Your Future With Or Without This Weeks $430M Powerball

Monday arrives, the alarm goes off at exactly 6:00am. You can’t believe it’s time to get up already.  The minute your feet hit the floor, the race to get it all done and dusted begins.  Breakfast, shower, wake the children up for the fifth time, and let the pooch out.  Life can be rather monotonous sometimes, but not if you win this week’s monstrous $430 million US Powerball.

This is not one of those articles that dictate the obvious. No. No one has the time or the patience for that. But what we instead do want to point out, is the fact that yes, we all have to work for a living and yes we all have a certain amount of responsibilities, but for one minute could we just imagine what we could actually swop out for a much better time.

boring life, how to better your life

Take working in the garden for instance. While there are literally thousands of people who will say they absolutely love gardening, even these avid gardeners will confess that they do not like weeding, mowing the lawn, or repotting. 

Instead of doing the cumbersome laborious work you could be enjoying the freedom of delegating these boring tasks to either your gardener or discussing garden goals with your landscaper who send in the muscle to look after your garden.  This is of course, if you buy a Powerball lottery ticket online and win this Wednesday’s $430 million jackpot.

mowing the lawn

After all, at PlayUSALotteries the grass is always greener, and by playing the usa lotto online here, we help you maximize your chances of beating the odds.

Stay on our turf and you'll soon reap the rewards!

Same goes for the ladies. After winning this Wednesday’s Powerball jackpot you could literally forget how to iron. Gone will be the days of pulling out the iron to get the children looking all prim and proper.  It's time to swop the iron and go on that perfect shopping spree you have alwasy dreamt about!

boring life, how to better your life

We all think that money won’t change us, but let’s face it, it definitely will, and it by no means has to be in a bad way.

Just for fun, if you won this Wednesday’s $430 million US Powerball what type of personality type do you think you could be:

Snotty and Aloof

The moment this Powerball lottery player realises he or she has won the jackpot, they will:

  • break all contact with anyone he has ever known.
  • appoint a chauffeur to drive them around in their brand new limo.
  • move into a centuries old castle that screams of old money.
  • apply for membership to exclusive club.
  • rub shoulders with titled, blue blood individuals only.

Jovial and Generous

The moment the $403 million reflects in their bank account, this person will:

  • go all out on the biggest party ever, and invite the whole neighbourhood.
  • buy himself and his friends some supercars to celebrate the gigantic lottery win.
  • invest in a huge mansion and invite the whole family to move in.
  • always pick up the tab at restaurants and leave big tips for the waiters.
  • pay the household help's children's college bills.

Secretive and Stingy

The moment the American Powerball jackpot is theirs, this person will:

  • go into stealth mode and draw the curtains.
  • tell nobody about the amazing lotto win and definitley claim the Powerball jackpot anonymously.
  • keep on driving your outdated car to avoid attention.
  • keep on collecting coupons to buy groceries with.
  • surprise everyone when he dies a miser and leaves the bulk of the Powerball jackpot to his cat.

Adventurous and Humanitarian

The moment the US Powerball is his, this person will:

  • tell his boss to go take a hike and stick his office job up his you-know-what.
  • get on the first plane and fly off to the Amazon to save trees from being chopped down.
  • buy a yacht and sail the oceans of the world while dropping off vaccinations at various ports.
  • adopt a family of chimpanzees in a zoo somewhere in central Africa.
  • drive a campaign to help end rhino poaching and rhino horn smuggling.

Hopefully, when you win the US Powerball, you will assume the best character traits of all four personality types and just be an ordinary person who loves playing the best international lottery games online, while having some serious fun at the same time!

Best of luck!

The Team

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Jason L - who has written 2956 articles

Posted by Julian (15/08/2017)

I will going with the jackpot today Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

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