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It's Friday, the 13th today. The most dreaded day and number. Around the world there are umpteen stories, myths and superstitions surrounding the number 13. It is considered to be extremely unlucky in most of the cultures, and some people have such a phobia about Friday the 13th that they choose not to do business of any kind on the day. But, what is it about this date that makes people so nervous, and more importantly how do people feel about playing the lottery or the number 13 on this day?

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As we know, the lottery is a game of chance, and with most luck based games, many participants will often follow various rituals when it comes to selecting their lucky numbers on the ticket. While some see Friday the 13th as an extremely unlucky day, so won’t bother buying a lottery ticket online, other lotto players think number 13 is especially lucky and buy more lottery tickets online than ever before. Mind you, as the special day does give businesses a good excuse for promotions, campaigns and various other discounts, these online lottery players are scoring when it matters most to them.


Online lottery players will like the fact that the Chinese consider number 13 lucky due to the fact that its pronunciation (" shisan ") sounds similar to the word "shēngzhǎng", meaning "increase" or "growth".

Finds from the Paleolithic period prove that the first humans organized their time with the help of lunar months. One year consisted of 364 days, based on each moon phase of 28 days long, and therefore the year was made up of 13 months.

In ancient Greece, Zeus was the thirteenth and the most powerful God of the Greek mythology. Thus, 13 is the symbol of incorruptible nature, power and purity.

13 is prime number and hence it can only be divisible by itself. Hence it is a complete number in itself. Thus 13th is the symbol of totality, completion and attainment.

The Thai New Year is celebrated on the 13th of April. It is considered as an auspicious day when all the bad omens are washed away by splashing water on people.

13th day of any month is an extremely auspicious day according to Hinduism. 13th day is Trayodashi according to the Hindu calendar. This day is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The Pradosh vrat observed in the honour of Lord Shiva usually falls on the 13th day of the month. The person who worships Lord Shiva on this day is blessed with wealth, children, happiness and prosperity. Hence, 13th is considered one of the most fruitful day of the month according to Hindu beliefs. Also Maha Shivaratri is also celebrated on the 13th night of the Magha month which is considered very sacred and holy for everyone.

It took twelve monks and one abbot to found a monastery, the number 13 was at that time regarded as being a lucky number.

In the Old Norse tradition Friday the 13th was considered lucky due to the fact that fertility goddess Freya considered it to be her lucky number.

In the Jewish religion the number 13 represents the number of principles of the Jewish faith, and 13 is also the age at which boys receive their rights and obligations of a Jewish adult, including the commandments of the Torah.

The end of year bonus, in the form of a 13th salary cheque that your company may be generous enough to share with their employees.


The Greek term, Triskaidekaphobia, consists of the words treiskaídeka (thirteen) and fóbos (fear). Those affected avoid everything connected with this number. If the fear is related not only to the number 13, but also to the connection with Friday, it is called Paraskevidekatriaphobia. Christopher Columbus, Napoleon, Mark Twain, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill suffered from this phobia. Churchill refused to sit in the thirteenth row of a plane or theatre. Lord of the Rings trilogy author, JRR Tolkien, mentioned this fear in his books, with Bilbo Baggins becoming the 14th companion as they embark on their dangerous journey in the “Hobbit”.

In the Tarot, the "Death" card ("La mort") is represented by the number 13.
 In Christianity, the number 13 is considered to be an unlucky number, as the Bible names twelve apostles, but at the Last Supper thirteen people sat at the table with Jesus. The 13th being the traitorous Judas Iscariot.
Jesus was also was crucified on a Friday (Good Friday).

There are quite a large number of buildings that have no 13th floor – the same applies to airplanes with no 13th row. Hotels and hospitals also do not have rooms numbered 13.

Number 13 and lottery

There’s something very mathematical about our universe, and the more carefully we look, the more math we seem to find. Numbers have fascinated humans since the dawn of civilisation and make up everything in the world around us, from the setting of the sun and cycles of the moon, to the changing of the season, the flow of the tides, the rings of a tree.

Then we get those pesky lucky lotto numbers. Can you imagine just how many numbers pop out of lotto machines each year? International lotteries pay out billions of Pounds, Euro and Dollars to players lucky enough to predict the correct numbers drawn.

Various research stats have been done over the years on the results from the UK National Lottery, Canadian lotto 6/49, Spanish El Gordo Lotto, the OZ Lotto, the Irish lotto, German 6aus49, Mega Sena from Brazil and the Europe’s favourite lotto game, the EuroMillions. The date pulled shows that the lottery ball which is most often chosen as part of the winning combination is 23 and, eerily for the superstitious, however, the number which is least often drawn is the number 13!

Does that mean that 13 really is an unlucky number? It’s one thing that most lottery players prefer not to play the number, but lottery draws are completely random, which means number 13 has just as much chance of appearing as any other number. Mathematicians might tell you, that there has to a few numbers that will come out the least – it’s just a bit eerie that number 13 sits amongst them.

What is extremely interesting is the fact that more people play the lottery on Friday the 13th than on a regular Friday. Must be all those promotions, discounts and reminders to buy a lottery ticket online! Well done Marketers! Or is it just something in us that loves conquer our fears and come out victorious? Whatever the reason, Friday the 13th in modern society, and especially in the online lottery industry seems to trigger an optimistic impulse.

Those who have now chosen Friday the 13th to be their personal lucky day, and make sure you play the world’s biggest and best international lotto games like the US Powerball, Mega Millions, SuperEna Max and the EuroMillions right here at, you may want to make a note of all the Friday’s that fall on the 13th for 2018:

  • Friday, April 13th
  • Friday, July 13th

With both the Mega Millions Max having soared to a massive $700 million taking place this Friday the 13th, you simply have to play your lucky lotto numbers. We can only wonder what weird and wonderful routines our online lottery players will be using.

It’s going to be interesting if number 13 comes up…

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