$560 million Powerball Winner’s Fight To Stay Anonymous


The winner of the US Powerball jackpot worth $560 million last month said that she made a “huge mistake” signing the back of the Powerball lottery ticket when she realised that she had won.

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Breaking news: $560M US Powerball Winner will get money while fight to remain anonymous continues

Lawyers representing the winner filed a motion in New Hampshire Superior Court seeking to allow her to start collecting even before her lawsuit is resolved.

Her lawyer, William Shaheen, said told the press on Wednesday that his client could start receiving her winnings as early as next week.

“There really isn’t any justification to hold up the money,” said Shaheen. “She is the winner and we have the winning ticket.”

Shaheen said that he’s been appointed as Jane Doe’s trustee, and that he plans to redeem the ticket at the New Hampshire Lottery office on Monday or Tuesday. He said the money should start flowing a couple days later, in the form of wire transfers in $50 million increments.

“As long as the money starts getting transferred, it takes a lot of pressure of everyone, because that’s the heart and soul of it,” said Shaheen.

He said she plans to take a lump sum. According to the New Hampshire Lottery, a lump sum from the $560 million would be about $358 million, without subtracting for taxes.

The lottery instructions say that winners should sign their winning tickets immediately. The lawsuit states that the winner didn’t realize, upon discovering that she had a winning ticket, that she could have placed it in the care of trustee without surrendering her identity.

“‘She has described this signing as a ‘huge mistake,'” the lawsuit says.

“Our position is that she entitled to place this money in trust and she is entitled to not have her name released to the public,” said Shaheen. “She didn’t have benefit of counsel and she was petrified of how much money she won.”

Assistant Attorney General John Conforti said, “We’re inclined to assent to that motion, but we haven’t filed a response yet.”

The New Hampshire Lottery Commission said on Thursday (February, 13, 2018) that it will allow the lottery winner, who wants to remain anonymous, to start collecting some of her $560 million jackpot while she awaits a court’s ruling on whether she can remain anonymous.

They further stated that they will allow her to designate a trust that could collect the money on her behalf — as long as someone brings her winning ticket, photo ID and social security number to a secure location so state officials can make sure she’s eligible. 

The commission said the terms of this proposed agreement, which still has to be approved by a judge, shouldn’t influence the court’s decision on whether or not the woman’s name is subject to the Right-to-Know law. 




One the first things they advise lottery winners to do is sign the back of the ticket. This is exactly what the latest big US Powerball lottery did after she realised that all her lotto numbers matched those in the draw that took place just over a month ago.

Before claiming her mega lottery prize though, she sought legal advice. Another good move by the Powerball winner. Thinking that she was doing everything by the book, she was shocked to find out by the lawyer, that due to the fact that she had signed her name on the back of the Powerball lottery ticket, that she would no longer be able to claim the huge jackpot win anonymously or through a trust. She would have to now do so with her name, and forfeit the choice of staying anonymous.

She’s having none of it though, and filed a lawsuit against the New Hampshire Lottery Commission in order to stay anonymous, saying that releasing her name would be a significant invasion of privacy.

The woman filed suit against the New Hampshire Lottery Commission under the pseudonym Jane Doe.

Why she wants to stay unknown

The New Hampshire woman who’s the sole winner of the $560 million Powerball ticket won said that releasing her name would "constitute a significant invasion of her privacy."

While winning any lottery jackpot can be a life-changing event, it can also come with challenges. We just have to look at previous lottery jackpot winners over the years to see how some winners had to deal with scams using their names, constant requests for money, and even murder.

Her attorney, Steven Gordon, says she "wishes to continue this work and [keep] the freedom to walk into a grocery store or attend public events without being known or targeted as the winner of a half-billion dollars." She plans on remaining in New Hampshire and giving back "to the state and community that has given so much to her."

Unfortunately, due to New Hampshire's lottery rules, the winners name, town and the winning amount will be made public, as she has already signed her name on the back of the ticket.

She said that she only did what she was basically told to do based on the instructions posted on the ticket and on the state lottery website.  Nowhere did it state that if wanted to stay anonymous or claim the lottery prize through a Trust, to not sign the back of the ticket and seek legal representation first.

She says she made a "huge mistake" when she signed her real name on the back of the ticket before contacting a lawyer, who told her she could have remained anonymous had she established a trust and then had a trustee sign the ticket.

Still, lottery officials want her to play by the rules, and in a statement, New Hampshire Lottery Executive Director Charlie McIntyre said, "While we respect this player's desire to remain anonymous, state statutes and lottery rules clearly dictate protocols. The disclosure of Ms. Doe's identifying information would constitute an invasion of privacy because the limited public interest in disclosure is far outweighed by Ms. Doe's interest in remaining anonymous."

