Expect Huge Lottery Jackpots In 2018

Now that the champagne has gone flat and the Christmas tree has been mulched, what was your wish for the New Year?  A few lottery players around the world, had their wish come true over the past few weeks…

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Even though these lottery winners came from all corners of the globe, they all have a one thing in common - they turned their lottery tickets into millions. Two lotteries’ jackpots were won recently and thanks to many roll overs the prize money was some of the biggest ever seen.

With multi millions Dollar, Euro and Pound amounts now reflecting in their bank accounts, you can just imagine the luxury and adventures 2018 have in store for these lucky lottery players.

2018’s First Big Winners

The US Powerball and Mega Millions usa lotto games promised offline and online usa lotto players much bigger jackpots – and boy did they deliver. The two competing American lottery games had jackpots worth a combined $1 billion - the first time both games ever offered prizes of more than $400 million each at the same time. If these huge wins are a sign of what this year will bring, you must make sure you have your numbers ready for each draw as 2018’s next big jackpot winner could be you.

MegaMillions’ $450-Million Winner

The first of the big jackpot wins, who kicked of the year in true lotto style, was Shane Missler at the tender age of 20. Shane said he had a feeling he was going to win the jaw-dropping $450 million on Mega Millions.

It seems as though Shane was on a serious winning streak as he used his scratchcard winnings to purchase a Quickpick Mega Millions ticket at a supermarket in Port Richey, Florida.

The lucky Mega Millions winning numbers 28 30 39 59 70 and Mega Ball 10 scooped the whole jackpot on January 5, 2018.

For those of you wondering what the odds were, we can tell you it was a hefty 302.5 million to one. Now that might sounds unattainable, but if you speak to Shane, he more than likely just laugh and say, “If it’s your time, it’s your time.”

Powerball’s $559-Million Winner

The weekend continued to prove lucky for those playing the American lotto games, with the massive US Powerball jackpot of $559.7 also being won on January 7 - one of the largest in the multistate lottery’s history.

The winning ticket, which matched all six numbers (12-29-30-33-61-26) drawn on Saturday night, was sold in Merrimack, New Hampshire.

Lottery officials initially estimated the jackpot to be $570 million, but the actual prize when the winning numbers were drawn Saturday turned out to be $559.7 million. The winner has yet to come forward to claim their prize.

Last year, a woman from Chicopee, Mass., won the $758 million Powerball jackpot and received a lump-sum payment of $480 million after choosing the cash option.

In 2016, three winners from California, Florida and Tennessee split a jackpot prize of nearly $1.6 billion. That same year, another New Hampshire player won the $487 million jackpot.

Somewhere a ticket with the winning lottery numbers 12 29 30 33 61 and the PowerBall 26 is ready to make someone a millionaire. Had they played the Powerball online here at PlayUSALotteries.com, they would have definitely known about their fantastic fortune by now via the results email that not only reflects the latest winning lottery numbers, but any matches they may have. In this case, every single number would have shown up, with all the bells, frills and whistles that come with a jackpot win!

The Powerball odds of 1 in 292 million were therefore also beaten, and if it can happen to that lottery player, why not you?

As we’ve seen many times over the years, it’s pretty normal for jackpot winners, especially those that have scooped up seriously high jackpots, to take their time claiming their prize. A reason for this that they first seek financial advice. Even though you have literally been waiting your whole life to win the jackpot, you do need to know how to get the most out of your winnings. With huge differences between cash and annuity pay outs, it’s wise to plan.

Past American Lottery Jackpot Wins

Looking at these two mammoth American jackpots, it’s hard to believe that these aren’t the biggest wins in history.

The $450-Million Mega Millions jackpot that was recently won might look out of this world, but it’s s till not big enough to take a podium spot.

Here's where the list of the largest U.S. lottery prizes stands now:


  • $1.6 billion Powerball (January 13, 2016) -The record-shattering jackpot was won by three US Powerball lottery ticket holders, Mae and Marvin Acosta from Chino Hills, California; John and Lisa Robinson of Munford, Tennessee; and Maureen Smith, a 70-year-old from Melbourne Beach, Florida.
  • $758.7 million Powerball (August 23, 2017) - The winner of this incredibly life-changing Powerball jackpot was Mavis Wanczyk from Chicopee, Massachusetts. She holds the title as the largest jackpot with a single winner in American history.
  • $656 million Mega Millions (March 30, 2012) - The jackpot was won by three ticket holders; a retired couple from Illinois, Merle and Patricia Butler, a group of friends in Maryland who dubbed themselves the "Three Amigos," and the third share opted to remain anonymous as they are able to in the State of Kansas.
  • $648 million Mega Millions (December 17, 2013) - Two winners split the jackpot, Ira Curry, from Georgia and Steve Tran in San Jose, California.
  • $590.5 million Powerball (May 18, 2013) - 84-year-old Gloria Mackenzie of Florida had the one-and-only winning ticket.
  • $587.5 million Powerball – Two Powerball lottery players shared the jackpot. They were Matthew Good of Arizona and Cindy and Mark Hill of Missouri.
  • $564 million Powerball (February 11, 2015) - (November 28, 2012) – The three winners who claimed the prize were; Marie Holmes of North Carolina; Andrew Weber, who claimed it on behalf of a trust in Texas; and an anonymous player in Puerto Rico.
  • $559.7 million Powerball (January 6, 2018) – 20-year-old, Shane Messler said he had the ‘winning feeling’ and he did, scooping the whole jackpot.
  • $536 million Mega Millions (July 8, 2016) - A single winning ticket from Indiana took home the prize.
  • $487 million Powerball (July 30, 2016) – Another single winning ticket won from New Hampshire.
  • $450 million Mega Millions (Jan. 5, 2018) - The single winning ticket was sold in Florida. It was the first jackpot winner after new rules were put in place in October.

With the American lotto games offering up more money than you could ever spend in one lifetime, you will be crazy not to play the Powerball online or the Mega Millions.

Make some of this yours, and make sure you don’t miss out again. Be ready for the next jackpot. Thanks to 2017 game changes the Mega Millions jackpot kicked off again at $40 million and has already rolled over to $55 million for this Friday night’s draw. So too has the US Powerball with an already huge jackpot of $78 million – which could have your name on it this Saturday.

Will 2018 prove to be your lucky year?

Millions of people all over the world play the various international lotteries on a regular basis. The best part is, these mammoth lotteries are available to play online, from the comfort of your own home, no matter where in the world you are. Whether you play the American lotteries, Mega Millions and Powerball or the EuroMillions or EuroJackpot – the choice is yours. Remember, “The more difficult the winning, the greater the victory!”

If you too would like to play the lotto, sign up and play all the international lotteries online today.  If you’re a seasoned online lottery enthusiast who loves all things numbers, results, fun facts and excitement, make sure you stay tuned by reading out latest lotto news right here at PlayUSALotteries.com and remember, if the thrill of winning and hitting that massive USA Lotto jackpot is your passion – PlayUSALotteries.com has you covered!

Think supercars, mega yachts, opulent mansions and even your own private jet... ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

You think you could handle that kind of money? There’s only one way to find out – Play the lottery online today!

Best of luck!
The PlayUSALotteries.com Team

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