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You know the series of six “lucky numbers” on the backs of fortune cookies? Yeah, those are actually lucky! When you get a fortune cookie after popping in for your favourite Chinese food takeaway, you're probably happy just to have a small sweet treat. But what do you do with that little slip of paper tucked inside? Do you immediately toss it aside, make a few jokes about the predictions...or do you tuck it into your pocket so you can play those lucky numbers in the lottery later? Well, one lucky lady did in fact get lucky winning $30,070 win on a six-spot Keno ticket came from a ticket bought for her by her father and his numbers came from a fortune cookie.

Dubbed the ‘Keno Queen,’ a lucky bride-to-be joked with her father that he needed to win the lottery to pay for her upcoming wedding. It was only meant as a joke, but her father thought to himself that buying a lottery ticket wasn’t such a silly idea after all, and he purchased a Keno ticket - turns out that those lucky numbers were just itching to help the dad out.

The next time he saw his daughter he showed her the Keno ticket that he had purchased and they both had a good giggle as the numbers he had played were the same numbers that came from a fortune cookie they had been given the night before when they had enjoyed a Chinese dinner.

Once the Keno draw had taken place, the 25-year-old ‘Keno Queen’ was too busy to check the results, so her dad did the honours. He double checked the lucky lotto numbers online and got the shock of his life when he discovered that they had won $30,070!

He immediately texted his daughter and told her that the lucky fortune cookie numbers had lived up to their good fortune.

Naturally the lucky Keno winner plans to use some of the Keno winnings on her upcoming wedding. We have to wonder though if they will be offering fortune cookies as part of the buffet.

According to the lucky bride, she said that she also plans to save the rest for the future she will have with her ‘Keno King.’

Fortune cookie lotto numbers that won

Lottery Fortune Cookie Study

In a recent study done by FiveThirtyEight, they compared the amount of money a person could have made if they’d entered fortune cookie numbers in the Powerball lottery over the last 20 years to the amount they would’ve made with random numbers. The difference was rather astonishing to say the least, as there was a whopping $2.7 million difference in favour of the cookies.

What they did was, they purchased 1,035 fortune cookies from a wholesaler, each hosting 676 unique fortunes. Next, they compared the first letter of every fortune to the average distribution of first letters in English sentences, finding that the fortunes covered around 54 percent of that distribution. They used that percentage to estimate that the Panda brand probably makes around 1,200 to 1,600 unique fortunes in all.

Those 1,035 paper fortunes had 556 unique combinations of the six-number series that’s supposedly “lucky.”

If a Powerball player had bought one ticket for each of those 556 number series every single game between November 1, 1997 and May 27, 2017 (that’s 2,043 games), that person would have spent about $4.2 million and won about $4.4 million. Their exact profit would come to $172,101.

On the other hand, if that person had entered a randomized series of numbers, they would have spent that same $4.2 million but only won $1.7 million. Specifically, they would have lost $2,539,520.
Could this be enough proof that we need to buy more Chinese dinners and throw in a fortune cookie at the same time?

The ‘Keno Queen’ isn’t the first and will definitely not be the last lottery player to win big with the help of the cookie monster. Emma Duvoli from New York, USA, did the same and it won her $2m playing Powerball.

Fortune smiled upon them

If you think the Powerball lottery win with the help of a fortune cookie was big then you will even more astounded to know that 110 people once tied for second prize in the Powerball lottery after playing the same lucky numbers from a fortune cookie!

While the Powerball lottery usually only on average has about 4 Powerball lottery winners in the second tier, 110 people received an extra-special surprise added to their dessert which saw them each win either $100,000 or $500,000 (depending on if they paid a dollar extra for the bonus power play ball). All thanks to a simple fortune cookie confection that are commonly given out American Chinese restaurants.

Lottery officials couldn’t believe their eyes when the results began coming in from the 2005 March 30th lotto draw, and they immediately thought that there was a massive fraud underway.

After some investigation, they found that the winners had played the numbers (22, 28, 32, 33 and 39) they had recently received from a fortune cookie made by Wonton Food Inc. The company produces 4 million cookies a day branded under different brands, which is the sole reason why those lucky numbers ended up in so many people’s minds.

A 75-year-old woman also got lucky with a fortune cookie when she won $2.000.000 on the Powerball lotto game.

“I used to play other numbers, and I never won anything, so these looked just as good as any other,” said Emma Duvoll. She said her fortune cookie lottery strategy definitely paid off and said that she plans to invest the prize money and visit family in Switzerland.

A San Jose woman also won $421.000 using five different sets of numbers she got from inside fortune cookies, with one of them matching five out of six winning numbers in Mega Millions drawing on March 4th 2014.  She told Mega Millions lottery officials, “I don’t care that I didn’t hit the big one,” who was over the moon after receiving her $420.000 prize.

An anonymous lotto player from Olathe was about to give up on his fortune cookie numbers that he had been playing for quite a long time, when he won $390.000 on Super Kansas Cash lotto drawing back in August 2014.

Bill and April Richee didn’t just win the lottery once, but twice. The first win came from lucky lotto numbers they used from family birthdays which let them to win $117.000 in the Carolina Cash 5 jackpot back in 2011. The second lottery win of $260.000 came from a fortune cookie. “I have to give the credit to the cookie. I guess that scallion chicken brought me some good luck,” said Ms. Richee.

Love them or hate them, but whatever you do, if you break one open and you are presented with your lucky lottery winning numbers, make sure you play them right here at!

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