What Type Of Lottery Player Are You?

Over the many years of bringing you the latest lottery news, we have also had the privilege of getting to know our online lottery players. Even though all lottery players would love to win the top lottery jackpot prize, not all lottery players are the same and fall into various categories. What type of lottery player are you?

What type of lottery player are you?

What type of lottery player are you?

In essence there are three different kinds of lottery players. They are:

  • The Skeptic
  • The Realist
  • The Believer

The Skeptic

The people that hate the lottery. They think that they are never going to win. They trash the lottery, and even though they buy a lottery ticket, they still walk around saying, “I don’t know why I bought this lotto ticket, it’s not like I’m ever going to win. This is a rip-off!" You would be surprised to know just how many lottery players fall into this category.

The Realist

People that say, “You know what, it’s the lottery. I know they’re out to take my money. Maybe I’ll get lucky. Maybe I’ll win. But, if I don’t, that’s alright. The roads will get paved, the schools will get funded. It’s all good. I’m a realist.

The Believer

These people who every single time they buy a lottery ticket, or scratch a ticket, or buy a Powerball lotto ticket, or whatever, they’re going to win. “I’m going to win, I’m going to win right now!” When they don’t, they buy another lottery ticket. “I’m going to win, I’m a winner. I believe. I am a believer."

Then we have the sub-categories:


Broke, but willing to try anything

PROBLEM: You see this Friday’s $248 million Mega Millions jackpot being advertised. You want to buy a Mega Millions ticket right now. But there’s one problem. It’s a few days before pay day and well, cash is tight.

WHAT YOU DO NOW:  One: You double check your emails. See if you received an email notifying you of a special offer or a discount on lottery tickets. Two: You log in a PlayUSALotteries.com and click on “Account Balance.” Sure enough, there’s a rogue lotto voucher or funds waiting to be used.

Realise that while some players get lucky on their first try using tiny investments, many don’t. Buy and limit yourself to one lotto ticket if you have to. At least you know you didn’t do anything stupid, and you are still in with a chance.

Waged, but not much spare money

PROBLEM: You’re on a regular wage but still find yourself short to buy more than one ticket when your favourite lotto game smashes through the 100 million mark. 

WHAT TO DO NOW: Make sure that when you do win something, you convert your winnings into funds. By doing so, you will be able to utilise the funds on the lottery that has soared to record heights.

Doubting player

PROBLEM: You receive our email informing you of the next big lotto jackpot. The image looks extremely appealing, the wording gets your attention. But, you don’t always believe what you read. You think its all marketing, and they just want your money. You also end up thinking that you don’t have the tenacity to keep playing until a win comes along.

WHAT TO DO NOW: Get out of your cynical mood and start believing in the good of humanity and the power of numbers. It is possible that someone could very well win the jackpot, and those six lucky lotto numbers could be your daughter’s birthday, your parent’s wedding anniversary, and your dog’s age. Why not? The lottery is a game of chance, and anyone can win it.


Analytical player

PROBLEM: You want to believe that your lucky lotto numbers will one day bag the big one, but your inbuilt logic prevents you from fully believing. You’ve run your own tests on the hot and cold numbers, due numbers and most drawn numbers, and they definitely don't match your exact set of lotto numbers.

WHAT TO DO NOW: Realise that lotto is a game of chance. While the buying more lottery tickets increases your chances of winning, you need persistence patience and a plan of action.  Just take a chance, and buy a lottery ticket online today. Above all, forget the facts, the odds, and just have fun.

1-5 tickets-a-week player

PROBLEM: You buy 1 ticket or coupon or line a week, and then wonder why you never won anything.
WHAT TO DO NOW: If you can afford to, you should buy more lottery tickets, thereby increasing your chances of winning.


High Roller

NO PROBLEM:  You play the lottery to not only give yourself the best possible shot of winning, but if you don’t, well it probably rolled over anyway, and your next set of lotto numbers will give you a shot of winning an even bigger jackpot. Life’s great!

Play the lottery online

By playing the lottery online at PlayUSALotteries.com, you will be giving yourself the best possible chance of winning. By taking advantage of special offers, discounted rates, promotions, and even leaving a comment under this article to earn valuable LottoPoints (which you can utilise on lottery tickets), you will always be 'in it to win it'. At the end of the day, as long as long as you have at least one ticket into your favourite lotto game, that’s all that matters.

With the US Powerball rolling over to $205 million last night, plus the Mega Millions soaring to a massive $248 million for this Friday, the chance of a life-changing win is probably closer than you think.

Best of luck!

The PlayUSALotteries.com Team

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