Scratchcards Online: The Ultimate Review

Playing a scratchcard is a great feeling. The hope, the anticipation, the feel of the coin scraping the foil away, the excitement as you peer to see if you have won; it’s a simple please that thousands of us like to indulge in. The only downside is how time-consuming it is, as you have to venture out to purchase scratchcards-- which rather dents the simplicity aspect.

Well, fear not; the revolution is upon us, and online scratchcards can produce the same feeling of anticipation, all from the comfort of your own sofa. offers plenty of different options if you want to give online scratch cards a try, so let’s dive right on in and see which is worth your time.

100 000 Cash Scratch Card Online

100,000 Cash

Well, it’s impossible not to love the simplicity of the name for £100,000 Cash. As the name hints, the top prize is £100,000.

There’s no doubt that the cards look good; a rich brown background sparkles with the promise of gold bars in a vault. All you have to do is hit “Play Scratchcard”; then mouse over your choice of the nine different squares. You’ll need to match three to win, with amounts ranging from winning a free play, or between £2 and the titular £100,000. It’s £1 per card, though discounts are available for multiple purchases.


It’s one of the simpler cards, looks good, and the entry fee isn’t prohibitive. Definitely, a great card if you want to maximise your chance to win big.

Star Match Scratch Card Online

Star Match

It costs £0.75 per Star Match card, which means a lower top prize of £10,000. However, that also makes it more accessible, especially when you factor in the potential discounts. Hit “Play Scratchcard” and mouse over the nine stars to reveal if you’ve won.

This game is very pleasing to the eye; you’ll be scratching off stars not dissimilar to those on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The movie theme continues, as each revealed square includes a picture of film-related paraphernalia such as clapperboards and film reels. You can win anything from free plays to Instant Win offerings on The top prize is a little lower, but this is compensated for by the lower entry requirement.

Full Bloom

Now for something entirely different. The top prize with Full Bloom isn’t a single chunk of money; it’s £2,500 a month for the next decade, which is more than the average UK salary. There are individual one-off prizes to be won too, ranging from free plays up to £50,000.

Naturally, you’ll pay more for entry into such a potentially-profitable card: £1.50 to be precise. However, given the top prize is worth potentially £300,000 over 10 years, that seems more than worth it. The graphics are pleasantly colorful as you scratch over a flower rather than the standard grid arrangement, so all things considered, Full Bloom is a great choice.

Bicho Mania

Bicho Mania is something different again. The top prize of £4,000 might not sound like much compared to what we’ve discussed so far, but here’s the kicker: there’s a massive 300,000 of these to be won. Only one person will win the top prize for Full Bloom or £100,000, so while the top price is lower, the chance of winning a decent sum of money is much higher.

The fun graphics for Bicho Mania are bright and colorful, showing a jungle setting with the standard nine-grid to scratch off. It’s £2 for five games, so that’s just over 25p per game: an absolute bargain.

Raid The Piggy Bank

Another multi-game offering here; Raid The Piggy Bank is a cheerful-looking game with plenty to consider. If you’re not a fan of the standard nine-grid, then you’re in luck here; just scratch off the winking face of the eponymous piggy bank to reveal your fortune.

The cost is £1.25 for five games, with a top prize of £2,500 to be won. Other prizes range from free plays to £500. The biggest bargain here comes when you buy the 25 game package, which offers an impressive discount that amounts to just 22p per game-- not bad in exchange for potentially £2,500!

Moohrun Online Scratch Card Game


Back to the land of one-game-per purchase for Moorhuhn, a sweet-looking card that offers the potential to win £70,000. As ever, it’s simple to play, as you mouse over a set of nine targets to reveal your potential winnings. The price of 70p per play is reflective of the potential top prize.

Alongside this lucrative top prize, there are plenty of other cash winnings. There are no free plays to be won; the lowest denomination prize is 35p, so if you want a good chance of monetary return on your investment, then Moorhuhn might be your best bet.

Footie Frenzy

Footie Frenzy is a gem of a game and should appeal to everyone regardless of your love for soccer. The card is split into three different sections, appropriately named given the football theming.

In the First Half, you’re provided with eight potential symbols, and you’ll want to match them to two provided by the card. The symbols are all football-related and have a financial value, such as 80p for a yellow card or £2 for a ball. If you match one of your symbols with the provided winning symbols, then you will win the value amount.

With that done, you move onto the Second Half. This is a row game; you’ll want to match both symbols to win the cash value. For example, two Tactics boards will win you 40p.

Finally, you move onto Extra Time. Another row, you’ll be wanting to reveal shirt numbers that add up to 11.

So effectively, Footie Frenzy offers you three games in one, and there’s a huge variation in the amounts of money you could win. You could play all three sections and emerge with £3.20, or potentially the top prize of £60,000. Each three-in-one game costs £2, but three cards will contain that amount, so there’s a decent return on investment. This game is perfect if you want to maximise your chances and like the thrill of the reveal to last over three rounds.

777 Scratch Card Online Games


Finally, an oldie but a goodie: the slot machine-influenced 777 utilizes the association we all have with seven being a lucky number. This is a nice, simple game and a great option if you just fancy dipping your toe in the water and sampling online scratch cards for the first time.

You’ve got nine grids of glittering gold, which reveal cash amounts. You’ll want to match three of any to win. The amounts range from 25p through to £7,777. The top prize can be won on seven different cards, offering the potential for a substantial win off a relatively small stake. Each card is 50p when bought individually, but can be brought down to 45p if you buy 10. This is a simple game with a great reward, so if you’re a little confused about how online scratch cards can work, this might be the perfect place for you to start.

In Conclusion

Overall, there’s a great range of cards available that will suit all budgets or preferences-- the above mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg. Every card loads quickly, the rules are easy to understand, and the cards with multiple-purchase discounts are a steal. The best pick is probably Full Bloom, but it’s tough to overlook the attractive ease of 777 for beginners.

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