The Best Online Lottery Tips Ever!


Someone, somewhere has to win it – and it could be you, if you follow the best online lottery tips ever…

Do your homework

  • Before you start playing the lottery online, make sure you have investigated the online lottery website thoroughly. Just looking at the site you will be able to gauge whether or not it’s a legit website.

  • Look for factual information about the lottery such as when it was started, who is the operator, and what rules and regulations apply.

  • Check to see if the lottery site is user-friendly, has a large variety of games, exceptional customer support and high security standards.

  • All legit online lottery websites use encryption protocols such as SSL to secure credit card information and are officially licensed. In the lottery industry, security and reliability are attributes that go a long way in giving you peace of mind when playing the lottery online.

  • Look though the online lotteries news articles, and blog posts, and read what they have to say.

  • Most online lottery websites will also offer their registered players the opportunity to enter various competitions, to either win lottery tickets or various other prizes.

  • Double check if the site has various social media sites. Remember these sites are not just good SEO practice for the company, but they additionally give you the lottery player the opportunity to stay up to date with the latest jackpots and another chance to win free lottery tickets.

  • One of the best ways to research a lottery concierge company is to use Google. There are numerous websites that review online lottery companies and if there’s any bad sites out there, they will be reflected as soon as possible.

  • Before you play the lottery online, study past patterns of the drawn numbers of the particular lotto game you wish to play. You will be able to see which numbers come up often or should be coming up soon. You can always base your selection of numbers on that.

  • In saying so, most online lottery players pick their numbers randomly. Randomly choosing of numbers is probably the most effective & the sensible way of selecting lottery numbers, as hot and due lotto numbers are few and far between, and you still need to fill the playblock.

  • If you want to give yourself the best possible chance of winning frequently, avoid lottery games with more than 7 numbers. Play lotteries with the least amount of balls needed and you will have a much better odds of winning.

  • If you are struggling to decide which lucky lottery numbers to play, remember it’s a game of chance – so just choose a Quickpick. You more than likely stand just as good a chance of scooping the jackpot as anyone else.

  • Read about the particular lotto game you wish to play. Good lottery websites will have all the information you need.

  • Always buy lottery tickets with your own money. Borrowing money from someone to buy a lottery ticket can cause a huge amount of unnecessary problems in the event that you’re lucky lotto numbers come up. In case you don’t win, you may also find it difficult to repay the money you borrowed.

  • Never ever put money from family budget or other important things into buying lottery tickets. Family & other things should always come first. You should only spend money in playing lotteries after taking care of all the other important things in life.

  • If you want to know the numbers that has been drawn in the past, then click on Previous Lotto Results on the site. All online lottery websites will have this feature on their site.

  • Buy your lottery ticket yourself. In the event that you would prefer playing the lottery with friends, family or colleagues, make sure that you draw up an agreement. Everyone in the lottery group should have sign the document and have a copy of such. In case, you do not win you will only have yourself to blame if no such agreement is in place. Playing in a lottery pool gives you the chance to play buy more lottery tickets for each draw, increasing your odds of winning and brings down the cost of tickets drastically.

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Play the lottery online

  • The best lottery tip? Play online. Playing online opens the door not only to the world’s biggest and best international lotto games, but it has many additional advantages such as;

  • With the help of the internet, you can play your choice of lotteries from anywhere in the world;

  • You cannot lose your ticket;

  • You can earn valuable loyalty points for your purchase, which you can redeem for more lottery tickets;

  • You can enter amazing competitions just for playing your usual lotto game;

  • In the event of a substantial win, a representative will contact you and notify you of your win, which means you will never lose out;

  • You will stay anonymous in the event of a win, and it will be your choice whether you tell anyone you are now a multi-millionaire.

  • To become an overnight millionaire though, you should get into the habit of buying your lottery tickets early. With so many people leaving it to the last minute for a record-breaking jackpot draw, you could face the nightmare of a site crashing and being left disappointed. For those purchasing their lottery tickets at the corner shop, waiting until the day of the draw will result in a long queue and with a strict cut-off times in place, many lotto enthusiasts miss the deadline.

  • Be careful when choosing your lottery numbers. Try not to choose numbers based solely on birthday, anniversaries that correspond to the days of the month. The reason for this is due to the fact that lotto numbers go higher than the 31st, and you could miss out winning the jackpot.

  • Avoid choosing your numbers in any zigzag pattern on your ticket. There have been cases in the past where this was proven that some “Tip services” provides the same selecting of numbers for thousands of players. So even if you win, you will be sharing your win with thousands of other lottery players.

  • If you want to use the most up to date lottery software to help you choose your numbers which kicks out the data relating to previous draws make sure you use well-reviewed software.

  • Never ever pick the exact same set of lottery numbers that have already come up the previous week or ever for that matter. It may work only once out of thousand times. So be rational while choosing your lottery numbers.

