81-Year-Old Mega Millions Winner Totally Overwhelmed By $1M Lotto Win

“It’s you isn’t it?” was the first thing 81-year-old, smiling James Decker heard from his local store owner when he went in to claim his $1 million Mega Millions prize.

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James Decker has been buying Mega Millions lottery tickets for years at his local store, and over the years he’s built up a good friendship with the owner. So much so, that he told him that if he ever did win the Mega Millions lottery, he would put his children through college.

But, it’s one thing dreaming of winning an American lotto game, and actually literally seeing your lucky usa lotto numbers appear, like the latest Saint Clair County experienced for himself last week.

The latest $1 million Mega Millions second tier winner, who lives in Harsens Island, Michigan, won the life changing American lotto prize last Friday when his lucky Mega Millions lotto numbers matched the five main numbers in the Mega Millions draw. Even though he came incredibly close to bagging the jackpot, becoming an instant mega millionaire is definitely something to grin about.

He did just that when he walked in to the Anchor Bay Market close to Mr Decker’s home where he bought his lucky Mega Millions ticket. Seeing the huge grin on the 81-year-old’s face, the store owner immediately said, ‘It’s you, isn’t it?

Over the years the two built up a friendship, and Mr Decker said, “I’ve always told him that if I win the jackpot, I’d put his kids through college.” Unfortunately, he didn’t win the jackpot, but he did live up to his promise and told the store owner that he would give him a nice bonus after he claimed the big prize.

When the lucky winner spoke to lottery officials he said that when he checked the Mega Millions winning numbers the morning after the draw, he couldn’t believe his eyes. 

“I didn’t tell anyone because I didn’t think it was real,” Mr Decker told Mega Millions officials. “It wasn’t until I started researching online where the $1 million winning ticket was bought that I started to believe I was the winner.”

Mr Decker said he’s still unsure what he will do with the win, and at the moment he’s just trying to comprehend the amazing turn of events.

“I’ve honestly been trying not to think about winning because it’s so overwhelming,” he said.

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Becoming one of the Mega Millions winners may just be your ticket to living your life in the way you have always dreamt about, but you know what they say, “You got to be in it, to win it!”
Play Mega Millions online as this could be just what you need to start living your dream. Many of us have the ideas, drive and energy to do great things but we fall short on the financial end of doing what it is we really want to do. Winning this Friday night’s $30 million jackpot could quite easily be the jumpstart you need to catapult your life to the next level. All you need is to get all those Mega Millions winning numbers to be in our favour.

Not everyone dreams of winning an American lotto game so they can retire and do nothing but live off of their new found wealth, some online usa lotto players would love to put the money to good use in order to change the lives of others.

In 2013 a lotto jackpot winner gave his entire prize to charity in order to help fund cancer research. The winner’s wife had died of cancer a few years prior and he felt it was the best way to honour her and to help others.

So if you would like nothing better than to be in the enviable position to do whatever you want with your lotto jackpot win, then make sure you play the Mega Millions lotto game online.

If the ability to donate money to charity, buy luxury cars and huge houses without anyone telling you how or when I should spend the jackpot sounds perfect to you – you better get cracking and get that ticket to freedom now.

Be who you are. Live your dream, and keep smiling like Mr Decker!

Best of luck!

The PlayUSALotteries.com Team

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Posted by Julian (5/10/2017)

I am Happy to that you won. but Mr Decker a promise is promise since you told the store owner that you will give him a nice bonus after you claimed it. Please do and you will get more and be happy from me. JULIAN BRODIE

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