Powerball Rolls Over To Nearly $200 Million

For US Powerball lottery player’s there’s nothing better than when the Powerball jackpot rolls over to a seriously big jackpot. With the festive season just round the corner, this is exactly what’s happening, with tonight’s US Powerball jackpot sitting at a whopping $193 million!

Just because the Powerball is rolling, doesn’t mean though, that no one is winning substantial prizes. We just have to look at Edmond Nicaj whose life got a little easier after winning $1 million Powerball on the game.

Edmond Nicaj USA Powerball Lottery Winner

The father of six matched the five white balls drawn 24-26-28-59-63. He bought his winning ticket at the Great Lakes Family Restaurant, at 963 S. Grand Ave. in Fowlerville.

“I buy a Powerball ticket every once in a while, and it really paid off this time,” Nicaj said.

“I checked my ticket the morning after the drawing, and couldn’t stop jumping around.

“My kids heard me and came running upstairs to check on me and then they started jumping around. My 6-year-old asked me how many zeros would be on my check.”

The happy dad claimed his Powerball win last Friday at the Lottery Headquarters.

He said that the Powerball win will give him the opportunity to pay all his bills, and invest money for each of his six children.

“Winning feels good because it helps. It takes away so much stress and pressure,” Nicaj said.

USA Powerball Coworker Lottery Winners

He’s not the only one that’s come forward to claim a Powerball prize., who play the Powerball in an office pool, also came forward to claim Coworkers at NTN Driveshaft in Columbus a $50,000 prize recently.

The started in December 2015, and even though there have been those you have left the USA lottery pool, those who still play together have finally been rewarded a huge Powerball win. They are, Patricia A., Roland W., Gamaliel G., James T., Pam F. and Curt H.

The group claimed their Powerball prize at Hoosier Lottery Headquarters in Indianapolis. They told lottery officials that they all come from various places, such as Indianapolis, Columbus, and Seymour.

The group said that they started playing the Powerball as a syndicate when the Powerball jackpot was rolling to the record-breaking jackpot in December 2015.

As with all lottery syndicates, there’s always a designated leader, who buys the lottery tickets on behalf of the group. It’s usually this person who also double checks the tickets to see if they have won.

While double checking the Powerball lottery tickets, he first thought that they had won $100, but in checking the ticket again he realized that it was significantly more.

"He called me and I was screaming," Patricia said, adding that she quickly notified her co-workers even though it was 1 a.m.

When asked what they plan to do with their wins, some said that for now, all they know is that they will be having a really good Christmas this year, while other said that they plan to leave it in the bank until they decide what to do.

The Powerball syndicate call themselves, “Over Fifty,” due to the fact that they are all over 50 years of age, but it does seem rather ironic as they won $50,000. We can’t help but wonder if they will be changing the name now…

Do you play with your co-workers? If so, let us know what you call yourselves in the comments section below – and remember, for every comment made, you will earn valuable LottoPoints to redeem for free lottery vouchers of your choice!

Best of luck!

The PlayUSALotteries.com Team

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