  • Do not pick numbers based on any arithmetic sequence e.g. 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 or 7, 14, 21, 28 it’s literally never worked. Most lotto machines float the balls up, so cannot pick numbers in arithmetic or geometrical progression.

  • Buy more than one lottery ticket. This will this increase your odds of winning.  

  • It has been seen that most of the time a mix of both odd & even numbers are drawn in a lottery. So selecting a mix of both odd & even numbers improves your chances of winning at least some sort of a prize in a lottery.

  • Try and throw in a pair from time to time e.g. 17, 18. These come up quite frequently.

  • When it comes down to choosing which lotto game to play, stick to a well-known and established lotto game, than to plunge your money into lesser known ones.

  • It is always advisable that you play lotteries that offer bonus prizes for an extra number. Powerball & Mega Millions are two examples of such lotteries that offer bonus prizes for lottery wins.

  • Try to pick numbers that others are quite unlikely to pick. This will help you to stand out in the actual draw.

  • Read though the rules for each lotto game. What applies in one lotto game might be completely different in another.

  • Even though looking at the odds of winning can be off putting to say the least, knowing the odds of winning would help you make the right decision as to which lottery you should play.

  • Spread your lotto numbers out. For instance, do not pick all your numbers from the teen group.

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Have fun playing the lottery online

  • The most important tip to remember is, the lottery is a game of luck. So even if you do not win any prize for a long time, there is no need to get disheartened. Lady Luck could smile down on you at any given time, and as they saying goes, “you have to be in it to win it.”  

  • For those playing the lottery offline, make sure you you’re your lottery tickets in a safe place. Try and keep them in the same place every time. That way, when you do remember to double check your lotto ticket, you will be able to put your hand on them immediately.

  • A ‘Balanced Wheel System’ ensures that you win at least some kind of a prize. The Balanced Wheel System makes sure of a minimum win guarantee because the Balanced Wheels force all of the winning numbers into a group that come together and reward you with at least one prize.

  • Most lotto games build up a rollover jackpot. If you are one of the lucky ones who wins some of the smaller prizes at EuroMillions draws quite frequently, rather than blowing that prize money on boozy parties, you can invest it in the Euromillions rollover jackpots. This rollover pot will fund the purchase of additional tickets the next time you play a rollover jackpot game.

  • Check out a previous draw and try to work out some sort of a pattern.

  • It’s best to avoid picking your numbers with all same last digits. For instance, do not pick numbers like 42-22-12-32-02 etc. This way of playing never seems to work.

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After you purchased your lottery ticket

  • Prepare for glory! Anyone can win the jackpot, and just because you bought your very first lottery ticket, does not mean that you cannot win the big one on your first lotto ticket.

  • Brace yourself for more attention than you could ever imagine if you win the jackpot. The onus rests on you who you who finds out and if you are ready for a lot of attention that will be focused on you. Remember, both good and the not so good will be after you. The media will also want to know literally everything about you, and the secret to your lottery winning success.

  • If you receive an email or a text message informing you that you have won a prize on the lottery and you have not purchased a lottery ticket, know that it is a scam.

  • After you have bought the ticket, double check the ticket.

  • Most lotteries will advise you to immediately sign the back of the ticket. Bear in mind though, that in some States in the US, you will have to claim the jackpot through a Trust that you can set up, in order to stay anonymous. Signing the ticket in your name will mean that you will have to claim the jackpot in your name and not the Trust, thereby forgoing the option to stay anonymous.

  • If when you win the jackpot, it might be a good idea to change your mailing address and contact details as you will have a constant bombardment after your name has gone public.

  • Depending on which lottery game you won, you will be given two options – a once off lump-sum pay-out or an annuity pay-out (instalments over a long period of time). Taking the lump sum amount will earn bigger interest for you in the bank.

  • It is quite normal to be a little adventurous after you win big in lottery. You will go out partying with friends, buy properties, and spend on your friends. That is ok up to a limit. Too much unnecessary spending on money might bring you back to where you have been before you won the lottery. So be careful about your spending. Therefore, speak to a financial advisor as soon as you can. You might want to do so, even before you claim your lottery winnings.

  • Invest your lottery winnings carefully as you will more than likely only ever win the lottery once. So make the most of it.

  • Install a full-fledged security system for your home. You will have more than enough funds to do so.

  • It’s a good idea to always check the results after each draw. This is just to check whether you may have won a prize or not.

  • To increase your chances of winning, it is important to keep playing on a regular basis. Playing now and again will not get you anything unless you are very lucky. Perseverance is the key to having that elusive huge jackpot in your wallet.

  • Whatever happens, never throw away your lottery ticket until the draw has taken place and you are 100% sure that you haven’t won a prize. Lottery is a game of luck and chance. Your luck can change in a fraction of a second. Binning your ticket and assuming you won’t win anything might just mean you are throwing away your good luck.

Be careful. Be sensible. Be lucky!

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