The winnings will expire after one year if they remain unclaimed.

Legal case costing Powerball winner $14G in interest per day

Steven Gordon, her attorney at law firm of Sheheen and Gordon, says that he’s trying to fast track the case as his client is losing about $14,000 a day in interest. He said that he’s hoping to expedite the hearing from Feb. 21 to Feb. 13, and the judge is reviewing the request. In a blogpost on January, 8, William Shaheen wrote a post about the difficulties the lawsuit might face:

"Don't sign that back of the ticket because if you sign it you lost confidentiality," he says. "It becomes public, and you lost the option of staying anonymous."

A customer departs Reeds Ferry Market convenience store, Sunday, Jan. 7, 2018, in Merrimack, N.H. A lone Powerball ticket sold at the convenience store matched all six numbers and will claim a $570 million jackpot.

What we do know is she purchased the winning US Powerball lottery ticket from Reeds Ferry Market convenience store, Sunday, Jan. 7, 2018, in Merrimack, N.H.

"The New Hampshire Lottery understands that winning a $560 million Powerball jackpot is a life-changing occurrence," Charlie McIntyre, the New Hampshire Lottery's executive director, said in a statement. "Having awarded numerous Powerball jackpots over the years, we also understand that the procedures in place for prize claimants are critically important for the security and integrity of the lottery, our players and our games."

He carried on saying that he understands the winner's desire to keep her name out of the media. He also said that the state attorney general's office advised him that "the lottery must proceed in accordance its rules and by state law in processing this claim like any other."

Jane Doe won the Powerball on January, 6 with a ticket that she had purchased at Reeds Ferry Market, a modest convenience store in Merrimack, N.H. The owner even came out a winner, claiming a $75,000 prize for selling the ticket.

The store owner said, "Can you believe someone just walked into my store and won?! Most of my customers are local, and I'm hoping it's someone local. But whoever it is, congratulations to them."

How to stay anonymous when you win the lottery?

The simple answer is: Play the lottery online with PlayUSALotteries.com. By doing so, your win will automatically stay confidential, and hey, if you wish to tell the world afterwards, that will be up to you to decide.

In the words of the editorial board of Pennsylvania’s site, The Sentinel, “Sure, winning the lottery may make you a target, but so will wearing the latest pair of Air Jordan’s and getting $20 out of the ATM.”

They say that you have a better chance of getting hit by lightning than you do winning the lottery, but if you play the lottery with the mind-set of enjoying the game and simply taking your chances, it’s always fun to play billionaire. If you were to win, there are a few things you should to do to protect and optimize your winnings.

Make a Choice: Lump Sum or Annuity

The annuity option ensure that you get paid out your winnings over time, and you’ll get more money. With the lump sum pay-out, you get all your money at once, but after taxes, and your lottery concierge commission. What you do need consider though is that by taking out the lump sum pay-out (being less than the annuity option) it could still be a more lucrative option if you invest it, thanks to a little thing called compound interest.

Know the Rules, Don’t Let The System Take You Down

Before rushing out to claim your lottery prize, take a moment to soak it all in. You’re a multimillionaire, I know! It’s time for couch jumping and champagne popping. However, if there’s one thing we’ve learnt from the $560 million Powerball winner above, is that acting impulsively when you win the lottery can backfire.  You need time to understand the rules completely, speak to a lawyer who can give you the best possible advice. Remember, that playing the lottery online does take most of the issues out of the equation. Don’t worry about missing the deadline: in most states, you have 180 days to claim your ticket. Not so if you play the lottery online though, as we have all the systems in place already, making the wait to receive your prize winnings as quick and as smooth sailing as possible.

For those buying the ticket at the local store, make a copy of your ticket and put the original in a safe place.

Pool wins

If you played the lottery through pool, make sure that before you join, there’s a written agreement in place and that you have a copy, or things can get extremely messy.

Think about the future

One thing is extremely important, and that is to protect your massive nest egg. A good lawyer will give you all the advice on how you can protect your money. They’ll suggest a series of legal moves and insurance products to help protect you against all the things that might possibly go wrong with your money: lawsuits, creditors, and even divorce.

How do you weigh in?  Would you wish to remain anonymous when winning big as you automatically do when you play the lottery online with PlayUSALotteries.com?  Or do you feel that winners should be announced, and that it’s the public’s right to know who has won big?

Let us know in the comments section below, and earn valuable LottoPoints for your comment at the same time.

With some proper planning and a basic understanding of the lottery rules, you should be in pretty good shape. Of course, you first have to actually buy a lottery ticket to give yourself the opportunity to become an overnight millionaire. This is where PlayUSALotteries.com comes in!

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