Can My Spouse Claim Half My Lotto Win?

If you are playing the lottery and your marriage is on the rocks, you might want to take into consideration that half your lottery win will most likely go to your spouse. Why? Because you purchased the lottery ticket using marital income. Now if what you purchased mushroomed in value, like you’re lucky usa lotto numbers all falling out the lotto machine causing you to be the next big Mega Millions jackpot winner, well that win is martial income. However, whether your wife receives a full half of your money may come down to a judge’s discretion.

Timing is everything

Timing can be everything. When a judge looks at your spouse’s claim to half the lotto win, depending on where you live in the world, some countries mark the cut-off point for shared marital property as early as the date you separate. (You could also insist on coming up with a separation agreement.)  However in some other countries, the cut-off point is the date you file a divorce or the date when your divorce is finalised.

Lump-sum vs Annuity pay-out

If you accept your Lotto winnings in the form of an annuity, you’ll receive incremental payments, usually yearly, and this income will most definitely be taken into account when it comes to calculating child support.  Even if you win the lottery after you got divorced, your ex will more than likely take you back to court to recalculate your child support to take your new wealth into consideration.

Consult an attorney

So, if you double check your Mega Millions winning lottery numbers on Tuesday evening and see that you hit the big one – make sure that you consult with an attorney as soon as possible, if you are contemplating divorce.

Lottery winner divorces wife the day before he picks up his lottery win

After Liu Xiang found out he had won the lottery, he immediately proceeded to initiate the divorce with his wife, Yuan Li, without telling her about his win. He won 4.6 million yuan (£467,000) China's national lottery.

The day after he collected his lottery win, friends congratulated her on her now ex-husband's fortune. Not taking being duped lying down, she took him to court and was paid out 1.15 million yuan in compensation.

When a lottery prank goes horribly wrong

Tom loves to prank his friends, family and wife, and then upload the prank to Facebook. Tom decided to prank his wife into believing that they had won the Powerball jackpot. His wife who loves to buy lottery tickets is about to see a recording of the Powerball draw, while she double checks her lucky Powerball numbers she played. While in the bathroom, Tom tells his wife that the draw is about to take place. She immediately grabs her ticket and watches the draw, while Tom nonchalantly goes into the bathroom.

As she listened intently to the winning numbers, her husband was laughing inside the bathroom. When he came out, he asked his wife what the matter was as he saw her with her mouth wide open due to the shock of seeing the winning numbers on the screen.

When his wife started talking, he didn’t expect her to say, “I want a divorce.”

With this week’s Mega Millions soaring to $303 million and the US Powerball lottery also boasting a massive $261 million – you have to agree, that there’s more than enough to go round – making sure everyone is happy and life can be lived as it was always supposed to be; happy, content, and of course financially stable.

Best of luck!
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