Dreaming About Winning The Lottery? Check Out The Latest Lotto Results

Do you think it’s possible to dream of the winning lottery numbers and then win an astronomical lottery jackpot prize in the process? No? Well, it might surprise you then, just how many lottery players have claimed of dreaming about the lotto number combination that won them either the jackpot of a lottery prize that changed their lives forever.

The Smith Family - $429 million

There’s nothing better than winning the lottery and sharing the prize with loved ones, and when the jackpot’s really impressive, $429 million impressive, then everyone’s a winner. 

The Smith family told lottery officials that they conjured up the winning numbers in a dream. It’s incredible how they got the Lotto latest results in a dream, but the Smith family swear by it. They also told officials that not one of the lucky lotto numbers were birthday numbers, anniversary dates, or anything that had any correlation to the family or their friends.

Ihsanullah Khan - $55 million

A Pakistani lottery player by the name of Ihsanullah Khan won an incredible $55 million lottery after he dreamed the following numbers: 2-4-6-17-25-31. While He interviewed by Time Magazine, he admitted that the numbers came to him in a dream.
At the time of his lottery win, Mr. Khan was a taxi driver in Washington.
It was 15 years prior to his win that he dreamt he won the lottery. Ever since then he played the lottery.

After he won the lottery, he went back to Pakistan and he started his political career. The lucky person he is, he won the local elections, becoming the district’s mayor! Not long afterwards, Pakistan experienced a catastrophic earthquake, which took the lives of more than 70,000 people. Ihsan brought in medical personnel, food, water and medicine to help his fellow countrymen. It just goes to show that some people are meant to win the lottery for a really good reason. Well done Ihsan.

Mary Sanderson - $66 million

Mary Sanderson scooped up $66 million playing the multi-state Powerball, after buying the tickets in Manchester. One of the winning numbers in her combination was 13. Back in the 1990s, Mary dreamed of the winning numbers and played them ever since. Once again, persistence paid off and she scooped up a multi-million-dollar payday in the process.

Olga Beno - $5,366,704

If there’s one dream that a person simply cannot ignore, it’s dreaming of the winning lottery numbers. Another winner who won the lottery, even though it wasn’t as a really huge lotto jackpot as in the Smith’s case, is Olga Beno. She scooped up $5,366,704 in January 2017. The lucky lottery lady from Nova Scotia dreamed of the winning numbers in May 1989. That’s 29 years ago! Just like Ihsanullah Khan, she too didn’t give up on the fact that those numbers would come up one day and continued to play them.

Persistence finally paid off when she scooped up her multi-million-dollar payday. Unfortunately, Olga was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer a decade ago, and will leave this enduring legacy to her children and grandchildren.

Janine Cox - $5,000

Yet another lucky lottery winner who picked the lotto latest numbers in her dreams happened in September 1998. Janine Cox was working as a paralegal in Fort Lauderdale when she won not one but three incredible lottery games. She won the Cash 3, the Play 4, and Fantasy 5 games in the Florida State Lottery draws.

Janine said that she dreamed of the winning numbers, wrote them down, and played the lottery. The whole thing happened when her father triggered this incredible ability within her told her to play 7912, so she did. That led her to win $5,000 in the Play 4 lottery draw. From then on, whenever she dreamt of lottery winning numbers she went with it and ended up winning a small fortune playing the lottery and dog racing.

Even though Janine hasn’t won a huge amount of money like the other lottery players we’ve just spoken about, she has won a large number of smaller paydays.

Janine believes that it all boils down to the hard-wiring of the human brain that makes it difficult for her to recognize bigger number combinations.

It’s hard to dismiss Janine’s claims given her incredible run-of-form in the lottery draws. She is but one of many lucky lottery winners who dreamed of the Lotto latest results.

For many years now, people have believed that some lottery winners dream the winning numbers days, months or years before they are the winning ones. In the end, persistence is what counts and you have to be in the game winning eventually. Believe it or not, there are lottery winners who have won the lottery after they’ve dreamt their lucky, winning numbers.

According to some of our online lottery players here at PlayUSALotteries.com, if you ever do dream of the winning lottery numbers and think that it’s just gobblygook – you might want to be a little more persistent with it:


“5 years ago I had a dreamt of the lottery numbers. It was so clear and I could easily remember it. I played those numbers 4 or 5 times and then stopped. The next draw 5 of my 6 number where correct! I was so mad at myself and still regret it until today.


I’ve had two dreams of lotto numbers and both were winning numbers. Sadly I didn’t play either set of numbers, but for sure the next set of numbers I dream I will surely play! Good luck all!

Numbers in dreams

Did you that the number one, could be considered a sign of confidence as you might think of yourself as a winner in some regard, finishing first in a competition.
From a lottery player’s perspective, it may therefore signify that you should play because you could win. A number will often stand out in a dream and this could be taken as a sign that you should use it on your favourite online lotto game right here at PlayUSALotteries.com.

For those of you that wish you would dream of the latest lotto numbers like the lottery winners in this article, but it just never seems to happen to you, and instead of dreaming at night you end up lying in bed worrying about money could keep you awake. Why not count sheep? By doing so you could remember the number you reached for example 364 – and then take that number and break it down to use 3, 4, 6, 36 and 64 in your lotto selection. Hey! It might work – and just maybe, this could be your sign to win any of this week’s massive lotto jackpots right here at PlayUSALotteries.com.

Have your dreams ever summoned a string of mystery numbers? It’s time to put them to good use as you could be in with a chance for the following massive jackpots this Tuesday, May, 29, 2018:

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