionaire!

3 days before the deadline

With most lotto game deadlines starting from 6 months to a year, it’s really hard to understand just how long some lottery winners take to finalise their paperwork and get professional financial advice.

This mysterious lottery winner certainly took his time to claim his jackpot of £4.6 million, claiming it just 3 days before the deadline. As the winner also opted to keep their identity private, no further information as to why they took so long to claim their prize is available. What we can see, however, is a pattern that most “late” lotto winners prefer to remain anonymous. Come to think of it, with the hype of the jackpot faded, it does make it a lot easier for the winners to stay out of the limelight.

Just hours before the deadline

When it comes to the Hot Lotto, winners have up to a year to claim their prizes. This lottery win had the public wondering if the rightful owners had, in fact, claimed the win.

With lottery officials asking the public to double check their lottery tickets as the win had still not been claimed and the cut-off was imminent, they received numerous calls stating that their ticket was stolen. Why?

With so many winners seeking financial advice, the win taking so long to be claimed and by attorneys who had an entire year, it’s no surprise the whole claim seemed a bit odd.

The operator was willing to conduct a thorough investigation to confirm that the ticket was rightfully purchased, possessed and presented to the Hot Lotto.

An Hour before the Deadline!

We just spoke of hours but here’s one that only had one hour to claim. While lottery officials thought no one would claim the €381,863 and once again someone had lost out, a lottery syndicate from Middleton, Ireland, decided to wait a bit longer than usual before they claim their jackpot. Simple as that.

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